A Dark Day…

Turns out TESD will be no more…

than 24 hours late…I hope. Unfortunately my hard drive crapped out in a fashion most spectacular this morning which robbed me of my ability to edit the show. Of course neither of the Best Buys in my area had a suitable replacement drive so I had to order one from Amazon. It’ll get to me tomorrow & after I switch out the offending drive I’ll get to cutting and get the show up asap. I know some of you are probably traveling tomorrow and like to listen on the road so you have my sincere apologies. The best I can offer is a promise to have it finished by the time you make your return trip. AND…and…don’t forget, you can always listen to ‘Sunday, Sunday, Sunday’ starring Ming and Sunday Jeff.

Alright, sorry. Forget I said that.

I’ll do my damndest for ya. Talk to you tomorrow.


ps: No Medieval Times this week. Q explains the reason for postponing on the show.

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62 Responses to A Dark Day…

  1. D. Kromwell says:

    No worries about the late pod, shit happens, we all understand that.

  2. billyjroberts says:

    Nearly crapped my pants when I read that first line. Hope the HD swap goes well!

  3. grav says:

    Thanks Bry, that first line almost gave me a heart attack.

    Can’t wait to hear the new episode.

  4. Nest says:

    You absolute bastard!

    My heart actually dropped reading that first line.

  5. Steph says:

    Hey there,

    Sorry to hear about your hard drive crappin’ out. I’ve been editing audio and teaching students to edit audio for over 10 years. Not sure you’d want anyone else to do it, but I’m offering my services (free of course) to edit the show for you tonight so you can post on Friday.

    Offer’s there, feel free to accept or not, just thought I might be able to help.

    A Canadian fan


  6. @Tunacrust says:

    Good luck. Loyal fans will wait. Fuck the haters. Fucken.

  7. Mike says:

    Wow you scared me for a second dude!

    Shame the episode will be late, but at least it’s not lost. Have a good weekend guys. Looking forward to the show.

    Mike — Toronto

  8. therealbry says:

    That sucks man but don’t get down on yourself. You do a great job keeping the show up.

    Can’t wait to hear it though!

    Any news on Amazing Stories d-bag?

  9. Jessi says:

    Well, I certainly panicked for the half a second it took me to move from line one to line two of this post.

  10. Steven says:

    As long as you keep the show going. Last year this show got me through very dark time.Thanks!

  11. Thatpacult says:

    This is potentially better than prior T.E.S.D. animations, in my opinion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=706NfIXJW6Q&feature=feedrec_grec_index

  12. Jim Ivory says:

    Thanks for the heads up, just checked because sometimes it is up in the early morning hours. It will save a dozen or so clicks to Smod to check on it before I finally hang it up for the night. Shit, I am a loser.

  13. Seelnelg says:

    Jesus man – I just about shit my pants!!
    Look forward to getting my TESD fix.
    Hope your weekend improves and thanks for all the entertainment over the past year

  14. Biff Meister says:

    Computers; nothing but trouble. I guess I’ll go outside and laugh at the kids waiting for the school bus.

  15. Jeff L says:

    Good luck with the new drive. Happy earf day and what-have-you. 🙂

  16. Richard C says:

    Almost shit myself when I read that first sentence. Breathed a sigh of relief after the elipses. Thanks for the hard work, Bry. Whenever the pod comes, it comes, and I’ll be content waiting for it.

  17. NXS (BEGLEY) says:

    Jesus Christ, man! Don’t do that to us… lol I was like… “Oh dear lord… what has sent Walt off the deep end this time?!?!?” Thank God it’s just a faulty computer error. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… listening to TESD is the true highlight of my week… so yeah… I will patiently await the new installment. You rock, Bry, and despite your reputation for being lazy, off-putting, and noncommittal, it’s evident that you do bust your ass to get the show ready for your listeners… also shows that you care. Keep it up, “Fucko.”

