TESD #60: Ding Dong Bin Laden’s Dead!

Sorry for the show delay this week. Circumstances…shit beyond your control…you know how it goes.

Last week we talked about a listener and friend of Q’s, Chris Laudando, who self-published a comic called ‘Constellation Park’. Here’s the link if you’re interested in checking it out. http://tinyurl.com/3bf8dgo

We’re unable to talk about it presently but within a few weeks should you be wearing socks when you hear the announcement we (or more likely Kev) make(s), they will surely be knocked off. Had you told me when we started TESD that this development would have taken place…well, first I’d apologize for the cliche and then I’d say you’re crazy.

Band Info:

Can’t really say this is a band featuring a listener. Q used his long and influential reach to sway your faithful blogger/editor into promoting the band of someone who works on his TruTV show. He’s assured me the music is top notch (though he jams to Maroon 5, so who the fuck knows)

An unfortunate side effect of our involvement with the new S.I.R. network concerns TESD’s listener band project. Recently, we (along with all other SMOD shows) received news in regard to running time. Now that TESD is going to be broadcast on S.I.R. the maximum length of each show will be limited to 57 minutes so as to fit into the programming schedule. As you know, TESD usually runs longer than most (if not all) of its sister shows on the SMOD network and cutting down our incessant blabber will take some adjustment.

Don’t get me wrong…TESD being a part of S.I.R. is very cool and has served as an impetus for us to start tossing around ideas to shake up what was slowly becoming somewhat of a routine show. We’re going to get out of the Stash more and try new approaches to doing TESD aside from sitting down at the store  and talking for an hour or two. IE: Making Hay follow-up…coming soon with a few deets on today’s show.

To the point…

With the new time constraints it makes it pretty much impossible to dedicate 3-5 minutes of each show to a song…which sucks, I know. I’m trying to think of a way to keep the flow of new music coming your way and have a few ideas…none of which I think are the idea. Drop a comment if you have thoughts on what we can do to keep up the listener band segment.

Onto the band info:

Band Name: Les Vinyl
Song Name: F for Effort
It’s on our EP that people can download FOR FREE! Here: http://lesvinyl.bandcamp.com/album/the-nafia-mail-epOur website is http://www.lesvinyl.
We have a full album on Itunes and bandcamp.com.

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114 Responses to TESD #60: Ding Dong Bin Laden’s Dead!

  1. MattChance says:

    Cutting the show down to fit a timeframe would be the worst thing to happen to TESD imaginable. I’d rather you not be on SIR if that’s what it’s going to mean for the show. We all love TESD because there are no rules, and NO time limits (aside from when Walt needs to get home).

    Now the only thing we have to look forward to all week is going to become less of a gift than it was before.

    • Dan says:

      While the TESD crew surely have every right to reap the benefits of their hard work — whether this manifests in publicity, revenue, or handjobs — the suggestion that conversations would either be 1) prematurely aborted or 2) mostly left on the cutting room floor is a major bummer. Sorry, guys.

  2. Eros Arocho says:

    Did Q fuck up the show again this week?!

  3. Mike says:

    Longer directors cut style pods could be cool maybe You guys could sell then for charity somehow

  4. Sam Hawes says:

    I’m going to have to agree with MattChance here. TESD isn’t about time limits, it’s about NO limits! Well, you know, except for discussing the Taliban, signing breasts, Bry’s health and numerous other things. Still, my point stands. I think. Probably.

    As for the bands, I’m thinking that maybe you could get shot of the intro song and have a sample of new music each week. Not ideal, but then neither is life.

  5. JsHeadley says:

    Would you be able to put the band segment exclusively at the end of pods that are on the site? I don’t know if the media files that go on to SIR and Itunes have to be the same as the site, but if not this should work.

  6. Chris Ragsdale says:

    Whatever it takes, guys. As Kev says, you deliver the free funny so how can we look that gift horse in the mouth? As a fan, it sucks, but I understand, but maybe that, coupled with new and exciting projects will only enhance the TESD experience! Love the show! Keep up the great work!

  7. Jarrod says:

    DAMNIT. I was HOPING that Kevin would just play the first hour of a show instead of forcing some bullshit restriction on everything. This coupled with the delayed posting caused by the SIR schedule is really, really disappointing. I sincerely am about burnt out by the time Friday morning rolls around, and TESD is usually the only thing that gets me going. I guess I’ll have to just listen to an old show instead of the new one like I did this morning.

