TESD #56: F.U. VIctoria Jackson


The nays have it.

In a landslide not seen since Nixon pooped all over George McGovern, the TESD family has spoken and decided the mystery of what’s coming up on the next, all-new episode is just too good to pull back the curtain on. In an effort to kick it all Wellian and shit, (Paul Masson reference not a fat joke, look it up if you’re under 40) I won’t be revealing the current show’s topics. Instead, I’ll employ an idea suggested by many; Posting a breakdown every Thursday of the previous week’s show. That way, no spoilers and easy reference should you want to go back and relisten to something. I’ll eventually try and go back and catalogue EVERY episode but it’ll take some time. Those interested in being my BFFF (the extra ‘F’ is for fucking) and helping me out with that project need only email me. Tellemstevedave37@gmail.com


Huge thanks to Gerald from Devo for taking the time between wiping his ass and stiffing the bathroom attendant to shoot this video! ARE WE NOT MEN?!?



In cooperation with Mikey Z, this week marks the beginning of the first annual TESD scavenger hunt. Click the link below for a list of items and point values. Send in a maximum of one of each item to The Secret Stash 35 Broad Streer, Red Bank, NJ 07701. One Grand prize will be awarded but I bet I can talk Walt into selling me a few bumper stickers at cost so we have some runner-up booty for ya. What the F is the grand prize you ask? Well, a signed bumper sticker BUT you also get an original piece of Batman Art by Walt, a horror script I wrote a few years back and never showed anyone but Mosier, and finally, a walk on role on Q’s hidden camera show! Q probably isn’t going to pay for a flight and hotel and all that shit so if you don’t live locally, he’ll have to make it up to you somehow.



Sorry we couldn’t remember your name. I’ll locate it and post it with your logo. Unless you want to make it easy on me and email your name to me. Tomorrow I’ll work on getting all the submitted logos up so you guys can check them out.


Band Members:
Mercedes Arn-Horn (guitar/vocals)
Phoenix Arn-Horn (drums/vocals)
David Blake-Dickson (bass/vocals)

SONG: BRIDGES (woulda’ preferred if it were called Bridges Beach but okay)

Courage My Love is a power punk rock trio from Kitchener, Ontario consisting
of 17 year-old twin sisters Mercedes Arn-Horn (guitar/vocals) and Phoenix Arn-Horn (drums/vocals) and David Blake-Dickson (bass). Currently recording debut album! 



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27 Responses to TESD #56: F.U. VIctoria Jackson

  1. Sean says:

    Hey Bry,

    I’m not sure if there’s something fucked w/ my computer or what, but the second tinyurl link isn’t working (for Mike’s Hunt). The one for the YouTube clip is, though.

  2. Robot Bear says:

    Hey Bryan ask Walt if hes seen The Zeitgeist movie…..the full movie is on youtube i think its right up his alley….As for you smoke a joint and watch this its a real mind fuck!!

  3. NXS (Begley) says:

    Just a quickie post to let Walt know that, yes, people are up and waiting for the podcast to drop as early as possible on Friday mornings! I’ll be back for more after listening!

  4. NXS (Begley) says:

    Hey Bry,
    The link to the scavenger hunt list isn’t working. Would love to see it so I can get started!

  5. f*%$ stick says:

    i listen straight away so what tough nuts Flanagan? you wanna come at me NIGGOUR?! thats straight denzel so it’s okay

  6. Biff Meister says:

    I listen to TeSD as soon as I get up Friday morning; 5:30 AM today. The day is always cloudy when the show’s late. That’s about the only time I hit twitter, to see if anything is wrong. Love the show, Puck Nuts too.

  7. GeekyBaz says:

    As always, loved the episode. The idea for a couples thing on the show would be awesome. You know how they say “Behind every great man, there is a great woman”? For that reason alone, I’d love you guys to get Mrs. Sunday Jeff on!!

    Love Puck nuts too, don’t let it end at the close of the season!

