TESD #63: The Heretic

We’re a week or so away from announcing a few potentially big developments in the world of TESD…none of which involve the show’s running time being shortened. If anything….

Talked to Walt last night and we’ll be returning to Collinswood sometime in June so within a month Walt will get a taste of how he’ll be spending the last 20-30 years of his life. Though he’s said in the past he’s never going to die so maybe he’ll take the extended contract on his flea market table so as to avoid the hassle of renewing every year plus take advantage of any long-term commitment discounts he may be entitled to.

Listener Band Info:

Band Name: Dawn Draws Near
Website: http://dawndrawsnear.com
Song Name: Mistaken

Everyone have a good holiday weekend and stay safe.

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16 Responses to TESD #63: The Heretic

  1. Dave says:

    Cool. Thanks guys! TESD is the best.

  2. Jason melugin says:

    Bry, Q, and Walt, thanks for the show. Seems a little cliche at this point, but the show means tons to me and my moods. Hope you guys have a great Memorial Day.

  3. Fiji Mermaid says:

    Thanks! Have a good weekend as well!

  4. rtf says:

    I’m not the only one not seeing anything on the smodcast site right?

  5. JokerN says:

    New TESD dropping on Friday makes Saturday morning run a bit more fun.

  6. Aaron Carlin says:

    Just waiting for the show to go on iTunes. I hope the TESD announcement is that they’re going daily on S.I.R. I like Kevin and company on there now, but every once and a while he’ll go on his Show-biz rants and it totally lets the air out of the show.

  7. I worry about the future about the future of TESD. Is it possible to be better with each passing week? Unless proven otherwise, i say damn skippy, hippy. Everyone in the TESD nation have a fun and safe memorial weekend

  8. SPANKY says:

    whats up its spanky. tell walt im comming to the party and in bringing bombardment! rec represent bitch.

    • tellemsd says:

      With your kinda’ cred you KNOW you go to the front of the line. Move those velvet ropes to the side mutha’ fucka’ Spanky’s in the house. Highlands Peephole soon son. Gotta get some time carved out.

  9. SPANKY says:

    walt was right , the storm was in december cuz all my xmas presents were floating!

  10. Bill La Rue says:

    I wasn’t there so I’m not going to let hubris take over declare that I KNOW when the Highlands flood occured, but I did find this interesting timeline for Highlands, NJ. Scroll to the bottom and…”1992 December 12 Northeast storm batters Highlands with terrific destruction”. http://www.highlandsnj.com/history/timeline/index.html
    Some interesting stuff about Highlands on that site.

  11. mantis says:

    If I told walt that Stan Lee signed his name on my cock with a tattoo gun, he’d ask to see it. If I said “YOU CAN’T PROVE THAT STAN LEE DIDN’T TATTOO HIS NAME ON MY COCK!” I’d be compared to space grass. Why does walt get to make the claim of an invisible magic man in the sky and not have to back it up with anything but “flowers are pretty”?

  12. DaverJ says:

    Surprised Walt didn’t bring up meeting Alice Cooper for a make-a-wish.

  13. :) says:


    Northeaster, One Year Later
    Published: December 12, 1993 <—

  14. Mel says:

    LOVED this episode, thanks TESD 🙂

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