TESD #57: A Pox In Sue

It’s a rough one this week. If you’ve ever wondered exactly how hard it is to be my friend, Walt shines a harsh light on the subject. Also, we’re serious about getting together at Medieval times at the end of the month so if you’re interested in joining us, drop an email at tellemstevedave37@gmail.com & we’ll compile a list or something so we can all sit together.

Listener Band Info:

Electronic Music from a listener named Dmitry

Band: Selfish Boy
Song: Once upon a Time

For all you newly converted ‘Courage My Love’ fans, here’s a short video they did for us…poor Q.


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40 Responses to TESD #57: A Pox In Sue

  1. more says:

    Do more cold call cussouts.

  2. I am listening to the latest podcast as I type this. I am wondering if Walt is anticipating the added pressure that Smodcast Internet Radio will bring. Hanging out and chatting for a few hours a week is fun, but being forced to come up with content to fill air time is no fun at all! Maybe Walt wants to try and leave gracefully before he gets into a position where he would be REALLY letting everyone down. You have to understand that it’s quite possible that his motivation for getting involved in TESD in the first place was to help Bryan get out of the funk he was in at the time. I would hate to see Walt go but as friends I think you should give him the out if he really wants it. However my guess is that if you were to spell out that there wouldn’t be a major escalation in time and energy he might be more amenable to staying. Keep TESD the way it is and make extra content for SIR with Space Monkeys. Anyhow, hope things work out in such a way that you all continue to be friends. Best of luck,


  3. Robert P says:

    I’d be all over that Medieval Times if I was in the area. I’ve been twice and it’s glorious. Good food, great entertainment, even better when you’re not the only asshole losing your shit while wearing a princess hat.

  4. Joe says:

    Walt needs to loosen up a bit.

  5. heath says:

    Walt can downplay his importance all he wants, but, like it or not, he is the catalyst for all of the chemistry on the show. Bryan is at his best as he defends and counter-attacks Walt’s ball busting, and some of his funniest moments are the subtle jabs at some of Walt’s “quirkier” traits. Q has stepped in a done a nice job of playing off of both Walt’s and Bryan’s personalities, but truly, Walt is the spice that makes the stew tasty. This is the only podcast that I listen to religiously, but I fear that the dynamics that make it work would die without Walt…

    The Cult of Walt lives…. Let him know that.

  6. therealbry says:

    Alright, listened to the show….

    Walt, what the fuck man? Come on, you joined this show over a year ago to help a friend in need. Great. It shows you have heart and care about Bry (the 80’s soda you say he isn’t). He’s still your friend as much as then but now you have the show together. The married analogy really works with you guys. I’ve always felt that you are the most important part of TESD but, just as the smallest ingredient in a cookie recipe is as important to the cookie you need to support your friend through all ventures. Not just in the show.

    It has to be draining to support someone all the time but in the same sense Bry has been there for you. He’s the yang to your yin.

    Please guys don’t bust up the show. Work something out.

  7. Santiago says:

    You guys should stop overanalizing the dynamic of the show and all that semantyc crap.
    Relax. Talk about funny shit and let Walt take it seriously. That´s plain hilarious.

  8. Splodge says:

    Yahoo! It looks like Walt was re-invigorated by the end of the show. I am beyond happy.

    Thanks you guys for all the fun you bring into peoples lives!

    So, who is going to set up the Cult of Walt website? A NEW ILLUMINATI SHALL RISE.


  9. Gravlin says:

    Walt’s the fucking man. Show definitely wouldn’t work without him. I really hope the comic happens, I loved Karney and WotU. Excited about the bandcamp page, can’t wait to get the highlands ep and worst ep ever.

    The pox in Suzanne’s puss comment and the cold call cuss out had me doubled over. Hilarious.

    Keep up the awesome work guys.

  10. Robot bear says:

    Come on Walt! Cant imagine my fridays without all 3 of you guys!!!

  11. Stefan Bommelin says:

    It’s the clash of split opinions & diverse personalitys that makes TESD what it is – I’d never want to change that, the group dynamic is what makes it work. Without contrast the show would be flat, hollow and if someone feels bad, vent – talk it out, just like you guys did. Dare be yourself

    • Scott says:

      I agree completely. Walt’s perspective/opinions are a huge part of what makes the show work so well – and within the show I’d say he’s my favourite. It’s nonsensical to feel guilty or whatever for leaving the breast signing on Puck Nuts because that leaving, that sort of reaction, is completely in line with what people like about him, it’s all on the one side of the coin.