  18. Ian Taylor says:

    That first part… was not funny. Almost fucking died! But whenever is good man, just please keep ’em coming – a few days doesn’t hurt.
    In the meantime – Puck Nuts with just Ming & Jeff was painful last week so may skip it and catch up with Plus One. No offence to Ming & Jeff – it’s just that, being UK based with no knowledge or access to any type of hockey games – the thing that made the show (for me) was the people involved. Without Bry & Walt – the show is 50% less nuts and 50% more puck – and that tips the balance for me.
    Anyways – Happy Easter Bry – much love from the UK, and I plan to come down see you guys record in late September when we’re over for a vacation.
    Bealay x

  19. Paul says:

    (Here comes an ego boost Bryan)
    Just wanted to say – first time I heard you guys was pretty recently on Kevin & Scott’s show. You guys cracked me up – the following day I downloaded all your past shows. I listen almost everyday now to one of your shows. I’m up to July 2010 show and on every episode I literally laugh out loud.

    Growing up in Jersey I had a handful of friends and we would just relentlessly rip each other apart or rip other people apart. Years pass by friends either moved out of state, had families or just lost touch. But listening to you fags brings back nostalgic memories from my youth. Actually reminds me how bitter and angry I was and still am.

    Every episode seems fresh and original – I have yet to fast forward through what I would consider boring episode (like I have with other smodcast shows, Hollywood Babble On). Keep up the good work, really you guys are funny as hell. I tell anyone who will listen to my ranting to download Tell Em Steve Dave. In my book one of the best podcasts on the Internet! – for whatever that’s worth.


  20. Becs says:

    Christ on a bicycle that scared me!

    But hey – life tends to get in the way of such things. Hope all goes to plan with the hardrive, and hope you’re having some shockingly nice weather like we’re having in Ireland.

  21. Tony says:

    Fucking hell! That first line nearly made me drop my beer!

    And yeah, first thought was “what hot button issue drove Walt away?”

    Good stuff, sir

    Peace out, assholes 🙂

  22. Mal Foster says:

    No worries man, shit happens just keep on keeping on and we’ll get the show when we get the show. Fuck could I throw any more cliches into this post… the sun will come up tommorow? No thats from Annie, my brain must be damaged anyway fuck it..thanks for letting us know Bry

  23. Jo says:

    Good luck and have a good holiday weekend!!!
    Thanks for everything you do for us!! Love love love!!

  24. Rickypayne says:

    1 second into this post and I was like “DAMN YOU WAAAAAALT”.

  25. Jay Newman says:

    hahaha you guys had me going for a few minutes…I was about to breakdown and cry hahaha. Hope it all works out for you. I have been listening to Ming and Sunday Jeff…it’s been awesome. Not saying I don’t like having Walt and Bry there, but it’s a good show nontheless.

  26. srlaughery says:

    No worries, Bry, anyone that can’t understand shouldn’t be listening anyway!

  27. Jeff says:

    Seriously don’t joke about that! Look forward to listening once your gear is up and running again.

  28. schon says:

    Thanks Bry.

  29. Vinci says:

    Ha – nice. Looking forward to the show. Thanks guys.

  30. shoo says:

    Can you and Walt please return to Puck Nuts? Seriously. I like Ming and Sunday Jeff, but they are better as background characters. TESD forever!

  31. Fiji Mermaid says:

    WOA! You scared me for a minute! No problem, I’m dealing with computer issues to. Don’t kill yourself trying to get it up. The hard core fans can wait. Many thanks for your hard work. I’ll fire up a past pod for some good listening enjoyment. “Joseph, NOOOOO!”

  32. sean says:

    Thanks for letting us know. TESD has been reliably released since the beginning –
    Kudos for keeping on top of it, Bry!
    The show is a highlight of my week, too.

    Peace, Asshole (are we still saying that?)

  33. Stew says:


    Cheers for the heads up, TESD is my podcast highlight of the week.

    Stew – York

  34. Luke Copping says:

    Thanks for the heads up Bry,

    Can’t wait for the show, had a shitty week losing my job and one of my so called good friends back out on my stag weekend in Amsterdam in a few weeks so there’s a spot open?

    I’m sure Walt would have a great time in amsterdam walking away from everything with his eyes shut!

    But I’ll stock up on some of my favourite shows to take with me so you’ll be there in spirit.

    Keep up the great work guys!

  35. will says:

    The Ming and Sunday Jeff show has been pretty good.

