TESD #59: Right said Ming

Listener band info for this week…

Band Name: Bryan Kelly
Song Name: The Glorious Burden
More info to come tomorrow about different shit. That little kid passed on her Croup to me…I guess it manifests in adults as a nasty cold that makes them sound like Wheezy from Toy Story II.

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63 Responses to TESD #59: Right said Ming

  1. MattChance says:

    I was listening to the Monster Magnet episode today (coincidentally, this one also marked the introduction of “One, True, Three”, and realized that it’s been a very long time since you guys played a good game of it.

    Hearing Walt say “he came tapping into the room like a madman” just brought me tears of joy, and fond memories of TESD past.

    Play the game again sometime, so long as Ming isn’t the one with the 3. Throughout TESD history, it brought some of the funniest moments to date.

    • Stephen says:

      Since Bry has guested on Blow Hard a few times, how about getting Malcolm to do a round of One, True, Three?

  2. OK_Computer says:

    Whoa whoa whoa. What is this message from the future, huh? The episode’s not even up yet! Blasted Delorean!

  3. meltz911 says:

    Did you lose this one too?
    Why are you posting about something you haven’t posted yet?
    Just put it up already.

    ps did walt nix the idea of throwing up one of the bonus pods?

  4. meltz911 says:

    Bravo Bry, you rock out with your cock out!
    Hope your feeling better and don’t take any guff from Walt.
    Talk to next week,

  5. J Sarge says:


  6. Juanito says:

    Yeah, its back!@ I need to go to Medieval Times w you guys, so I”m glad it was delayed.. let’s do it!!

    And please, that Puck Nuts has got to stop. Jokes over dudes. Get Bry on every episode, kick lifeless Jeff off completely, and get rockin again!!

    Then go daily.. Bry has the right idea when talking to Kevin saying he wanted to be able to put up episodes more than once a week so topics aren’t coming up too late. Fuckin get the controls and post episodes all the time! If something comes up, call an emergency podcast and DO IT! Post it! Don’t let that stupid smodnetwork schedule hold you back.

    Bry and Walt are the true heart of the show, the connection you guys have from such a long friendship really shine through. This show could just keep growing and growing. Slap some sense into walt or maybe some ecstasy or something and keep the magic coming.

    You guys are really onto something great.

  7. Arnar says:

    Love your show guys, keep em coming.
    Best wishes from Iceland.


  8. Bryan Kelly says:

    Hey, Thanks so much for using my tune at the end of TESD this week.
    I love you guys. Been a listener since the beginning, so it’s an honor.
    I can’t thank you enough.

    Take care,

  9. Feel better sir! HEY, did you see the possible blog redesign I did for the TESD WordPress? I sent an email, but I’m sure you dismissed it! URL is below!


  10. duff says:

    Post Ming’s right-right-right-right-right-right-right

  11. Thorne says:

    I was really bummed out when Walt mentioned that the lost show featured Edgar, the Jaws skateboard, and the answers to many other TESD mysteries… but he’s got to be joking, right?

  12. Chriseee says:

    Hope you feel better Bryan
    Spooky coincidence – I started listening on Stitcher at work and my hard drive crashed. I believe EMPs are at play here first to you and now to all of your listeners. I would go check out Amazing Stories to see if they the culprit

  13. Hey Guys!

    Thank you for mentioning our graphic novel, Constellation Park, on today’s show. We Really appreciate it.

    Chris Laudando & Scott Meaney

  14. Dave says:

    I downloaded the new one but haven’t listen to it yet, I know it will be good though.

    Oh, and I listen to Makin’ Hay 1 and 2 while falling asleep almost every night….is that weird? well, I usually pass out before the 1st one is finished. It still hasn’t gotten old.

    Not to put Kevin down, but i’m starting to not enjoy his podcasts…he treats Mewes like he is an idiot and he just talks about dicks and anal sex so much it’s lost its funny. That’s all i gotta say, but keep makin’ hay.

    • meltz911 says:


      • Si UK says:

        Totally agree, not intending to Kev-bash, but i think he’s reached saturation point with all his shows he’s doing. Smodcast still has the occasional flourishes and Hollywood Babylon benefits greatly from his co-host Mr. Garman… but Tell Em Steve Dave is the show, I GENUINELY look forward too every week. In my heart (and earholes) you guys own the Pod-Top-Spot!

    • Josh says:

      I’ve had to restart my play counts of makin hays out of slight shame, always put on TESD.
      I feel the same way, I usually would rather listen to the Three Ming Show than some of Kevs, stories keep repeating. He does 3 or more shows a week anyways but it is tiring to go straight to cock and ass jokes (when he has the talent and wit to do other jokes) and making fun of mewes makes it sound more and more like bullying. Smodcast still remains because Mosier is fun to listen to. And I’d like to listen to Plus One if he would actually be civil about it, that voice isn’t funny and gets in the way. Still listen though.