  12. Fletch says:

    This weeks episode was a bummer…at first. I had flash backs to when I last got dumped. Walt was breaking up with me…..and he was using the “It’s not you, it’s me” line.
    Walt, you are my favorite part of the podcast. Don’t underestimate how much you mean to the podcast and to your fans. YES….FANS. YOU HAVE FANS.

    After the downer part, it got funny as shit. The last 30 minutes was some of the funniest things you guys have done.

  13. Solana says:

    Your show crack me up because it was half bitching/half HR issues at the stash.

    Walt, you know what you bring to the show? The dichotomy between very different lives, people, and opinions. You are right, you are much different than Q and Dave but that’s awesome. While some may think you are too negative or whatever, others (like me) get a good laugh out of your dry, very east coast attitude. I married a Rhode Islander (yeah, I know) who has the same kind of attitude and it cracks me up to hear someone on the radio who is the same way. You better stay or else I’m naming you the pusshole of the year, bitch.

    Also, this Michigander is totally jealous that you are going to MT. I love that place!

    I could go into why people love reenacting the Rennaisance but it would take too long. We’ll just say I used to be a beer wench at the Washington State ren fair and I had a blast.

  14. ed says:

    “hey, how’s it goin’?” “NOT TOO GOOD BITCH”


  15. Greg from NY says:

    You guys totally should have gone down to that comic shop. I would LOVE to have seen what would have happened.
    Oh and count me in with everyone else saying Walt, you rule. I’ve been a fan ever since I first saw you playing like 6 different parts in Clerks. The title of the show is YOUR catchphrase for good reason. Your sense of humor is as subtle as your laugh is loud, and it wouldn’t be TESD without you.

  16. Jay Newman says:

    Walt…while sometimes I don’t agree with you…I always always value your opinion. TESD wouldn’t be the same without you. Mary Elizabeth has been a fun addition to the show recently as well..and seems to have the pulse of the fan base as well.

    As lame as this is going to sound…TESD is the highlight of my weekend. Every Friday morning I wake up, download the pod on my ipod and listen to it on my drive to work. I work in the domestic violence/sexual abuse therapy field so it’s not the most “up lifting” job, but you guys make me smile on even the most horrific days.

    The show is pure and utter comedy gold. Everyone brings something to the table…especially Walt.

    PS: Fuck Amazing Stories….that cock sucker has some verbal abuse coming to him soon.

  17. Nick says:

    I have to echo what many people have said already…Walt, you are GREAT for the show!

    I’m tossing in my vote for Cold Call Cussout every week, because that shit is hilarious!

    If you guys ever find yourself near Chicago I’d be more than happy to treat for a round of mutton at Medieval Times around here. Then you could do a real stare and compare to see how various Medieval Times match up to the East Coast Knights.

  18. mantis says:

    Anyone else going to call Amazing Stories for the next few days to hassle them?

    We should all ask for War of the Undead

  19. Eggzie says:

    Holy shit, the last 30 minutes of the episode are GOLDEN. Between the Black Knight, Pusshole of the Week, the BBQ zing, Suzanne’s affliction, and the cuss out- Jesus I was hurting after that.

    Great work you three.

  20. f@#$ stick says:

    walt gives you lessons in how to be a man. he won’t besmirch a ladies honour by looking at her cleavage being signed but has no problem with calling out someone whos fucking with him and his. greatest man lessons since clint eastwood in gran torino

  21. Awooley says:

    Walt, you are the mystery of the show. I’ve spent the last year listening to TeSD and pucknuts trying to figure out when walt is joking, when he is serious, what makes him tick and what makes him happy. Walt, you are the dynamic of “Tell em Steve Dave” you keep Bryan on the ropes and at his best. I’ve listened to dozens of podcasts and the only ones I stick with are with you and Bry. Not carolla, not get old, not even Smod. Highlands without you and Bry, never even downloaded. But TeSD and Pucknuts, play counts to rival Pam and josh groban. Walt, stop and realize you are a huge reason that the podcast is successful and it is because of your relationship with Bry and all the problems and all the camaraderie are the basis for what makes “the old married couple” work. Walt, only you are one who can truly “TELL EM” so shoulder the burden and TELL EM.

