Show #52

Hey All,

Great response to our new feature, putting original songs by listeners and their bands at the end of each episode. TOO good almost. We’ve got enough tunes to keep us in business for awhile but don’t let that dissuade you from sending in YOUR song. Keep in mind that the way it’ll work is on a first come/first serve basis. So, don’t get all melancholy and shit and stare at your shoes praying the world would come crashing to a fiery end (like I would) if you don’t hear your song right away. We’ll definitely get to you.

This week’s band is from the Red Bank area and I know of them because the bassist worked (still may, I don’t know) at the Turning Point Restaurant in Long Branch. He kinda’ looks like Orlando Bloom & I suspect Pam may have had a crush on him though this theory suffers from independent verification.

Band Name: East Of The Wall
Album/Song Title:Ressentiment/The Ladder

Today’s delayed pod…

We’re doing this & next week’s shows ‘Making Hay’ style with commentary intercut with last week’s show. This type of show takes much longer to cut and I ran into additional issues that made it rather hellish. As you’ll learn in EP #52 the recorder wasn’t connected tightly to the soundboard which resulted in a(n) echoey/nearly inaudible file. I sent the file to Declan who was able to boost the volume and cut down on some of the echo but despite the man’s expertise it pretty much still sounds like shit.
Since it’s so hard to hear, cross-cutting with this week’s show took way longer.

Asleep yet?

Okay, if you’re still here…the recorder (a little over a year old) we use has an incredibly bedeviling characteristic. Even if I erase files, drop them in the trash, reformat the flash drive/SD card, etc…for some reason little sound clips, usually less than a second in length, pop up in the newly recorded file. In addition, the newly recorded file also ‘skips’ at times like an LP. Sometimes it happens a few times during the show, sometimes not at all. This week’s show featured around 25-30 sound pops from older shows. Needless to say, this doesn’t make for an enjoyable listening experience for you guys so the sound pops have to go. Believe me when I tell you it’s rather time consuming to smoothly remove and/or mask all those little interruptions.

Salvation lies ahead brothers & sisters

I’m buying a new recorder and soundboard this weekend and putting them to use next week. This SHOULD eliminate the sound pop intrusions allowing me to cut faster and get the show to you post-haste as intended & Lord Flanagan demands.






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39 Responses to Show #52

  1. Jackson says:

    Completely bummed about the lack of TESD, but appreciate that you guys are working to put something good out there. Don’t know if you’ll read this or not, but I was wondering if you guys will wait til Friday to post the next pod, or if it be going up mid-week instead.

    Thanks guys.

  2. Cassie says:

    Keep up the good work! Love LOVE your show!

  3. Luke says:

    Don’t worry about it Bry, we appreciate what you go through every week to bring the funny. This week’s editing sounds ridiculously tedious, but I’m sure Walt will be proud to know it did not result in a trip to the hospital.

    P.S. I blame Ming

  4. Kevin McCullough says:

    First of all, thank you for all your hard work getting the show out. Its fantastic every week.

    Just an idea, but maybe you could have an iPad style donation set up to buy a really good recorder and any other equipment you guys need. I know I’d be down for at least $20.

    Keep on truckin you magnificent bastard

  5. @VeronicaL37 says:

    Love the show, so thanks for all the time you guys put in to make it happen! xoxo

  6. Karl says:

    I love you guys. Can’t wait to hear #52 and the bonus pods. Keep up the great work.

    And please get a shirt made with that new logo. I will buy that shit faster than you can say “Walt Flanagan’s Dog”

  7. Jeff Leiboff says:

    Good luck with all the technical issues. So when will #52 come out? Next week?

  8. Jason Melugin says:

    You don’t owe us, but thanks for taking the time to explain! Your show means a lot to many of us, and getting it late is better than never. Instead of listening today while I worked, I’ll simply build a fire out back and listen by it. Again, thanks for all the work that you put into a free show for all us! Ps can’t freakin wait for the Puck Nut bonus pod too!

  9. apjfan says:

    Can’t wait to build a fire out back, relax, and listen to TESD! Thanks for all the hard work you put in rack week so we can enjoy free entertainment. You guys rock!

  10. TJ says:

    Your doing a great job, keep it up bry. We all would listen if it sounded like it was in a tin can and someone was talking into the time machine phone.

    Thanks for all the laughs

  11. Kaboodle says:

    All good guys! The show is one of the highlights of my week! Can’t wait for the bonus pod and hope the new recorder works out good! ❤

  12. Matty D says:

    Thanks for putting in the time,effort and now cash to get the podcast out there. Made my overnight shift a lot more entertaining.

  13. NXS (Begley) says:

    Great show this week, guys. I really am glad that the episode came out. As someone who listens to the show religiously, I gotta tell ya, anytime there’s Steve-Dave downtime, I think I die inside a little. I gotta agree with Walt that Ming was in the wrong for trying to play up the encounter with Manlove, but I do think it’ll still be a good listen (especially if Walt lambastes him ;D)

    Anyway, Keep up the good work. Quinn, you’ve grown on me like a fungus. As someone who was familiar with Bry, Walt, and Ming through the other podcasts and appearances and what not, I was slow to warm up to you, but now the show would be at a loss if you were to ever bail, so keep doing you.

    Looking forward to next week’s episode and definitely would like to hear some more One True Three.

    You guys rock.

    NXS (Begley)

  14. NXS (Begley) says:

    BTW, in reference to the banner image of you guys at the top of the blog, if you ever decided to start a band, I think a great name would be BB Walt, which is a play on ZZ Top. The image definitely has that feel to it. Anyway, I digress.

