Medieval Times/New Animation

Hey All,

As mentioned on the show this week TESD is going to Medieval Times. Clear your schedule for the night of April 22nd (and the 23rd just to be safe Q says) & email me at with the subject heading ‘Medieval Times’ so I can add your name to the list & we can reserve a big old section where Q can get drunk and Walt can toss his dark meat on the floor.

In other news, there’s new TESD animation to be watched. We told Bob Etchingham we didn’t have the money to do more…he actually believed us…and did it on his own. Very cool stuff & Ming makes an appearance for all you rabid Chen fans.

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24 Responses to Medieval Times/New Animation

  1. Robert P says:

    Holy shit, that was great. Also, don’t waste that chicken, Walt. Those wenches worked hard to prepare that feast.

  2. I would go but I am too scared of eating some dark meat.

  3. Matthew says:

    Hey everyone, be sure to leave a review of “Amazing Stories” after you visit their store! Turns out, all of their reviews are from the day a new episode about their general management was released… weird.

  4. Jay Newman says:

    I wish I lived closer and I’d totally come up. If you guys come down to Florida ever for a show I’d like to buy the rounds of beer for Johnson and Q…for Walt, chicken fingers and coca-cola of course.

  5. Jerry says:

    The new TeSD video friggin rocks! Totally made my day.

  6. timea says:

    This guy is incredibly talented. That was great.

  7. timea says:

    Whoops – my earlier post was meant for the new animation. Doy.

  8. Cropsey says:


    I love the show and want the best for all of you guys.

    I truly believe that you specifically are afraid of success. I am saying this with all sincerity. I was similar and had to force myself to face challenges. I know this sounds cheesy and cliche, but I see that in you.


  9. Craig says:

    Can you drink there?

  10. Norman says:

    that video was hilarious. the end with walt’s creeper pal was the best.
    i hope there is more to come!

  11. Chris Ward says:

    Wow! I hope this guy makes more free animations. He’s really talented. Plus, the little movement Q does before walking off made me fall out of my chair laughing! Keep up the good work

  12. Schmoker says:

    Much appreciated the animation. Really looking forward to the coverage of the mideval times. Event. I bet they will get a bigger group than they ever thought. If I wasn’t in Houston I would be there.

  13. schon says:

    Man, I wish I wasn’t busy that weekend, I’d LOVE to do a TESD event. I’m not that far away. Last week’s show ended up being a classic after a pretty rocky start. I would say (as much as I love the whole gang’s contributions) that Walt’s games have consistently been the funniest thing on TESD. They’re awesome.

    Also, that animation is fucking great.

  14. The animation was excellent and so was the vid of Hitler finding out Walt was stealing cable. SOmeone needs to do one where Jesus turns over a table and he screams “This is not in the Spirit of Collingswood!”

    • Chriseee says:

      speaking of Collingswood – I thought you were going to followup in a year – last years “Makin Hay” was on may 14th so you are getting near your 1 year mark – have you planned out the Collingswood Mecca to check in on Tina X and the magazines guy?

      • WEAREGODS says:

        This! I would LOVE to hear you guys go back to Collingswood and check up on everyone one year on. DO IT.

      • Makin Hay is still my all time fave TESD episode, and i still bust a gut at Walt’s “I didnt think you were going to do this to Dennis)

      • MattChance says:

        @Eros Yeah, that’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard on TESD. It was so unexpected. If they don’t do another Making Hay this year, they might as well just quit the podcast altogether.

      • @ Matt. Dont say that. That gives Walt an out. I say since they proclaimed they would revisist in a year then they are hereby legally bound as a biding contract to return to Collingswood.(jk). Everyone, give your favorite makin hay moment. Collings-Wood! COllings-Wood!.

  15. therealbry says:

    I’m all for a Collingswood anniversery show!!! See if you can get Frank #1 wrestle Frank #2! lol

  16. MattChance says:

    Collingwood, Collingwood! You have to go back.

  17. Stefan Bommelin says:

    I second that, a revisit would be truly awesome, a lot of work yes. Hope you find the time somehow!

  18. OK_Computer says:

    I’ll only go if Walt and I can joust it out Cable Guy style. Afterwards, he can crack my back in a quasi-gay fasion 😀

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