    Guys, I would HAPPILY pay for the show instead of having to wait. Maybe you could have a paid uncut version in addition to the time-restricted SIR version? I don’t know. I’m just grasping at straws here. Help a brother out. (Sorry if this is a whiny douche kind of post, but this is horrible news.)

    • JsHeadley says:

      I also wouldn’t mind paying, the way I figure the entertainment is worth a few quid.

    • MattChance says:

      That’s what I was thinking too – they could release a cut down version for SIR, and the real version would be on iTunes.

      But ideally, it should NOT be cut down at all. The podcast thrives because it isn’t Smodcast.

  8. lovetheshow says:

    hey we understand you might have issues that need attending but what the fuck I have listened to every episode multiple times you know why people get upset because they take the time out to listen to you and all you guys need to do is say he guys may be a little late today one Tweet will do it, I’m disappointed that I’ve stopped running to my pc fridays to listen I gave up due to the lack of consistency. Any ways I love the show but you guys have gotta show more respect to the tesd army! Good luck with your announcement too I hope it goes well. Thanks for the laughs

  9. Cogitator_X says:

    Cutting the show time is shite! I, too, wish TESD wasn’t going to be on SIR if that’s the cost.

  10. Nick_J says:

    I couldn’t agree more with MattChance. The length of your show is one of the best aspects of it. An abbreviated version just to fit into the sir network is a joke. I would rather give up every other poscast on smodcast than to have TESD shortened.

  11. Dan says:

    While the TESD crew surely have every right to reap the benefits of their hard work — whether this manifests in publicity, revenue, or handjobs — the suggestion that conversations would either be 1) prematurely aborted OR 2) mostly left on the cutting room floor is a major bummer. Sorry, guys.

  12. Fuck S.I.R., sir. says:

    Terrible news. A 57 minute running time for TESD is definitely not enough. Other shows like Smodcast just barely squeak past the 50 minute mark most weeks, but TESD really starts gaining momentum as it goes along.

    I really hope there is a way around this.

  13. Mike says:

    I don’t understand why you can’t have a 90min slot or more.

    From what I understand part of S.I.R is just going to be re-plays of old podcasts. Surely all those old podcasts aren’t 57mins. I don’t know how all the programming is going to work, but surely there is time to fit in T.E.S.D no matter how long it runs.

    I know it’s not your fault Bry. I’m sure I’ll get used to the change. It’s just a shame to see you guys get stuck with your slot and that’s it.

    Have a great weekend dude!

  14. Mule says:

    Play the track at the over your chatter the last 5 mins of the podcast like smodcastle was doing in the begining and just credit the song at the end of the show.

    Sucks to hear about the time constraints but moving forward I’m sure you’ll get use to it. You can just do 2 parters and leave us in suspense at the end.
    Love the show,

    Mule from Montreal

  15. Thomas says:

    why not do an undermix of the new music, a la vintage smod?

  16. tj says:

    i agree too, or maybe you and walt could do a show for SIR or like the others said just a cut down show, but still post the whole show for everyone that still wants it. like the hour show is just highlights from the whole show? Think we all agree that we love longer show.

    • tj says:

      but i’ll be happy with what I get and I won’t throw a fit. That’s what we tell the kid’s at dinner. Also no biggie on when you send the final show in for the podcast. I’m just happy as shit to get one, makes me want to go to work now just so I can listen. or go mow the yard, but it’s 10:30 so that aint good.

  17. Sean says:

    I agree with MattChance, the hour restriction is going to kill the flow of the show. The best parts of the show are when you guys go off on wild tangents.

    The only reasonable option I can see is what Jarrod says. A trimmed down SIR version and a uncut version you can release on Itunes or for a premium subscription.

    I honestly have no interest at all in SIR. I live on the east coast and all shows will be broadcast while I am working and cannot listen. I have also grown tired of most of the other Smodcast network personalities and podcasts, but you guys manage to keep me entertained every week. I really hope this does not negatively affect the show.

  18. DaverJ says:

    I agree… It would be great if SIR got the edited version, and the hard-core fans got an extended, raw version. I know that’s more work and I’m happy to get what you guys make, but TESD is the only ‘cast where more is better.

    I would also subscribe to the extended version, if that helps in any way.

  19. grav says:

    how about selling an uncut (or extended-cut) version of your weekly show on bandcamp?

