TESD #55: F.U. Andrea Canning

This week in addition to our listener band info, I’m attempting to embed a survey into this post. My main asian is off talking on his cell phone in a library somewhere so I’m hoping this works. If not, fuck it. Either way the little sociopath is gonna get berated next week.

“Trying is the first step towards failure”
Homer J. Simpson


Band: Trilobite
Song Title: Delusions of Grandeur
Album: Delusions of Grandeur
Genre: Metal
Website: www.IvoryAntler.com

Below is a piece of fan art by Tang Lee. We gotta do more episodes if for no other reason than justifying turning this into a t-shirt.

Take the survey

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40 Responses to TESD #55: F.U. Andrea Canning

  1. timea says:

    Better than a t-shirt, can you guys make that into a print? It would look great. That guy did a great job.

  2. momentaries says:

    Holy shit that T-Shirt looks great! A new benchmark for fan art has just been set.

  3. mike says:

    I voted for surprise.

    I want the space monkeys shirt too”!

  4. Monkeyto says:

    I voted no. I much prefer it if the blog was updated about the show once it’s gone live!

    I have the TESD blog on my google reader, so I know when it is up without having to read the spoilers.

    Peace Asshole!

  5. tacos says:

    Voted yes. Mostly because sometimes I want to re-listen to something you cunts did, but can’t remember what show it’s in.

  6. Matt K says:

    I would buy the space monkey shirt for sure.

  7. (dan)tanamo says:

    the good thing about graphic designers being out of work…awesome fan art!

  8. therealbry says:

    You guys are the shit….

    Voted no for obvious reasons…

  9. joeyjoejo says:

    I voted no as I like to be surprised but I could see adding info about what was covered on the show after it goes up so each show has a description.

  10. Like the survey idea. Don’t like that users can’t see the results after voting.

    Also, voted no. For better or worse, I wouldn’t want to pre-judge a show or go into it with specific expectations.

  11. Heather says:

    Awesome shirt design !

  12. Jtrudeau says:

    Voted yes, but just because I like to be able to go back to older shows and listen to the really funny parts. Sometimes I can’t remember which jokes are from which show so a topic breakdown would be very helpful.

  13. heath says:

    voted no, and I’d damn sure buy the monkey shirt. But, for the love of God, don’t let Space Monkey give Walt an excuse to stop doing podcasts. The Cult of Walt can not allow that……

  14. Amanda says:

    Voted both yes and no. Love a surprise, and a breakdown.

  15. ROBOT BEAR says:

    yo guys love the show…..Geez Walt why not just come and say you dont want to do it anymore instead of trying to come up with reasons to skip weeks or to not do the show? You are the reason i listen man dont skip any shows!!!

  16. Long time listener. says:

    I love the show you guys, but I could definitely do without Walt’s insane conspiracy theories. Leave that stuff to all the right-wing nutjobs like Glenn Beck, it brings down the show.

  17. ajiav says:

    I say yes, but not for future reference so much as for documentation of the past —- an archive of past topics would make for easier searching in case of “what episode was it where they were talking about _______?”

  18. Michael Herrmann says:

    I would pay for more episodes of space monkeys. Love it.

  19. MM says:

    I think Walt needs to read Plato’s Republic if he hasn’t already; there were a lot of things he was mentioning in the pod that tie directly to the Republic (i.e. controlling the public, citizens).

  20. That is an awesome design. I say you need to do a special booty time for a Space monkeys shirt, a TESD shirt, and a shirt for the Pucknuts Coalition(Be P.C.) Voted no on the poll, Though would love to see topic breakdown after the new episode has dropped so that we can comment on certain topics and see what the rest of the TESD Nation thinks as well

  21. Anna-Maria says:

    Walt should also read The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein. It speaks of how policies or reforms are pushed through while a country’s citizens react to (or are distracted by) disasters or crises.

