TESD #58: The Bank of Tears


Adam of No Americana says the band has an EP which dropped (can you say dropped if it’s not a rap album?) at the end of March.

BAND: Americana
WEBSITE: http://www.noamericana.com
SONG: Wax Poetic


Clear your schedule & get ready to chow down on some dark meat; The first annual TESD trip to Medieval times has been assigned a new date…8PM on Saturday, April 23rd. You might also want to warn friends and family you’ll be hungover on Easter and using the kid’s easter baskets as puke buckets. Quinn is making some calls and we’ll have more information as far as payment/reservations within the next day or two. Last I heard the cost was $45.00/head so check back by Sunday for more 411 in a 911.


Still figuring out the format & weeding through the unsolicited submissions from you ambitious types. We’ll figure it out sometime this week.


We’re going back. Look forward to an in-depth look at Tina X’s mother issues.

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36 Responses to TESD #58: The Bank of Tears

  1. ßevis says:

    I am definitely looking forward to another Makin Hay.

  2. Haze says:

    Tina X sounded hot. take piktars of boobs

  3. Jarkko says:

    Collingwood revisited! Can’t wait.

  4. OK_Computer says:

    Tell Walt I said welcome back. It’s great to hear funny Flanagan again. And here’s to Collingswood: The Return!

  5. Forsko says:

    I always listen to making Hay, it’s by far my favourite, the play count’s pretty high on it, although it’s got nothing on Pam’s J.Groban playcount.

    If you need to take a break, take one but please keep TESD Bry-Walt-Q, guest stars are fine but don’t lose BWQ and don’t add anyone else. Do what you will with Puck Nuts but TESD is my favourite podcast if not serialized entertainment.

    You guys have been doing an awesome job for over a year, no need to switch things up, just keep up the good work!

  6. Tony Cottam says:

    Making Hay II: Electric Boogaloo.

    This time it’s personal.

  7. Crazy Nutso says:

    On behalf of people up early, I love that the show drops around 2 am. Awesome show, and would love a return to the ‘auction’. That’s 7 days a week, right?

  8. Jon Stewart says:

    Can’t think of anything better than a Colingswood Return. Was great to hear Flanagan back on form again today! Good show.

  9. Splodge says:


  10. therealbry says:

    That shit with Bry’s high school girlfriend really hit home. I’m glad other people went through that kinda shit.

    Great show guys! Can’t wait for Collingswood!

  11. pogues says:

    I had tears in my eyes when you guys started talking about the Johnsons tearing up grandmother’s house. Love it when you guys go off like that.

    Would really like to hear an episode where you guys revisit the time traveller conversation from the car ride, where Bry gets revenge on baby Hitler.

  12. will says:

    The music at the end of the show has been really good.

    Can’t wait for another epic collingwood saga.

  13. Ian says:

    Hey Bry, just wanted to say: awesome show, best one in recent history. Wish I were in Jersey (or the east coast in general) so I could go to Medieval Times with you guys.

    Really digging on the music you’ve been added, this is an awesome way to get introduced to some new bands, and so far you have been posting really good music. Thanks so much for putting that out there.

  14. heath says:


  15. Jon says:

    Great show, great song. Thanks for helping get through another Friday.

  16. Lorena K. says:

    I love this episode!! Great job guys!! I ❤ Walt!!

  17. mark kronstein says:

    yet again, you guys bring another great show. some down to earth talk and of course good yucks. truly the best part of the week.

  18. A return to Collingswood? I think I will have a new fav episode on the horizon. Makin Hay II: The Wrath of Walt (Yeah I know, I busted a Star Trek reference. Shame on me)

  19. Michael Angelo Hernandez says:

    Stop being a bunch of little whiny, insecure bitches and realize that you all have more than most dare the chance to dream to have. That being said, we all love hearing what you might think is bullshit. Doesn’t matter! WE WANT TO HEAR IT. Whether you accept it or not, you have status above the collective. For fuck sake, start acting like it!
    I’m a simple nobody, and I get it. Why the fuck can’t you?! Dumbass Bananas!

  20. Forsko says:

    Just heard the show, you guys are back on top form, i was laughing so hard! Can’t wait for Making Hay 2!

  21. Schmoker says:

    Love the show! Can’t say it enough. I download while I’m getting ready for work so I can listen on the bus on my way to work. Hope you can all keep getting something out of doing the show. It takes work I’m sure but it’s got to be therapeutic to vent, for anyone. You guys should somehow make a show out of the medevil times event. I wish I lived close enough to go.

  22. Joe says:

    You guys gotta take more pictures when you go back to Collingswood.

  23. Chriseee says:

    Will the blazers be making a re-appearance for your foray into flea market investigative journalism?

  24. Brandon says:

    I can’t wait to hear the Collingswood stuff. So excited!

  25. Ross says:

    Holy shit Making Hay the sequel. I was beginning to think you guys weren’t going to go back. Absolutely can’t wait, i’ve listened to the original about 5 times.

  26. GeekyBaz says:

    Another great episode and good to have Happy Flanagan back. Collingswood Auction return is the best news as Makin Hay I and II are still personal faves.

    My title suggestion for the episode (Inspired by the Warlock movies) would be

    Makin’ Hay III – The Reckoning

    Keep up the good work

  27. Bill La Rue says:

    For those that are interested in Collingwood: http://www.collingwoodfleamarket.com/

    Bryan, you gotta ask Walt to sample some flea market food. I know he’s got a delicate stomach, but I’m sure you can find him a fine dainty.

  28. @matt, how about make hay or die hard?

  29. Wade Wilson says:

    “Waltah.. Yor married?”

  30. DaverJ says:

    To echo what others said about this fine episode:
    -happy Walt rules
    -great stories from both Bry and Q
    -really good song at end

    -looking forward to Makin’ Hay 2!!!!!!

  31. timea says:

    Bry, remember to tell Frank how much your back hurt when you were walking around Dachau.

  32. JJ5150 says:

    YES!!!! Collingswood revisited! I can’t wait!

  33. You guys can get to the bottom of why the fuck they changes the name of Eugene’s Tasties to Gene’s Tasty Cakes.

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