    Ideally, I wish you guys would introduce some sort of monthly behind-the-scenes online pass (maybe $30 bucks a month), which would give us video, extended pods, bonus content, etc. Something akin to Howard TV. I’d like to start putting money in your guys’ pockets, this pod is a huge part of my week.

    Thanks, as always, for all your hard work.

    • spudz says:

      definetly agree that there should be a release of the regular cut along with SIR cut, but I would not be willing to pay for it, sorry to say. I would and have bought bonus pods though

  20. Bratliff says:

    Guys I thank you for the shows. I understand sir is a revenue stream soo if that’s what is mandated soo be it. Hope down the road it can expand again. This show and babble on are my favorites. I agree the bands just are not worth even less show.
    Personally if a subscription over SIR were offered I would pay. I used sir this week and it has not won me over, I will probably just operate a week behind via Itunes.
    Thanks again for the shows they are a highlight to my week.

  21. chriseee says:

    I agree about a paid extended TESD I would pay! Or maybe segue the Space Monkeys pod as a non SIR pod even biweekly. I know we demand a lot for free but we’re offering to pay dammnit! Or could it be that we will be getting twice weekly SIR TESDs ? Is that our socks getting knocked off news?
    As for the lister bands – can’t you feature a link on the blog for the band you would have put on the pod & link to their youtube or mycorpse I mean myspace site? That way you keep to time constraints and still promote listener bands.

  22. Joe says:

    I agree with what everyone else has said, I just wanted to show support. I think the best way to go is to make the uncut version available for download like usual and then put the 57 minute version on S.I.R. But yeah, I don’t get why the uncut version can’t be on S.I.R. since it’s going to be mostly old pods anyway, and Kevin OWNS THE NETWORK. But oh well, I’ll be happy as long as TESD still exists.

  23. mexico says:

    Super disappointed by the news. If SIR is supposed to be Kevin making the rules why stick to the ridged structure of traditional radio? How is that cutting edge? TESD should never have a time limit nor should any of the pods. 4 hours of smith and wife but only one hour of TESD doesn’t make sense.

    How will back episodes be cut down to fit this tight schedule? This really makes me not look forward to sir. I was hoping for a network that wasn’t the same cut and dry stuff from things like xm.

    TESD is really the jewel of the smodcast network. It’s smart and funny and never comes off as trying to be a funny podcast. You guys are just funny. Three good friends shooting the shit and just naturally being funny and trying to make each other laugh is way better than people trying to make an audience laugh. Tesd feels like family and friends while other pods just feel like pods. Next closest is Peephole History.

    This is a sad day. And please don’t take this ss whining. Just a fan sad to lose time to spend with people he truly admires and loves to laugh with.

  24. HayMaker85 says:

    57 minutes a show would be fine if you do atleast 2 TESDs a week. Or maybe get Space Monkeys up and running too.

  25. Eros Arocho says:

    SIR is the worst thing that has happened yet. It’s all about the money though, huh?

  26. SeanMcSean says:

    I too will miss the longer shows, but get that cutting two versions would be a pain. However, I can’t imagine that just having a version without the songs would be a major problem? Why not leave the song off the SIR version, and include it on the iTunes download version? Seems easy enough.

  27. ob1spyker says:

    Only 57 mins of my favorite podcast? Say it ain’t so Steve-Dave! Truly I’ll take whatever you give but I would be disappointed to see it cut by so much. I was also digging the new music as well. An extended version of the podcast being available only on itunes would be great.

    Would it be possible to keep the mics going after you wrap S.I.R? I know when Opie and Anthony were broadcasting in NY on KRock a portion of their show was only available on Sirius. Other broadcasters, like Imus, and I think Mike and Mad Dog, have had portions of their shows broadcast in one market but not others. I don’t know if this would translate to S.I.R. or if you would even have the time or energy to do it. I’m just brainstorming here.

    To continue the brainstorming I would also suggest a separate podcast for the new music. Perhaps you could call it “Music! Steve-Dave!” And feature a couple of bands, get some background info on them, possibly interviews. Wouldn’t have to be a big show. It probably could easily be under an hour or maybe even 57 mins? Wadaya think?

    Whatever you end up doing is fine with me (like it really matters what I think) as long as it involves TESD’s continued broadcast. If the Smodcast network went down tomorrow, yours is the show that I would lament not being able to hear!

  28. Kza says:

    I would pay for a longer show for sure. If you put them up like the bonus ones for 1.99$ each I would happily pay them. I love the legnth of the shows and I have no issue with giving my money away for such a great podcast.