  22. NXS (Begley) says:

    I, for one love it when Walt gets on his conspiracy theory views. Just because you aren’t a fan doesn’t mean others aren’t. Given that it’s not something he talks about on a weekly basis, I don’t think there needs to be any discouragement about it. It’s part his show, too… and the guy should be able to talk about whatever he wants.

    As for the rest of the show, hilarious! I can’t wait to hear the list for Mike Hunt, as I intend to participate fully. I do believe I already have an Ace up my sleeve ;). Keep up the good work, guys!!!

  23. Chris Laudando says:

    This logo is outstanding!

  24. Anonymous says:

    I love your podcast! Absolutely no complaints from me. Been listening since the first one…

    Thanks for all the continued Lulz.

    All I gotta say is don’t waste your thoughts on the haters because so many people love what you guys do, and yes, this includes Ming. Haha.

  25. Thomas says:

    Walt is obviously joking. Thats his role on the show, give bry as much shit as possible lol.

    That logo for space monkeys is pretty sick. Id buy it.

  26. sean says:

    Great call about having a list of topics available AFTER the episode, to be able to
    find the bits one wants to hear again! And yeah, let Walt do whatever he wants…but I’m glad Bry and Q nixed the idea of Walt skipping every second week. There’s not enough Walt in any of our lives as it is!

    Does BJ read these posts?

    One thing I miss is the STORIES. Wish you guys’d tell more stories from the old days.
    (or even the recent past….you’re excellent regardless, but you’re REALLY great
    when you tell a complete story. I know you’re sitting on tons of ’em, too!)

  27. James says:

    Walt doesnt need to change anything. He is fucking hilarious, and has intersting opinions. Both Bryan and Quinn are great too. If anything add MORE hot button issues!
    Peace Assholes

  28. SteveJRogers says:

    Hey Bry, throw up the link to SModcast #162 with you, Walt and The Boss talking a year of TESD.

    Good times.

  29. While we are onto the subject of fan art are we still going to see those TESD logos?

  30. Randy Webber says:

    Best podcast on the network by far. Thank you so much for what you do!

  31. Martin Stewart says:

    I’d buy the t-shirt

    I think Walt might be on to somthing, check out Derren Brown’s ‘Heist’ (UK Channel 4), on YouTube, he uses a form of subliminal programming, including music and visuals to get a man amped up enough to rob a security guard at gunpoint.

  32. The Knitting Archaeologist says:

    I have $20 waiting to purchase this t-shirt…who’s gonna make it happen? LOL! Love the pod, love the guys, love the topics!

  33. Bill La Rue says:

    Is someone STEALING from you or is this legit? http://tellemstevedave.bandcamp.com/track/adam-eve-bonus-pod

    I’d really like to hear some of those pods and I wouldn’t mind paying a couple bucks, but I’d like to be sure that TESD is getting the loot.

  34. Andrew says:

    God damn I love this show…. It totally reminds me of when I get together with my life long friends to just bullshit and rip on one another… Keep it up!

  35. Kristen P says:

    I like surprise, however I wouldn’t mind hearing some of your thoughts on the episode or any other musings you’d like to share.

  36. mjbennett82 says:

    HI guys,

    Really dig your show, its definitely a must listen for me every week and my favourite on the smodcast network. However, I really need to get this off my chest and I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times from other British listeners… TWAT is pronounced like it rhymes with CAT not COT. This is such a minor thing for me to get worked up about but its the best insult we have!! You can be a twat, have a twat or you can twat something very hard. Its the most versatile swear we have please use it correctly!

    If you don’t believe me look it up on wikipedia and you’ll see. The film Easy A uses it and my friends and I had literally no idea she was supposed swearing as TWOT means nothing.

    Only posh toffs say twot because they don’t understand the meaning. I though Q being a bit of an anglophile might have corrected you but this has yet to be the case.

    Hope the situation gets rectified soon as your show is perfect and Walt Flanagan, Bryan Johnson and Q are becoming personal heroes of mine. Hope when you do come to the UK that you come to the industrial North.



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