Show #54 Fibber McChen-The Awakening

Be sure to check out Rod Strong’s latest porn movie shot (no pun intended) in The Stash.

Also, read Manlove’s blog. He craps all over Ming’s suggestion that he was playing along.

Listener Band info for this week:

Artist: None of the Above
Song: Lost and Found
None of the Above is:
John Bookford – Bass
Jay Coyle – Drums
Vincent Tomasso – Guitars and Vocals
song was written by Vincent Tomasso

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18 Responses to Show #54 Fibber McChen-The Awakening

  1. GeekyBaz says:

    Just grabbing now, I’m sure i will be back… Love the pic of Ming and Q – pure fear.

  2. Chriseee says:

    Was planning on listening on my commute home tonight but after that video I’m a little scared. I went over to manlove’s blog to see his take on Ming’s faking it and I really need to know: how do you feel about being in the same post glorifying American Idol? How dare he tarnish the greatest source of entertainment – TESD – with that crap show with a pedo-judge??? I am offended for you

  3. Bry,

    I can’t thank you enough for using our song for show 54’s outro. It is really a thrill for me to be involved at all in TESD. Keep them coming and thanks for what you, Walt, Q and Ming continue to do to make my Fridays hilarious!

    Vince of None of the Above

  4. AdamS says:

    Great great show 🙂 Had a blast listening to all three parts. Sometimes it was hard to distinguish the original recordings with the hypnotist and your post-coverage, but that could be an issue just for me since english isn’t my first language.
    Anyway, really appreciated the last three episodes 🙂

  5. NXS (Begley) says:

    Listening to the show so far and I gotta say I think that Ming was at the very least under some sort of influence. Hilarity from Bry, Q, and Walt as per usual. I’ll be back for some more feedback once I get finished listening and then view the video and Manlove’s response. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to talk about. Keep up the good work though, guys. Truly, you don’t know how much I look forward to hearing each new episode.

  6. nutsack says:

    ming is your karl pilkington. magical pod well done

  7. mark says:

    Saving them all up for a flight next week

  8. NXS (Begley) says:

    Alright, guys. I’m back again with more feedback for this great 3 part series. To touch base on this third part I have to say that Ming–faking or not; actually was pretty damned entertaining. Without a doubt the most comical part of the entire hypnosis was hearing how Q became more and more uncomfortable with Ming’s wily ways; even though he was the one to instigate it. Seeing the accompanying video and hearing Walt get so animate in the porno scene depiction really made my day. I’m telling you, the guy has a charm about him that just makes you like him.

    I can’t get enough of Bry’s Ming impressions (I call them Mingpressions), and the quotable of the year thus far has to be **Bry’s “Ming” voice** “…are you sick to death??” Sheer comedic genius. I have no idea who the girl was that was present during the session, but that girl definitely has a sexy voice on her for sure. I found it odd that Manlove seemed to get slightly emotional in his response to the first two episodes considering that by the time the show was all said and done, he had to of had a pretty good idea of what you guys were all about, but that being said, I still think you guys made the most out of what you had to work with, given the fact that seemingly no one–except possibly Ming, were “hypnotized.”

    Overall I have to say that this series was very enjoyable and provided plenty of laughs. The thing I love about TESD is that you guys represent the everyday guy. You aren’t concerned about fame or stature, and you aren’t afraid to tell it like it is (or at least how you see it). To be honest, TESD is the podcast I look forward to most each week; not just on the Smodcast network, but of any podcast I listen to. Keep up the great work guys.

    P.S. Next time I’m in Jersey I’d like to stop by the stash and possibly meet you guys. It’d make for a great story to share with my friends and it’d give me a chance to personally thank you guys for making the start of my weekend a little better. For Bry, I’d like to smoke a fat ass joint with him, For Ming, I’d bring him a pair of new high-heel shoes for him to do with as he pleases, for Q, I’d buy him a beer, and for Walt, I’d make his day by buying whatever Booty Time special was running, or an autographed copy of Winding Gyre. And yes, I’d be able to do all of these things freely, without coming across as a complete fanboy or tool… lol. Just really do appreciate the effort guys. Keep it up!

  9. James in Toronto says:

    It’s too bad you guys could not find a better hypnotist. I’m sure Manlove is great for stage shows and birthday parties, but I wish you had found someone who would actually explain hypnosis to Walt.

    When a hypnotist puts someone under for real, it’s because that person was really open to being hypnotized. Not because they were faking, but because they were actually willing to be entranced, as it were.

    If you are unwilling, then there are absolutely no tricks that will magically hypnotize you. That’s just not how it works. So just because no one can hypnotize Walt, because he is an unwilling skeptic, does not mean that hypnosis isn’t real.

    The idea that tens of thousands of people have faked hypnosis just to spite Walt is pretty funny, but I hope no one is taking that idea seriously.

  10. mike says:

    hey can I donate 5$ and get the exclusive pod? I know I missed it by 2 days but would it be too much of a pain to pass it to me if I donate now?


  11. Loved the episode. I think ming was hypnotized, but thinks he wasn’t because there is a glitch in the matrix

  12. amigoismyfriend says:

    Look, TESD is good, but it aint no Rod Strongs – ‘Cum in a Hat 7’….

  13. Bry are you going to post a shortlist of entries from the TESD logo comp? I would love to see what some others came up with.

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