  29. There is nothing I can add that my distinguished collegues haven’t stated. I suppose I will reserve comment and judgement until I hear the first couple TESD sirs formatted show. I did want to say that your worried about the show being too routine. Nothing could be further from the truth. I can not think of two episodes even being remotely similar. TESD is a slice of life. You never know what is around the corner.
    Long live Bry, Walt, and Q (who is my new personal wizard Shazam)

    And to the coward who likes to put people down in the holy name of TESD, if you think you can do better…… PROVE IT! (and you know who you are)

    To the rest of the TESD Nation, and I hope you join with me in saying

  30. gareth says:

    putting up two different versions of the show doesn’t seem particularly feesable. as that’ll mean the main show will have to be cut and then that’ll have to be edited – which will probably be bry’s job and he does enough as it is now. then you’d have to deal with cutting actual content out (i.e jokes) rather than stuff like walt coughing or ming giving out someones address and phone number away. i can see why it’s being done – they have to fit in with the sir schedule after all. but it’ll probably get to the stage where smodcast is at now, where kev & scott get midway into a disscussion then become conscious of the time and abruptly end the show. it’s a shame because one of the best parts about tesd is the fact that you all talk for however long and then some brilliant material is created as a result of that long, relaxed atmosphere. but, 57 minutes will always better than nothing.

  31. Thanks guys for the plugging Constellation Park!

  32. Mayernick says:

    57 minutes? No SIR!

  33. XavierZane says:

    In regards to the music…why can’t you just keep accepting songs and have them played on S.I.R.? An hour or two a day of fan-submitted songs? Change the songs every week?

  34. Nasty Nuts says:

    I agree with most people who commented that the new time constraints suck. But of course, I ain’t no Major Wally and will always listen and appreciate TESD till the end. Maybe y’all could do a aftershow podcast and still keep the music at the end. Continue the great work Bry, Q and Walt! TeSd 4 LyFe!

  35. MGBBF says:

    How the hell is forcing the show to be 57 minutes so they can play old podcasts a good idea? Unless it’s going to be revealed that Bry, Walt & Q are going to be doing a daily show, this makes all excitement I had for SIR disappear.

  36. therealbry says:

    First, let me say great job on the show this week! Got a few good laughs out of it. It also seems that you are going back to how the show felt when it first started. I love the jokes and all that but the show is more than just funny. It’s listening to the chemistry you guys share from being friends for so long. The show as a whole is good. I think it’ll take a few weeks practice to distill it down and keep the TESD charm intact.

    Now, that being said….

    I know this shit is still free. I know us fans don’t pay anything close to what it must cost to host and run TESD. But I also think we have a voice. Being that we are the basis on how successful the show is or isn’t. Depending on live show tiecket sales and charity pod donations to name a few of our direct influences. We (I know I do) spend a shit ton of time pimping this show because we like it. We come back week after week because it’s become a staple in our schedules. Some of us have been with the Smod Network since the beginning.

    Now it seems that the entire Smod Network is turning away from it’s humble beginnings. Some of the shows are being forced into a mold they just don’t fit into. It just isn’t right…

    Then to top it off the best show on the network because of it’s originality

    • therealbry says:

      (Cont.) … Is being molded into a time frame that just isn’t going to work. Sure it’ll be funny. I’m sure it’ll work to an extent. But there’ll always be a looming pressure over TESD’s collective heads, forcing you guys to deliver in those 57 minutes.

      I just don’t see it happenning. But we all know it will…

      In any case, you know you’ll always have at least one faithful listener. Hopefully we can work something out to where we get our required dose of TESD….

      Bryan B.

  37. mike says:

    Hey guys great show this week! Also if you want to keep playing the music you could just play it under yall talking like the first few old episodes of your show. Kinda sucks you guys having to cut your time down, could listen to you for hours and hours and if i need more TESD i can start from the beginning for the 4th time. Keep up the great work fellas, best podcast on the site by far!

  38. James. says:

    What if you queued a 2-minute snippet of the track as an undermix-start it @ minute 55, fade in, then you guys have time to throw out his typical TESD rant @ the end. By the time minute 57 rolls around…

  39. Randy Webber says:

    57 minutes is literally the worst news I have heard all year. I am now going to figuratively kill myself.