  22. Randy Webber says:

    “Not too good bitch” was perfect. Every cold call cussout needs to start with that.

  23. Michael says:

    Tell Walt to stop his whining about Bry and Q’s ‘connection’. He just needs to keep whining about everything else. Does he not know that’s why we listen? We love his bitchin’. Keep up the great work, all of you.
    All the best from across the water in Glasgow, Scotland.

  24. DaverJ says:

    Bry’s response to Walt’s “dark meat” comment had me giggling for hours. I’m laughing again thinking about it as I typed this.

    Also, Walt has no idea how much he means to his listeners… we love you, man!

  25. jason says:

    The show would not be the same without Walt. He might not be as outrages as Q and Bry but that is why he is needed. He is the straight man of the group (and yea it works ether way you us it)… Walt is almost the everyday man listening in on the insanity.

    That said if the guy wants to go so be it. But he should at least come back and do one here and there.

  26. TheRealLauren says:

    Can you NEVER mike Mary Elizabeth again? Suzanne is great – but otherwise no chicks!

    • Stormy says:

      Are you crazy? Mary Elisabeth was the voice of reason on that episode and seemed so sweet. You just don’t want other chicks because you are jealous. Also, it is “mic” not “mike” you saggy sow.

  27. NXS (Begley) says:

    I really hope you can convince Walt to check out this particular blog so he can see the replies from some loyal TESD listeners. For me, and in no offense to you or Q, Walt is definitely my main reason to listen. Speaking as a guy whom Walt would probably not care too much for (I’m 30, I smoke the Mary Jane, and I spend far too much time watching the idiot box) I absolutely love to hear his opinions and thoughts on whatever subject or topic is being discussed.

    The thing that makes TESD such a great listening experience is because you get the insight of three of the everymen-type guys, all whom share unique opinions and views but are somehow relatable to all whom listen. Bry is the laid back, easy-going teflon Adonis (the ORIGINAL Adonis DNA deviant), Q is the fired-up roaring Staten-Island Stallion, and Walt is the voice of reason (unless you sham him on postal services or insult his customer base) that rings everything in but at the same time handles life with a ‘Take no prisoners’ approach to a science. The chemistry of the trio that is TESD is a triad of greatness that cannot be fucked with.

    I understand that things can be frustrating and sometimes the boundaries of the comfort zone are teetered upon, but it’s all relative. I as a listener look forward to hearing the insight that Walt provides and I hope that he gets out of this funk (the type of thing usually reserved for Bry) and realizes that not all of us internet users are pricks and assholes. We appreciate what he brings to the table and realize that the show wouldn’t be the same without him.

    TESD rocks, and while I might have been introduced to you guys through Kev’s flicks and your association with him I hope you guys know that I tune in religiously to listen to each new episode because you guys fucking rock free and outright on your own merit. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: TESD is the show that I look forward to the most out of any podcast; SModcast network or elsewhere.

    In closing, Walt, stick around. You guys have yet to even scratch the surface of the things that you can accomplish through this podcast… and you truly have no idea how much of an impact you guys have on making people’s days a little more enjoyable just by being who you are. In a totally non-homosexual way, we love you, bro… and TESD wouldn’t be the same without you.


  28. Big Worm says:

    You should have called this episode “Pox in her Box”

  29. Tara says:

    Oh Walt!
    I’m not too good bitch myself!
    I love-love-love TESD and it just wouldn’t be the same without you.
    Bryan you better straighten up and fly right 🙂

  30. will says:

    I’m probably just repeating what has been said already but the show wouldn’t be the same without Walt.
    Space Monkeys was good but it felt a bit like TESD without Walt. I would like to hear more episodes of it but i wouldn’t want it to be a replacement.
    The best bit of this week’s show was “Not too good bitch” and that wouldn’t of happened if Walt wasn’t there.

    Keep up the awesome work guys.

  31. uknow says:

    needs more Maryelizabeth!

  32. Bob says:

    We Love Walt!

  33. John says:

    Just for anyone that might go to the website for the artist at the end of this episode, that song is nowhere to be found on either of the albums they have for download.

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