TESD #62: Welcome To The Machine

No listener band this week. Instead, a track off Monster Magnet’s new album ‘Bored With Sorcery’ from ‘Mastermind’. Dave came in and hung for a spell. Figured it was the least I could do.

Thanks to everyone who has bought pods or the album from our bandcamp page. Despite Walt’s proclamation that ‘everyone who wants it has already got it’ the hits keep coming. My feeling is if you haven’t picked up at least a few of the shows, you’re a soulless vessel with no place in this world. Don’t want that to be you? Then head to Bandcamp and reclaim your humanity.


Lots of people have told us they dig TESD’s opening theme song. I’d like to take credit for it but it’s written/performed/tweaked weekly by Jsarge. Here’s a link to his music blog if you want to check it out.


Last week I said I’d post a few pictures of the poker table we use to record on and the kid from ‘free comic book day’ wantonly defaced. Here they are…with a pic of Sagey helping me make pancakes thrown in for good measure.

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26 Responses to TESD #62: Welcome To The Machine

  1. chamba says:

    listening to it right now as it plays on S.I.R

    very solid so far.
    very special!

  2. Are you sure the kid didn’t do more than just scribble on it? The table looks well-chewed.

  3. Jeff L says:

    I miss listening on my way in to work. I’ll get the podcast later. I wish I could listen at work, but if my boss heard one “fuck” coming out of my computer he’d SPAZ.

  4. Jeff L says:

    Maybe he’ll get raptured tomorrow, but he’s Jewish..so what are the chances? LOL

  5. Tim says:

    Okay, I’ve been meaning to ask this but did J-Sarge get that song from a Futurama episode? ‘Cause I was watching an old episode, I think it was Crimes of the Hot and there was a song that sounded exactly like it I thought.

    Regardless, keep up the good work, can’t wait to hear the new ep. Look forward to it every week.

  6. Friends in the TESD Nation…… a moment of your time.

    For anyone who missed it on twitter, bry was in a hot debate with some pusshole who wanted bry off pucknuts. Speaking for myself i worried this would end our fav pod, and all because this nimroid felt entitled to dictate how the show should run. Here is my rebuttal to you sir:
    1) Your “time” has no value. You are not being forced to listen to pucknuts. If you choose to listen and dont like what you hear, then don’ t listen. Simple as that.
    2) Bry is the everyman who acts as our avatar through the world of hockey, and keeps us entertained with his derailment. Do you think he would be on the show if it bothered the others that much? Im sure ur the kind of guy who would invite Godzilla to ur town then be pissed that he was wrecking the place.
    3)Finally while i dont appreciate or aggree with ur opinion, i respect your right to feel the way you feel…… just like i have the right to feel that if this dickhead costs us two of the greatest pods ever, i will put his teeth so far down his throat he will be able to chew his own ass out for pissing me off!

    • So friends of the Tesd nation, lets offset this simple minded buffoonand his dickheadery by karmaticly negating him. Post what Pucknuts and TESD means to you. Come one, come all. Or ccum one cum on all. Whatever your pleasure.

      I am thankfull for PUCKNUTS/TESD because they have opened me up to hocckey, monster magnet, other british shows i didn’t know, helping those in need, and giving me the opportunity to get cool things from Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, like Chris Ludondo (apologies if misspelt) Constellation Park

      Lastly, I want to personaly thank Bry Walt anc Q. Not only for giving so mucch in the way of laughs and their time, but also by connecting with us, be it at live shows or via twitter and email. Ihave hada chance to cchat with each of them in one form or anothedr, and i think itss very cool they do that, particularly because i know you dont have to. I dont know many if any other celebs who have that inclination. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

      Apologies to everyoneon the length

  7. Bill LaRue says:

    I have a question about Mike’s Hunt. Why the old 80s receipts? Is Walt loaning Sunday Jeff his time phone so he can go back and do some returns?

  8. Lorena K. says:

    I have to agree that I listen to Puck nuts because of Bryan. Otherwise I have little to no interest in sports chat. After many years of listening to the Smodcast Network, I really only follow TESD and Puck nuts. They always seem to have something different each week and it never fails to entertain. Sucks that I can’t wake up and download the pod first thing, but hey, I’d rather wait till the afternoon then to not have them at all!

  9. Bill La Rue says:

    Just purchase the 7 pod bonus pack on Bandcamp. I already have a couple of those, but had no problem parting with a few more dollars to show my support for TESD and friends.
    Keep me rolling on the floor and I’ll keep you rolling in dough! (cheesy, I know…)

  10. Tin Box says:

    Love your chemistry with Monster Magnet. Great episode!

  11. OK_Computer says:

    Another great episode, guys. Great job. Dave from Magnet always provides good material.

    Now here’s my know-it-all correction paragraph for y’all to dismiss:

    Pete Best wasn’t the one who quit The Beatles, his ass was fired so that Ringo could join. And he’s still alive, for those who want to laugh at him (I know I would). Stuart Sutcliffe was the one who quit the Beatles because he was all arty and wanted to be a painter. But he died soon afterwards, so I guess he got what he deserved. Ringo also had little-to-no influence on the songwriting; John andPaul were the main writers. The best he could be was a drummer who was not as good as Paul.

    Again, great episode. Looking forward to Q’s big announcement

  12. Pedro says:

    Dudes, the story of a guy who left a band right before the its big hit and how much a sad, bitter loser he became after that is a comic waiting to be written.

  13. Andy Taylor says:

    First of all, quality pic of the kid Bry – I can just imagine the bowl ending up over her head! Secondly, it doesn’t matter what you do, some fuckwit will always want to complain about it – it’s the only way they get a bit of attention in their sad little lives. Puck Nuts is a quality podcast (and I live in England with little interest in hockey). TESD is probably my favourite podcast of the week. Ignore the moaning little fucks and keep doing what all of you do – which is bring a lot of fun to peoples lives.

  14. Anyone remember the superfan sketches on snl? (Da Bears). I think Pucknuts are the superfans of the new millenium.

  15. Ryan says:

    I made a wallpaper and some color variants based on this episode. Thought I’d share.

  16. DaverJ says:

    Great to hear Dave from MM again… good ep!

    Quick question about another cast – I’m listening to the “Worst Episode Ever” ep from Bandcamp.com, and the elusive Stacy Botelho is mentioned. I’m trying to remember who this is and how she fits in the TESD universe?


  17. Peter Reed says:

    Saw this amazing bust of Grand Moff Takin, thought of Sunday Jeff and his love of busts!


  18. Jen says:

    Sage looks likes she is having a blast! She is a cutie! I bought the bonus episodes on bandcamp and they are great.

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