    • Scott says:

      I too am saddened by this one-hour business. Johnson talked about how the news of his new mobile phone plan would be the sort of thing cut from one-hour episodes but those sort of details, and the meandering approach, I think are part of what make the show most appealing. Those little points aren’t greatly entertaining, I don’t mean that, but I do feel they go a long way towards creating the “conversation” feel the show has. If you’re cutting out all that, trying to tighten up and stick to “entertainment,” etc, it seems like you’re heading towards becoming an afternoon talk radio show, which I think is something that’s already happened to a couple of other shows on The SModcast Network.

      I’m sure it’ll all be fine enough though, I don’t think the time constraints are going to absolutely ruin the show, it’s just kind of saddening to think that the podcast as we know it today, the length and the approach, may be over.

  40. lovetheshow says:

    I take it I’m the coward? Well I disagree when you put out a product people have a right to have an opinion bry doesn’t know me but il bet he remembers the hand knitted cat complete with an s in its ear for sage my mother knitted when she got ill I’m from australia bry or walt could one of you verify my fandom

    • tellemsd says:

      I do remember and thanks. I was going to have Sage send a card to your mom but somehow lost your address. Glad you posted so I have the chance to say thanks. Pass it on to your mom if you would?

  41. Robot bear says:

    Can you post a link to the bandcamp site? ive searched but cant find any of the shows…

  42. marty mcwilliams says:

    What makes this show the best on SModcast network is that it feels like your listening to a conversation with your friends. Censoring the show down to 57 mins will ruin that feeling.

  43. mike says:

    Now the best solution to the 57 min limit is to just give TESD a longer slot, but I understand that each day the schedule for SIR is pretty much the same, so that might fuck the schedule up. Also another thing you can do is split it into 2 parts if you guys go over, that would help if shit happens and you miss a week or you have computer problems, or just have an edited version on SIR and put the unedited on itunes or something. Or, don’t use any of the suggestions people have posted and conform to the time limit, I personally am OK with that, any TESD is better than no TESD. 😉

  44. Bill LaRue says:

    So this is what happens when the Lil’ Rascals leave their tree fort. If any of you guys start talking about ad penetration and wearing suits them I’m out. Until then, I hope the best and wish that you get more out of doing a pod than you put in.

    • MattChance says:

      It’s OK, Walt won’t know what a suit jacket is anyway 😉

      • Bill La Rue says:

        That is true.
        I guess I was voicing my thoughts in a roundabout way. I do want S.I.R. to be a success, but at the same time I don’t want to lose what made me a fan of the SModcast Podcast Network pods in the first place.
        I’ll be honest…I work in a shit job, have a shit life and every day I tell myself that I’m going to write a bestselling book, but never do. As pathetic as this is to admit, I escape into the world of Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave, SModcast, Puck Nuts, et cetera because they’re so much more interesting than what I’ve got going on. Being able to hear Kevin or Bryan or any of the contributors talk for hours on end unrestrained is what makes these pods great. I fear that putting limitations in any capacity will alter the flow and tone of the shows.

        I also fear that Kevin is slowly doing what he said a long time ago would end SModcast – he’s making it into work. All this is becoming a job.
        I’m not foolish enough to think that Kevin hasn’t thought about this already and I’m not foolish enough to think that he’s not planning six moves out in advance, but sometimes what you plan for isn’t always what you get.

      • Bill, I can commiserate about the writing thing. Look upon TESD as inspiration to actually get out there and start writing, even if its only a paragraph or two at a time. Think back to the earlier episodes when it was debatable if the show would endure past the single digit mark, and now, TESD has become a force of nature. If our heroes can do it, why can’t we? Godspeed bro, I’m sure you will have the support of the other members of the TESD Nation.

    • MattChance says:

      I’ve thought exactly the same things. It’ll be interesting to see if he’s really going to sit down with his wife EVERY morning. While I’m excited to hear something like that, I also cringe at the idea of my iPod being quickly filled by a mountain of shows.

      While I listen at work too, it’s getting to the point where I can only hear 3 minutes before the next person comes to bother me, and I have to hit pause.

      So it’s always a trade off. While it’s going to be incredible to have an infinite amount of podcasts to listen to from a proven network (I listen to all but Bagged & Boarded, which I find atrocious), the main thing here was not wanting to see a cut-down TESD. TESD has always thrived because of it’s runtime – and the live show where Kev once again forced these guys to use a timer onstage was very much hindered by that.

      Luckily Bry just announced on Twitter that the full show will continue to exist uncut: Twitter Post. This made my night – I too find these guys more interesting than anyone I know, lol.