    • Pete says:

      That’s about the same reason I stopped listening to SModcast and the other Kev-centric shows. It all started to blend into one long dick and gay sex joke.

      I love TESD though, it hasn’t gotten old at all and I’ve listened to every episode countless times.

    • Cyprus Dave says:

      and he keeps interrupting Jen with stupid voices when she’s trying to talk on Plus One which can get very irritating. I have to say that I think Tellem SteveDave is by far the most enjoyable podcast on the whole SModcast network. Keep up the great work fella’s.

      • shoo says:

        Agree about Plus One. I think Ralph Garmen has tarnished Kev’s sense of humor. He plays a clown in every show now. I thought Plus One was the show where he was supposed to be himself. At least in the first few episodes he was cool.
        TESD is by far the best show on the network.

      • will says:

        Plus one is almost unlistenable with the constant weird voices.

    • therealbry says:

      Agree with you about Kevs over exposure…

    • therealbry says:

      Glad to see that I’m not the only dickhead! lol

    • bella says:

      I totally agree. Tell em Steve dave is my fav and I sometimes listen to HBO, but Kevin totally ruined plus one and get old. I know it’s free so I’m not complaining, just agreeing.

    • Falsidical says:

      I also agree.
      Most of the live shows are pretty terrible. I think he shows off for the crowd too much.
      Smodcast is fucking hilarious when they discus a topic other than Kevin Smith. The one where they talked about tribes for example. Great episode.
      He really needs to stop talking about dicks if he wants S.I.R. to last more than a few weeks.

  15. GeekyBaz says:

    Brilliant episode guys! Can’t wait to hear the Ming House Mafia with their debut song “Right”…

    Keep up the good work and I’m holding my breath for Makin’ Hay III: The Reckoning

  16. AW says:

    One of the best eps ever guys! Had me in tears!

  17. IggyLang says:

    Thanks for all the talk. Too bad about last weeks episode. I’m sure it was a doozie. I am bummed we missed out on Edgar’s visit. Love you guys, keep it up!

  18. Heath says:

    Ming is a robot sent from the future to infiltrate, then destroy humanity. His laughs are a mockery of human emotion and his frightening use of “right” shows that his program of death is reaching a critical point. I fear for Walt Flanagan’s safety. His shrewd deductions on the true nature of the Ming Chen Death Droid Mark 5© may put him in danger, and also save the human race. The Cult of Walt loves the Almighty One for his efforts. Also his Dog. Just, because…

  19. Si UK says:

    Guys, any news on the Bandcamp site. info was supposed to be in show? did i miss it?

  20. Josh says:

    I love how Q started out the show trying to get pity from the listeners I already gave it to Bry for his sickness and then Walt for his disappointment but not Q he has too much good.
    P.S. Bry I think your posts on here are creative and funny. Keep it up

  21. law8105 says:

    Great Pod guys – you were on fire this week. Very funny. Nice to see Ming get a little braver on PuckNuts, but I think you guys probably took him down a notch or two. You guys are all great and feed off each other…don’t fuck it up! Keep it going, because it is a little highlight to the end of my week….many others.

  22. OK_Computer says:

    We patiently wait two weeks for a new TESD, and what we get are you guys berating Ming for a good portion of the podcast. I mean he’s not as funny as you three of course, but he tried taking the reigns of a show Walt abandoned. Alls I’m saying is that there was probably funnier shit you guys could’ve talked about. Funny as fuck? Hell yes. But still.
    And Q. I like Q, but to see him jump on board with you guys just because he wasn’t in the receiving end of the shit was greasy. Real greasy

  23. Can someone still order a monroeville zombie or leonardo reapers hockey jersey from the stash?

  24. shoo says:

    Requests for future shows…..90% less Ming, please. 40% less Q. 100% less Q talking about his stupid tv show, on a station nobody cares about.
    More Bry, more Walt.

  25. DaverJ says:

    After a two-week refractory period (for the audience, at least), it was a great show – good to hear the gang together in high-spirits.

    And Ming’s “right” montage was awesome!

    Get and stay healthy everyone… we’re looking forward, as always, to next week’s TESD.

  26. Bill La Rue says:

    Every time Walt tackles a hot button issue he’s putting his own valuable life in harms way. I commend him for his unwavering bravery in these moments. Yet I hope that he will have the temerity to discuss the death of Bin Laden in the next pod.

  27. djbk69 says:

    Can’t wait for the next episode… Edgar on the show would be fun 😉
    Peace from Germany!!!

  28. chellispal says:

    When is the Medieval Times trip going to be rescheduled? I was really looking forward to eating, drinking and looking at some wenches with TESD crew!

  29. When will you be doing Makin Hay 2?

    I’m glad you guys went into Mings Amanda Bynes comment. I picked up on it while listening and thought it was weird. Even better is that there was a whole episode based on it. 🙂

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