TESD #61: Rappin’ With The Dead

Calling all Canucks! I’ll be all up in your ‘hood on Sunday May 22nd. We’re better than half sold and the place is small so get your tickets quickly! I’ve seen what Suzanne is planning to wear. It’s pretty sexy, kinda see-thru,  and I don’t think she can wear a bra with it. So, if you’re like me and don’t mind shamelessly getting your perv on in public, this is the event for YOU!

As you may have heard, the episode time limit has been lifted. I’m not sure  exactly what happened but I think Kev shifted a few things around with the SIR schedule. Anyway, from what I understand TESD will debut on Fridays after Jay & Bob Get Jobs.  The entire episode will likely not be available until it hits our Smod page & ITunes which will be shortly after it airs ‘live’ on SIR.

In other news, “The Worst Episode Ever” is on our Bandcamp page. Truth be told, it’s pretty decent if a little low energy with a fair percentage of yuks. Walt gives me shit for going back on my word on shout-outs, Ming gives Walt shit for seeking his help as a translator, Q gives us all shit for not paying more attention to his orange hairdo. ‘Lotta shit giving/taking. You could do alot worse for $1.99.


Listener Band info:

BAND: The Hovering Lights
SONG: Mass Panic
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Hovering-Lights/104794859587258

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48 Responses to TESD #61: Rappin’ With The Dead

  1. Dirty Mike says:

    I knew this ep was going to be good.
    Walt brought his “A” game.

    “you seen thor?”

  2. begley2k12 says:

    Thank GOD the time limit has been lifted and we can now get the complete, unhindered, and unadulterated version of TESD we have all come to know and love! This is perhaps the best news of my otherwise absolutely shitty week. I truly couldn’t imagine an abridged version of TESD… far too much action/banter/comedy/yucks to be contained within a 57 minute window…

  3. therealbry says:

    Good old fashioned TESD. Just like it should be! Keep ’em comin’ boys!

  4. Iggylang says:

    Bry “I’ve got no choice but to agree because if it’s not a job then I don’t have a job” had me in stitches. Q, Thanks for hangin’ on your day off.

  5. Luke says:

    Gervais, Pilkington, Inbetweeners, and Psychoville are awesome, Uncle D! They can transport you to another place without the use of airplanes (aeroplanes).

  6. Iggylang says:

    four stars this week fellas. I love it when you rock the hypothetical . Dead phone,Hitler baby, bring it on.

  7. Kza says:

    Another great one!

  8. Willie Tanner says:

    This is a prime example of why Walt is integral to TESD. The best stories ever. Would have loved to have a Makin’ Hay for free comic day.

    I’ll even go as far as to say in the history of SModcasts the Walt appearances rank among the best.

  9. Ben Jarvis says:

    Paid for Brylands and The Worst Episode Ever. Thanks for doing this guys!

    “If you sell it, they will buy…” – Shoeless Joe

  10. Iggylang says:

    love the new ad. Let it all hang out walt.>

  11. I got to back up Q. I loooove Britsh shows, the culture, even the women. ( women with accents are sexy) As soon as humanly possible, i plan to take a holiday there

  12. Sean R says:

    Hey man, where in Canada is the event? Where can I buy tickets? Is there a URL that I can head to?

  13. AW says:

    Last few episodes have been stellar, and this was no exception! Thanks for making my saturday so much better

  14. Bill La Rue says:

    Without Nikola Tesla there would be no AC motor. We’d all be using three foot thick copper wire spread out from power stations two miles apart to run Uncle Dickhead Edison’s shitty DC motor.

    Telsa’s Patents list is fuckin’ astounding.

    Hell, there’s even some crazy ass Tesla conspiracies that Walt might dig.

  15. EZ Gruv says:

    How about the photo of graffiti table??

  16. wj says:

    Loved the episode this week.

  17. Bob says:

    Fantastic fucking pod this week lads.
    BTW, Tesla died a virgin, he didn’t have a wife.

  18. Lorena K. says:

    I loved Walt in this episode!!

  19. Free Comic Book Day story was awesome.

  20. Ben Jarvis says:

    Can’t wait to see the pictures of the table.

  21. Robot bear says:

    This ep is going on my top 3 favorite episodes ever guys! Walt is the fucking man!!!

  22. Tin Box says:

    Great episode! All of you guys had laugh out loud moments. I missed free comic book day this year, but usually, sadly, I just show up for the free books. Walt is right.

  23. ObMeiste says:

    Top notch episode! The sheer passion of Walt’s story has gotten even me to grumble about those swollen termites eating their goverment cheese.

  24. I really wish Walt would have gone medival on that lady. What kind of person lets her son just draw on other peoples property. Guarantee she wouldnt allow walt to spray paint the riddler taking a dump on her house

  25. Chamba says:

    ‘Coz he’s gonna be famous’

    Bloody Gold!