  45. Alabama paddler says:

    Cutting the running time of TESD is not a good move! Cant you take some of Pucknuts time?

  46. J.Spooner says:

    This 57 minutes timeframe really sucks, and it makes me worry that the great atmosphere of the podcast will get lost, if you have to restrict yourselves like that.
    Like some of the previous posters, I hope that you will record as usual, and just cut it down for SIR.
    Keep up the great work guys!

  47. Steve says:

    For those wanting to send unsigned music, I’ve got a show (in no way linked with tesd unfortunately) at http://www.cosmicfragments.com that is always looking for unsigned music. No spam intended here, just another outlet for the unsigned masses. I could offer a tesd slot each week perhaps that the boys could have a mention of on the show, and the music would be available on my show. Not ideal, but a possibility.

  48. Ross says:

    I’m so disappointed with this SIR thing, i hate to complain for something thats free and something that i really love so much but this is such a let down that your having to cut the show. We like the talk about Bry not being able to get service on his phone, that way we get to hear Walt go at him for telling such a pointless story. I’ve listened to almost every episode of TESD 3 times, making hay and sunday jeff 1 true 3 a lot more. I absolutely love the length, everytime i download an episode and see its long its awesome i’ve never wanted an episode to end. It really sucks, i really have no interest in SIR the only smodcast network stuff i even listen to anymore is Puck Nuts and TESD, and Smods when there not live.

    Go through all the episodes and cut them off at the 57 minute mark and see how much awesome stuff would be gone, often you guys take time to work yourselfs up, Making Hay being the perfect example because you did almost a full episode going at Major Wally before you even started the Auction stuff.

    I’ll always listen but i’m so disappointed this cut is being forced on you guys.

  49. Ian Taylor says:

    I gotta say, I agree with pretty much all of the above.

    Like the guy said “57 minutes? No SIR!”

    The idea of an ‘on-air’ 57 minute edit, then a true ‘director’s cut’ version is the best compromise I can think of.

    I would pay for it too. Take that one to the Kev Bank and see what response you get.

    As always, much love, respect and support – I love your show.

    Bealay x

  50. will says:

    I love the longer shows and it is not ideal to have them cut down to 57 mins. If you look through the past episodes on itunes though, the length probably averages out to about 1hour 20 mins for normal shows. This time includes adverts at the start and recently the new band stuff at the end. I’m guessing that adverts will now be separate and bry has said the music will now not be included at the end. From just removing these parts of the show the time of most episodes would be down at about the one hour mark anyway, so there wouldn’t be a lot that would have been removed.

    Obviously the limit would have an effect on the longer shows like Makin’ Hay & the Houston shows. Episodes like this could possibly have a longer version on itunes.

    Basically it’s not ideal, but it will probably not have a huge effect. I’ll be listening anyway no matter how long the show is.

  51. Anthony Tatum says:

    Nobody want’s a shorter show…………DAMN YOU KEVIN SMITH!!!!!!

  52. Falsidical says:

    Any word about how we can get involved with the upcoming project? Like, can we email in some examples of our work for like an audition?

  53. Steve says:

    I have to say I agree with what everyone is saying, an extended version for download sounds like a winner to me. I would gladly pay to get longer episodes. As for the music, would it be possible to broadcast on SIR without the music, and then add the song when the pod goes up for download? Just an idea. Either way, love the show and look forward to whatever you guys end up doing.

  54. Jason Strait says:

    You mention it on the podacst — your longest shows, Making Hay, are your most entertaining. I’d also be more than happy to pay for the same podcast I’ve enjoyed for free. In fact, I’ve felt guilty for not being able to pay. But not for 57 minutes.

  55. James says:

    Like everyone else, I’ll be sad to see the shows cut down, but I’m not going to complain as I’m assuming it’s not the TESD crews decision. What no one seems to have mentioned yet though is why not video it and post the cut sections on YouTube? There could be a separate section for the bands too, that wouldn’t really need video, maybe just a promo shot that could be sent with the music files.

  56. Nick says:

    Holy shit! Calm the fuck down, everyone! The change hasn’t even occurred yet, and you’re already all bitching about it. I’m more excited about the upcoming announcement than I am disappointed by the new time-constraint. They’re still talking about expanded content, Q’s starting to put up videos, they’re leaving the studio again, something major is in the works… Why concentrate on the ONE little piece of “bad” news?