  15. The Knitting Archaeologist says:

    I heart you guys! You guys make me laugh every single episode, and I think the people on my train think I have lost my mind when TESD plays on my iPod. Who knew that three guys I don’t know shooting the shit could be so entertaining. Even chuckled when I saw you signed this post BJ…

    Thanks for caring enough to put up the best quality 🙂 I will never bitch about a late pod!

  16. Adam says:

    One thought popped in my head about the recorder problems as far as the “skipping”. It could be a transfer speed issue (as in the recorder can’t save the audio to the memory card fast enough) resulting in some skipping. I’d say try a “Class 10” SDHC card. I could be completely wrong though. Just a thought.

  17. Hoge says:

    Appreciate the effort Bry, congrats on number 52, can’t wait to listen to another Makin’ Hay-esque show.

  18. joelafren says:

    Bry, what recorder did you have/ are you planning on using? Right now for our pod we have a computer set up using audacity to record it, and I would like to possibly move to a good recorder for ease of use because audacity sometimes crashes, leaving me with the headache of recovering files.

  19. MattChance says:

    Sounds like a nightmare to fix. Thanks for the explanation… I’m excited to hear the show this week.

  20. heath says:

    Great show guys! Stalker Pam! Bry the rough tough cream puff!! Q reviews a decapatationless Spiderman the Musical! Echoes of Making Hay with Manlove a go-go! Walt the betrayed! Ming the betrayer! A Sunday Jeff sighting! Holy crap this show was an assault on the senses!!!! A Tour-de-Force in crystal clear random-soundclip-free Dolby-ish surround sound!!!! VIVA LA TESD!!!!!

  21. SteveJRogers says:

    Hey Bry, you can do a name change on iTunes without losing the feed. I’d wouldn’t know how to, but I’ve seen it happen.

  22. Sean says:

    Love the show can’t wait to go to Red State today. You guys should think about talking to Kev and adding alot of the songs you have to a S.I.R. playlist.

  23. Kari says:

    Favorite podcast by far! Love that it’s on a Friday! It’s a perfect addition to my end of the week happiness!!!

  24. Tacc says:

    Thanks for the show guys. Its the highlight of my week. Congrats on your 52nd show and hopefully there’s alot more to come.

    Ps if in doubt call ming out!

  25. Shane says:

    Just the mention of “makin hay” is music to my ears….hope you guys revisit Collingwood in may and get more from Dennis and the rest of the characters that work there..Hopefully frank 1 and 2 are still alive ….

  26. I waited two weeks but ended up getting 2 and a half hours of funny?!

    It was worth it!!!!

  27. Mike says:

    Hey guys. Been listening to the pod for a few months now. I’ve since gone back and listened to every episode. You all make me laugh so hard and I look forward to it every week. You’re all amazing. Keep up the great work.

    Now that the ass kissing is out of the way. Yes, you should include the hypnotism session with Ming where he faked it. I think it would defiantly be worth it. You could easily fill 2 hours roasting him. It never gets old. I love the guy. He takes the abuse so well.

    Anyways. All the best boys.
    Mike in Toronto.

  28. Whaliam says:

    In the banner photo, Bry looks like a space lord mother mother!

  29. I´d love to hear Walt talking about UFO´s in a serious tone again (like in early smodcast recordings), it´s so fucking hilarious…
    Greetings from Argentina,


  30. meltz911 says:

    The “pops” and “bubbles” don’t mean shit to me…just keep being your funny-ass selfs. I listen for you guys, not the nerd-grade-sound-quality!
    Love the pod, never stop.

  31. GeekyBaz says:


    Love the show, another great ep and love the extended length too. Got me through the bus and the morning in work.

    Don’t mind the delays as long as the content is great which it always is. Looking forward to the t-shirts with the logo on too (any chance you’ll be catering for the larger man?) and the bonus puck nut/space chimp pod. Quinn needs to stay, don’t listen to the haters.

    I am in agreement with Shane though – definitely do another “Collingswood” pod, MH 1 and 2 are still my most listened two shows along with the Mrs X one.

    Keep up the good work guys.

  32. Nick says:

    You guys rock, love each and every show, Ive relistened to each one at least 3 times. You guys are just comedy gold, no matter what you discuss, keep living the dream for us.

    P.S. – Beware of the TROLLS


  33. nachonova says:

    Yo Bry, glad to see the new blog going. May many fables flow onto these pages.

    Also, the Manlove bit sounds fun, I’m baited. Wish I’d the know-how to give the audio file a crack, but my podcast sounds like it was recorded through a time-phone.

    Keep up the good work folks, a rising tide lifts all boats.

  34. Mystie says:

    Hope all goes well with the new recorder! I started listening to TESD a few weeks ago and just caught up today! It makes my day at the office go by much faster. I’m hoping to make a pilgrimage to The Stash soon, but I’m trying to find a good day to kidnap my friend and take her down. She’s been wanting to go forever, and I think a surprise trip might help lift her spirits since she’s been kinda down lately.

    Can’t wait for the next episode!

  35. When will you guys return to collingswood?

  36. James in Toronto says:

    Emailed this in as well, but I thought I’d throw it up here

    It’s hard to understand why any decent hypnotist would not explain the process to Walt.

    Walt is 100% correct in that no hypnotist could ever “get him”. This is because NO ONE can by hypnotized against their will.

    If you aren’t open to it, it won’t work. Period. So Walt is correct, but it’s not really an achievement. People who are open to it can be, people who are not cannot. It’s as simple as that.

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