    Looking forward to a new TESD tomorrow.

  36. Matt says:

    Can’t wait. I’ve been sick; pent up in my room for about a month with bronchitis. Its raining and shitty here. A new TESD will surely revive me. Love you guys.

  37. rxsheepxr says:

    No rush, as long as I know TESD’s en route, I can be patient.

  38. Frankie says:

    Huge TESD fan. Moderate Puck Nuts fan.

    I fuckin’ abhor this crappy sports show with Ming and Sunday Jeff – I was looking forward to a format change, but I didn’t think they’d lean MORE on the sports thing. I blame Ming, he never wanted it to be fun.

  39. heath says:

    Audio technology peaked at wax cylinders dude. Make the switch now.

  40. Matt says:

    Thanks for making my heart drop you fucking asshole. Worst title ever. But still funny.

  41. Boooo. I was hung over and going to munch on burgers while listening. Oh well, I can truly say it’s my favourite podcast.

    I’m also digging Pucknuts since Sunday Jeff has to talk more now.

  42. dear god,
    Does this mean that I have to talk to my wife and kids?
    Please hurry, Bry!

    love you guys

  43. Pdubble says:

    Thanks for the update Bry. I was wondering why the pod didn’t show up in my feed. I guess I have to say I’m willing to wait or else I’ll have a parable written about me. I also hope you take that for the joke it was intended.

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  45. Bryan says:

    No worries, classic TESD move.

  46. Zack J. Beagle says:

    Holy fuck. That first line made my heart sink.
    Admirable dedication, sir and best of luck with the new hardware. Looking forward to the new episode as always.

  47. GeekyBaz says:

    Bad news Bry, but TESD is ALWAYS worth the wait!

    Keep up the awesome work and if the guys who comment here want to try something else in the meantime, why not give my show a whirl over at http://www.rocheshow.podbean.com

    (shamless plug I know, sorry)

  48. Shawn Taft says:

    Was scared.

    Of all my entertainment choices TESD is the only one I count down to every week.

    Love the show.

  49. Schmoker says:

    Don’t worry, we’ll wait for you bry!

  50. Dax says:

    when i read the tweet ..my heart stopped for a second..and thought the worst..i was about to commit suicide and rest in hell where the podcast was ..but soon relised otherwise…please dont do that again…TESD is the highlight of my week for the past year. Keep up the good work sir!!!

  51. John says:

    No worries! Love the show and all your guys hard work.

  52. meltz911 says:

    Bullshit! You ran 2 hours late recording it, Ming and Sunday Jeff are ontime everytime. You were probably late taking your pills, so you couldn’t cope.
    Walt, jump down this junkies throat.
    J/K Bry, I’m sure it was the computers fault…
    Your the best,

  53. Jon says:

    I am just glad you guys aren’t quitting! Thanks for all of the shows. I work nights and on thursdays around 3am I start looking for the new episode. I got really concerned till I checked the blog. Glad to hear you(bri) are healthy and the show will go on! Thanks again!!!

  54. Rich says:


  55. Carl says:

    2 hours overrun…I smell a long one! Get back on Puck Nuts too! I know Ming and Jeff are doing whats advertised but theres no laughs per minute.

  56. Andrew says:

    Damnit, you almost gave me a heart attack there Bry!

    I feel like a chump for continually clicking the refresh button in iTunes yesterday waiting for the new episode to drop.

    Good luck with the computer fix. Looking forward to the episode!

  57. Jeff Leiboff says:

    Hey..did it drop yet? It’s Saturday about 10:00 a.m.

  58. Andrew says:

    I just dropped a load in my pants…. I have the DTs so bad from no TESD and some bad (is there ever good?) Taco Bell last night saw to that…

  59. dave says:

    LoL. you scared me for a second too! You bastard! Haha.

    Anywho, your podcast is worth waiting for. *waits patiently*

    thanks guys.

    -from Ontario, Canada.

  60. Kristen says:

    Yesterday I listened to the 3 Ming Circus and it got me through 3 miles yesterday, but I need TESD for my run today! 😦

  61. Chris Laudando says:

    First no Medieval Times, now this.

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