    What makes this show great is the tete-a-tete between the Bearded Wonder, the Grumbling Shopkeep, and the Firefightin’ Tech Stud. That’s not going to change! Trust them. The show is GROWING, not shrinking. And if you need something more to listen to every week (and a back-catalog of 60 fucking shows is somehow not enough for you), I would be happy to recommend some really great podcasts and audiobooks.

    Fucking Major Wally’s got an army, apparently…

  57. TeeJay says:

    I was nervous initially in voicing my displeasure in this turn of events – afraid I’d get the obligatory SMod network response (“It’s free you asshole, don’t complain”), but seeing the above comments has reassured me. TESD, for whatever reason, simply works the best when there are no restrictions. Any time in the past that there is a time restriction put on you guys, everyone starts getting quiet, like they’re just waiting to leave. I agree that a shortened edition for SIR, and the full edition available for DL is best.

    As an aside, I would be all for parsing the bands off the end of each weeks show and having a monthly music show with commentary, I’ve thought that was better system from the first day.

    Honestly, I love the show.

  58. duff says:

    With all the repeat shows that are going to be played anyway, kev can’t give you a larger timeslot?

    And RE: the listener bands, you could do a daily show where you play music and rant topically in between songs.

  59. GeekyBaz says:

    I’m with my esteemed posters above. TESD is my favourite of the SModcast Network shows and to truncate them to under an hour does not give you guys that chance to shine. I too also love when the file size is 60Mb+ as I know it’s going to be a great (and long) show.

    I’m up for the subscription to a “Director’s Cut” style pod too if it’s an option. I am a podcaster myself (check mine at http://rocheshow.podbean.com) and know the expense involved at putting something out to the masses (although we are NOWHERE near the listernership of TESD).

    I’m sure you will come up with a tangible solution and if not, at least we’ve still got you guys every week. Keep up the good work.

    Liverpool, UK

  60. Ben says:

    Le sigh… I see an end to an era. What began as a labor of love, intended to save Bry’s life, has been turned into a business venture. In his dramatic effort to create something new and exciting, Kev looks like he is quickly headed down the road to standardization and blandness.
    Always certain what “his” people want, he is taking something that everyone loved and remaking it to fit his vision.
    I hope it turns out well. I wish success to everyone involved. But as the blatant comercialization takes over from just doing something for the love of it, we will most definatly lose something we all love.
    I get the need to make a living from what you do, and I hope TESD breaks the bank, its just a shame you can’t do it your own way.
    Thanks guys, I await your success. 🙂

  61. AW says:

    Ugh.. this fucking sucks.

  62. sean says:

    It may end up being no big deal in the end…but change is difficult.

    It makes sense that some material would be cut for a potentially larger audience on SIR…but I’m one of the TESD fanatics that prefers the ‘slice of life’ tone of the show (well said, above poster…that’s what’s great about this pod).

    Having an unedited hour n’ twenty minute show for the hardcore among us would be great…but that’s a lot of extra work for Bry in editing.

    Regardless, congrats, guys, and I’ll be here no matter what the particulars! Hearing that theme song lifts my spirits every week!

  63. sean says:

    ps…great song at the end this week, once again!

    pps…I can’t wait to hear the Highlands pod….it doesn’t seem to be at bandcamp.com yet, though!

  64. MT says:

    Gotta say, I’ve totally lost interest in S.I.R. because of this time constraint thing. TESD is my favorite podcast and is at its best when its a meandering mess, not some tight piece of product that fits nicely in a 57 minute box.

  65. Josh G. says:

    Bry, have you thought about hosting a music show? Folks send in tunes, you string three or four together and cut in you reading the liners on the band, their website, and all that good stuff. I’m not sure if you’re looking to do another show or anything, but having a real music program on SIR would be kind of neat. Whatever you do, keep us all posted!

  66. Andy Taylor says:

    Not fancy doing a music show on S.I.R Bry? Looks like there’ll be plenty of room to fit one in. Would be interesting.

  67. Nick says:

    I’m only halfway through the episode, but stopped to come here and post that it would really suck for all us TESD fans to have the show capped at an hour, but thats life, gotta live with it.

  68. Selection Rah says:

    I’m another one: mixed feelings since we owe it to Kevin that this whole network exists, I enjoy the shows (TESD in particular) but hesitant about SIR, threatens to undermine some of what makes podcasting a unique form of entertainment (i.e. loose, informal, distinct from radio, no set listening schedule). Not that I won’t keep an open mind, or that I am unusually resistant to change, but podcast and radio are clearly different beasts with different format requirements. I will also miss the bands who are actual listeners being played at the end of the show, I’ve enjoyed that.

