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TESD #55: F.U. Andrea Canning

This week in addition to our listener band info, I’m attempting to embed a survey into this post. My main asian is off talking on his cell phone in a library somewhere so I’m hoping this works. If not, fuck … Continue reading

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Show #54 Fibber McChen-The Awakening

Be sure to check out Rod Strong’s latest porn movie shot (no pun intended) in The Stash. Also, read Manlove’s blog. He craps all over Ming’s suggestion that he was playing along. Listener Band info for this week: … Continue reading

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Bonus pod/Band Info Show #53

Good news. Ming-a-ling-a-ding-dong has informed me that he’s started sending the link out for the bonus pods. Everyone should receive an email from aforementioned Ming-a-ling-a-ding-dong by tomorrow. Listener Band info: BAND NAME: JP13 SONG NAME: Gradual Insanity Twist WEBSITE:

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Exxxclusive Pods/TESD/Party Time

Alright, aside from the obvious (Sunday Jeff) there’s nothing sexy enough about the Pucknuts/Space Monkeys ‘Thanks for donating’ shows to warrant three X’s.  Here’s some updated information though: Just caught up with Ming who was out having priests stub their … Continue reading

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Show #52

Hey All, Great response to our new feature, putting original songs by listeners and their bands at the end of each episode. TOO good almost. We’ve got enough tunes to keep us in business for awhile but don’t let that … Continue reading

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Shit ya need to know

Hey all. Just to spite Flan-boy (who said I’d never use this new blog) I’m here to fill you in on some show related info. In the highly unlikely event you haven’t donated to our latest cause (Klasskids & Fall … Continue reading

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