    Keep up the good work and is there a chance the Mike’s Hunt URL be made live? Oh and the tune at the end is awesome!

    Apart from that – you guys ROCK.

  8. Teenage Werewolf says:

    Hey, Bry. Just so you and Walt know, like some of the people above me, I too either wait up long into the night/early into Friday morning for the show or I listen to it first thing when I get up. The links don’t seem to be working

  9. Nick says:

    Toss me in with the people that download the show early on Friday. Was listening to it by 7am CST today.

    I had a substitute teacher back in middle school named Mike Hunt, and he would fall asleep at his desk while we read quietly for the class period. The most unusual thing was that he, on more than one occasion, would attempt to gnaw on his hand while asleep. Mike Hunt Eats Hands, sounds like a decent fetish porn…Are You Horny?

    In prison they call it the Cradle of Love, not the Cradle of Life!

  10. therealbry says:

    That band is awesome! Like the idea for a previous weeks review.

  11. Jose M. says:

    I don’t have internet on my phone to download episodes but I do have an ipod touch so I usually download new episodes of any podcast I listen to first thing in the morning to listen to at work.

  12. Greg says:

    Awesome show as always, its been a great year – looking forward to many years to come.

    Keep Puck Nuts alive! I used to get a little frustrated when the talk turned away from hockey, but now I just view it as a sports-themed TESD episode and its all good. Yesterday’s episode was the best yet – you’re just hitting your stride!

    I absolutely love the band at the end of today’s episode, thanks for exposing us to new music Bry – great idea (it paid off for the band too, I found this song on itunes).

  13. anothercperry says:

    yess Courage My Love!!!!!

  14. Pingback: Courage My Love OFFICIAL » Blog Archive » Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave!

  15. Mystie says:

    Count me in among those who listen Friday morning right after I settle in at work!

    Going out tomorrow to hit up the flea markets for the hunt!

  16. Ryan says:

    Here’s one:
    TESD 49 – 32m02s “Bryan Johnson, he walked around”
    bloody classic!

  17. ImNotAnAthlete says:

    Hey guys, love the idea of the scavenger hunt. Seems impossible but we’ll see what happens.

  18. Bill La Rue says:

    I posted in the previous comments section about someone possibly burgling your treasure…

    “Is someone STEALING from you or is this legit? http://tellemstevedave.bandcamp.com/track/adam-eve-bonus-pod

    I’d really like to hear some of those pods and I wouldn’t mind paying a couple bucks, but I’d like to be sure that TESD is getting the loot”

    Looks like whoever was trying to hawk your shit took down the pods.
    Did TESD nut check some fool?

  19. Jeff L says:

    Where are you going to post all the other logo contest entries?

  20. jonathanjk says:

    Bryan, since you were so open to mentioning your piles (hemroids) there are ways to prevent them besides medication. You just need to squat down the way Ming does. Check out this link: http://www.naturesplatform.com/health_benefits.html

    It’s the way most of the Western world use to poop before we regarded our toilets as a throne room and a civilised place. The trouble is, most of us are us to sitting down and most people are ignorant to the alternative method we use to employ.

    Have a go and watch how much easier it is.

  21. jonathanjk says:

    Oh and here is a wikilink incase that site is a turn off: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toilets_in_Japan – just read the section about squat toilets. If it’s in wikipedia it must be true! See you on the next smod and thanks for making them.

  22. I download the new episode first thing in the morning so I can listen while i prepare and eat breakfast. Very dangerous because i laugh hard that I spray coffee or nearly choke on my food due to laughing so hard

  23. Matt says:

    Bri — can’t believe you missed this one. A better version of the Jessie Slaughter youtube video (remixed into a song).

  24. Leif Erikson says:

    I love how you turned exploiting your fans loyalty into a game.

  25. Roob says:

    About the listener music: You don’t have to have a song at the tail end of the podcast. You can just plug the band after Walt says “Tell’em Steve Dave” and provide a download link for this week’s song.

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