TESD #64: Two Is The Loneliest Number

Another update later today or tomorrow with some (relatively) interesting info. Wanted to get the listener band info up so you know who you’re listening to.

Listener Band info:

1)  BandNo More Pain
2)  Website: http://www.nomorepainmusic.com/
3) Myspacehttp://www.myspace.com/nomorepainmusic
4) Album– No More Pain / Song – So They Say 

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50 Responses to TESD #64: Two Is The Loneliest Number

  1. Heath says:

    The Cult of Walt is displeased about the absense of the Sacred One, and deeply saddened at the reason. Thoughts and prayers to the Flan Clan.

    Until the Great One returns, Space Monkeys Ho!!!

  2. Jeff says:

    What happened to the audio during the last 20-some minutes of the podcast? I could barely understand it.

  3. ari says:

    in a brief history of time in regards to god steven hawkings said something like ‘ god is about as a good explanation for the creation of the universe as any other because before the point of the big bang all science and physics breaks down but i’ve seen no evidence of god after that point’ thats not verbatim but thats the gist

  4. Great episode! We enjoyed every minute.

  5. AW says:

    Yay, Space Monkeys!

  6. Jeff l says:

    Thanks, sirs.

  7. TW says:

    Bryan, Quinn, I am saddened after hearing your views and arguments against religion, not because you have the views, but because it is indicative of a huge population of “Believers” who do not understand their doctrine on a fundamental level who then attempt to be militant in their proselytizing. Hearing the bullshit answers you received from Christians when asking very valid and pertinent questions concerning the existence of God and seeming discrepancies in Scripture makes me very upset with my fellow believers, because it is apparent that the lunatic, megaphone-toting fringe is all that anyone who disagrees or is on the fence sees, as this population is by far the most vocal.

    TESD means a lot to me, as do each of you, and while I know I will be lambasted for this comment, I will continue to pray for you two.

    Also, if you want rational, well researched answers and views concerning religion and not the Fundamentalist nonsense that you’ve been subjected to in the past, I highly suggest reading The Reason for God by Tim Keller. He also has a church in NYC specifically geared towards a more progressive crowd, working to explain what Christian doctrine really entails as opposed to what radicals make it out to be.

    • tellemsd says:

      Easily the most well thought out comment ever. You should come on the show.

      • TW says:

        I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not. Either way, I really appreciate that gesture.

    • therealbry says:

      If anyone has a problem with your great comment they clearly don’t understand the right to ones own opinion.

      By the way for the most part I seem to agree with you.

      But I also agree with Q and Bry’s anti-religious statements. Religion seems to be more of a cult society than any kind of gathering of minds on the subject of God.

      It’s my belief that a man should have a private relationship with God. That stems out into NOT forcing your beliefs onto others. As far as I’m concerned God and I talk to each other. And that’s how I want it to stay.

  8. Richard L. says:

    What the fuck happened to the audio 3/4 of the way through? Might as well not even post it if it’s going to sounds so shitty. Was this your first time editing, Bry? Bring back Plume!

  9. Nathan says:

    Could you throw the Wolfie pic up when you get a chance? I’ve wanted to see that dog ever since Kevin and Scott spoke about renting him out to a gay bar.

  10. Aaron carlin says:

    Great space monkeys, fuck the religious pricks that can’t let people have an opinion different than there own. Also, rip Brody, I hope walt is doing ok.

  11. Great episode.

    For Quinn:

  12. Randy Webber says:

    Thanks guys, you made my day once again.

  13. Cyprus Dave says:

    Thanks to the two Bryan’s for still giving us a show. Not the same without Walt, but very good all the same. In fact just as good…. only different. What happened to the sound quality half way through though? Birds got louder, blokes got quieter!

  14. jonjon says:

    I’m deeply saddened to hear of the passing of the worlds fastest dog. Losing a pet hurts like a MFer. My sincere condolences to Walt and family.

  15. SPANKY says:

    i was in that beer league with harts last summer. lol. i fractured my knee in two places in fucking SLOW PITCH SOFTBALL and harts said shake it off pussy! kavoo rep.

