Logo Winner update

Now that he’s emailed to let us know he won (Christ, could we be more half-assed?) TESD congratulates Johnny Meyer as the co-winner of our logo contest. What the fuck we’re going to use the logo FOR has yet to be determined. But never mind all that…tell Johnny what he’s won Bry…Aside from the dubious honor of TESD using his design to try and make ourselves some nice fat stacks?


BUT, here’s a link to his website if you want to check it out.


I’ll try and get all the logos onto a page for viewing but I’ll need Mingle Balls help so it might be a few days. And here’s the beautiful part…even if you didn’t ‘win’, we really liked some of the other designs so there’s always a chance you’ll see your hard work slapped onto the side of a beer cozy or some other shitty piece of merch once we totally sell out.

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1 Response to Logo Winner update

  1. Jeff L says:

    So is Ming helping with the page of all the logo entries?

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