  26. Joby Purcker says:

    BRY, WALT & Q – Thanks SO MUCH for using our song Mass Panic at the end of this weeks episode you guys fucking rule! The CD will be out this week can i send you a couple copies to the stash? Thanks Again!!!


  27. OK_Computer says:

    Whoo for no time constraint! Agree with everyone when they say this was a kick-ass episode. Thanks guys

  28. Tommy d says:

    Tesla was the man, but i dont blame yall for the error. Just like i dont blame smodcast for the errors about Hellen Keller. All in all still a good laugh. A++ will do buisness with again. EXCELSIOR!!!!!!

    (thor was funny)

  29. GeekyBaz says:

    This has made the top five for me;

    1. Makin’ Hay
    2. Makin’ Hay II: Banned in Iraq
    3. Mrs. X
    4. This episode
    5. The Emergency Pod (I love Walt kicking off)

    Great work, glad to see the time constraint no longer matters. Keep up the good stuff!

  30. John Cheng says:

    Just wonderin’ if Walt has seen this blog before. Its about the things people say to/near this guy who works in a comic book store. I’m sure someone has linked it before, but hey, couldn’t hurt to post it.


    Its in webcomic single panel form, updated daily.

  31. SullDaBull says:

    Fuck. How much does Edison sound like Walt? That shit is eerie.

  32. begley2k12 says:

    Hey guys, I just wrote a review for SIR and all the shows on there, including TESD and Puck Nuts so click on my name, head to my blog, and check it out! Would love to get some feedback!

  33. These are my fab 5 (sort of)

    1. Makin Hay & Makin Hay II
    2. The Uninvited parts 1 & 2
    3. Walt goes postal
    4. Rappin with the dead ( This Episode)
    5. For those about to rock

  34. ROBOT BEAR says:

    downloaded the adam and eve pod and was kind of dissapointed in the lenght 44 min?? wat up with that? great ep but left me wanting more!!!

  35. Big Worm says:

    Here is another video that I think really sheds some light on the contributions of Tesla. (As well as show just how much of an ass Edison was)

  36. Nick says:

    If you had to reboot the show under a new title, “Fuck Tesla!” would have to be it.

    I have a bunch of junker Image comics you could give away. If I find myself having to make a trip to the East coast I’ll toss them in a trash bag and drop them off, because you need to have the alternative free comic book day more often. Not to drum up business, but to drum up hours and hours of show content.

  37. GeekyBaz says:

    Just bought “The Worst Show” and completed my collection of bonus pods. If the numbers were good, I’d suggest maybe doing a bonus pod through bandcamp more often. I’d have no problem chucking down $2 or $3 for an hour or two of extra material. Up to you anyways, I’m just a loyal fan and I know Q’s way busy with TruTV.

    TESD rocks so the more you guys do the better.

  38. Sheryl says:

    So glad TESD stuck with the original format and everything that us listeners love. I love pucknuts too….Ming does a great job.

    I’m not digging the SIR network. Besides TESD, it no longer feels like friends having a conversation. Bring back the non-live Smodcasts! Ralph Garmin sucks, enough with the voices already. You’re not funny Ralph!

    • Robotbear32 says:

      Totally agree Sheryl have u heard the live morning show? Its Basically Kevin interrupting his wife over and over again and i dont think shes ever gotten through an entire sentence once without being cutoff or made fun of. Same with Jay and Bob get jobs its mostly kev making fun of jay cuz he mispronounces a word almost being a bully at times. I mean let the guy speak! TESD is not only my fav smodcast podcast but fav pod in general.

      • JJ5150 says:

        I agree 100% with Sheryl and Robotbear. I’m down just listening to TESD and PuckNuts. They still carry that awesome vibe of a bunch of friends getting together and cutting up. The live SIR stuff isn’t funny at all to me, I don’t want to listen to Kev make fun of his wife and Jay for 4 hours every day. That gets old fast! Keep up the good work guys! You’re the heart and soul of Old School Smodcast!

      • j. matt says:

        You guys are a bit harsh on the other smodcast network stuff, but I agree. TESD is definitely the cream.

  39. Rebecca says:

    Have to say, the 7 pods for just shy of $10 – best $10 dollars I have ever spent.
    Love it – Worse Episode ever, this Irish girl’s Favourite Episode ever!

  40. Totally recommend Brylands…. and the A&E one. I was lucky to be a guest on that one.

  41. Rodge Loi says:

    Listened to a few of these podcasts and was curious to see who this Ming Chen character was who’s always getting abuse from Bryan. Google images threw up this:



  42. Mel says:

    Bought my bonus podcast album a couple of weeks ago but have a track missing, the Improv show. Seems like I’m the only one who’s had this problem though, so I figured, stuff it, will just shell out another $2 and download the Improv show on its own. Can’t get enough, the TESD guys crack me up every time. Like someone else said, I’d be willing to pay $2 or $3 for bonuses like this in future.

    PS This episode was brilliant

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