  69. Pete says:

    I love the show, I’ll keep on listening, but I’ll be honest: SModcast became unbearable when Kevin first started getting into this “let’s integrate SModcast into the mainstream broadcasting” kick over the summer. The shows got capped, they became more scripted, more guidelines were added, and the product suffered because what had been completely natural beforehand had now become artificial.

    I sincerely hope that SIR doesn’t kill TESD, because TESD has always been the beacon of hope on the SModcast network.

  70. Smoltz says:

    What happened to putting up all the logos?

  71. JsHeadley says:

    Kevin smith just announced on twitter that the shows will be their normal long over 57 min length!!!! This is great news for everyone, well except for Walt.

  72. Bill LaRue says:

    Kevin Tweeted that a full version of TESD will be made available. Guess all our belly achin’ was for naught.
    I think I’ll let that be a lesson to me.

  73. sean says:

    Very cool…big, BIG ups to Kevin Smith and the SIR folks for that…makes great sense. The best of both worlds.

    We can all rest easy at last! Whoosh! Osama’s gone; TESD is unfettered. Wow!

    But are we flying too close to the sun?

  74. jwoof says:

    I found the individual http://tellemstevedave.bandcamp.com/ shows whats the link for buying all the band camp shows at once?

  75. VanGoghX says:

    Was bummed to hear about the new time constraints, then was elated when Kevin changed his mind.

    Sometimes I think he just likes to fuck with our heads… But that’s one of the reasons we love ’em so much!

    Can we get a 2-hour show next week to celebrate?

  76. AW says:

    I’d like to retract my previous statement. This fucking ROCKS! Thanks to Kevin and SIR for unshackling TESD!

  77. DaverJ says:

    Sounds like a great solution was found… thumbs up Kev and TESD crew for making everyone happy! 🙂

  78. Bill La Rue says:

    TESD is like Liam Neeson’s cock, it’s too big to be cut.

  79. Emma says:

    I love the show! The dynamic of friendship between all of you guys is just as much of a draw as the humor. I think the new format will reach some new listeners and staying true to the old format will keep us loyal tesd fans happy. Great job on pleasing everyone, a rare feat for anyone in the public eye.

  80. Don’t forget to Like Constellation Park on Facebook kids.


  81. kellicatan says:

    I would take TESD chopped & screwed or long & uncut-so long as I get my fix! BUT, great to hear the tried and true format is sticking around.
    As a fellow tri-stater (NJ to be exact), any chance you guys will be doing a live show in the area? I’m dying for some TESD in the flesh

  82. Boniface50 says:

    I want more Space Monkeys!!!!

    I would buy the Space Monkey t-shirt right now.

    Peace Asshole.

  83. Kouban says:

    I haven’t scoured the rest of the comments, so forgive me if this is a repeat of someone else’s idea, but my solution to the problem would be to put out a shortened version of the episodes on SIR and the whole episode on the TESD site.

  84. Roob says:

    About the listener music: You don’t have to have a song at the tail end of the podcast. You can just plug the band after Walt says “Tell’em Steve Dave” and provide a download link for this week’s song.

  85. Nathan says:

    i dont like the new SIR thing, just because Kevin had that outburst and now his movie career is on the rocks he sells out to radio, then pretty much halves my favourite part of the week, listening to TESD. Makin Hay is one of my favourite things to listen to at any time, its amazing, and because of SIR we cant have a Makin Hay 3. No offense to you guys, but SIR is stupid.

    • Nathan says:

      crap, just read one of the other comments. Disregard my last one about TESD being cut, sorry bout that. Still dont like Sir though…

  86. OK_Computer says:

    Man that sucks about the time constraint. But you guys are entering new frontiers of meaningless talk and rabble-rabbling the likes of which only Shakespear could imagine. Typing away his plays. Drunk. Can’t wait to see how you all adjust to this new medium. Like an old man who’s spent his golden years hidden away in his room before finally being re-introduced to the light. Only you aren’t being re-introduced.

    Oh yeah, just hearing your guys’ ponderous thoughts of a bin laden conspiracy. There was the theory that mr.terrorist died years ago, and that his image was being used as a scare-tactic to keep the common man in check. It would explain the quick dump-job they did with his hateful body. But then again, sometimes I dress in drag and wonder down 5th street

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