  16. Guy_Jen says:

    I just want to thank you guys, everyone who works on the show, for putting it out consistently. Without the show I don’t know where I would be. You guys have helped me through some rough times and have helped me realize that sometimes all you need is a good laugh. I really hope you don’t let any of the naysayers get to you or ever turn you away from the show because a lot of us out here rely on you and try to support you in any way we can with bandcamp and booty time. For the small percentage who feel like it is their right to demand shit from you when you put so much of your time into doing the show every week and posting it on friday without fail, FUCK EM. Seriously just block them and ignore them. Because I guarantee almost all of them wouldn’t have the balls to say the shit to your face and if they did then they have real problems in their life that have nothing to do with you guys. I hope this gets to you and you get to read it but I know you are frustrated right now so maybe you’ll find it later. But again THANKYOU and Walt and Q and even Ming and Sunday Jeff for taking the time to brighten up my day and probably a hell of a lot more people than the JACKASSES who complain.



  17. Fett101 says:

    Loved the episode, it was a nice change of pace. Not the typical TESD funny yet more interesting. It’d be great if there were more metaphysical musings and dreaded “hot button” issues every now and then.

  18. Nick says:

    HOLY CRAP just heard you guys are gonna be doing some SIR radio early mornings coming up next couple weeks, I CANT WAIT! MORE BRYAN JOHNSON, MORE WALT!??!?! Wow I can finally die happy!

  19. JJ says:

    I agree about TW’s comment 100% Bry. I’d love to hear more if you could get them on the show!

  20. Heather says:

    I love TESD, but Space Monkeys is just as funny, yet completely different. I like that you and Q can actually discuss “hot-button issues!” Any chances of Space Monkeys becoming more regular?? Space Monkeys + TESD = 2 of the best hours of my week! …pathetic or admirable? You decide.

  21. I finally got my new laptop so I can get the last few episodes I missed and listen to Pucknuts and TESD like a normal human being. Being an addict is as bitch. Now that that is taken off the list. Next item; buy a Leonardo Reapers jersey and Constellation Park from Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash at 35 Broadstreet Red Bank, NJ. THen, if I can fit it in, a doctors appointment and paying off student loans.

    Commiserations to Walt on losing a four legged long time buddy. Had that happened to me twice. I’ve thought about getting a new one, but feels like a betrayl if I do. Anyone interested in joining me in a one time podcasts of pet survivors?

  22. Juanito says:


  23. Cole Campbell says:

    I absolutely love the show and I’ve been a fan since the word go. To me you seem like three really great guys, just good people, and I think that’s what makes the show so good. I look forward to every Friday and I would love it if you guys did more than one show a week.

    Three things:

    A) Where was Q’s IQ test scores this week? Are all three of you going to take the tests?

    B) Where’s the picture of Mosier’s dog Wolfie?

    and 3) You guys keep mentioning this thing Space Monkeys but I can’t remember you guys ever mentioning how to listen to Space Monkeys or where to find it and I’ve listened to every show…. I can not find this thing. I look on Itunes, Google – I feel like I’m taking crazy pills! How do I find this show?


  24. OK_Computer says:

    This great episode is clear evidence that we need Space Monkeys to be a regular podcast. At least semi-regular

  25. Bettilou says:

    I loved the episode today. You were able to actually touch on “hot button” topics without Walt getting upset. BQ, I think you might own Stacy more than an apoligy, you might have to get her a pair of earrings and a card to make it up. Now along the lines of what was discussed today, I heard on the news women are holding “Slutwalks” to bring awarness about victim’s being blamed for violent crimes because of what they wear.

  26. W Wilson says:


    Really enjoyed this week’s TESD/Space Monkeys. Couple of mates shooting the shit; that’s what this pod is about for me – for an hour and a half a week it makes me feel like I’m in the pub with my own mates, and not stuck somewhere down in the London Tube network.

    For as long as you guys (Kevin, Mewes, the Puck Nuts etc) are willing to give up your time and record this for us – free or otherwise – I will continue to listen and be grateful for it. I hope you are all still getting something out of this, and that whoever these assholes are don’t ruin it for the rest.

    Thanks for being funny.

  27. James says:

    It gets tiresome listening to you two bitch and moan about how shitty your lives are show after fucking show. “I’m so tired getting paid to shoot a TELEVISION show!” “I’m so depressed because I caught my girlfriend flirting with dudes on Facebook because I’m a loser with no job prospects except the ones that my FRIENDS offer me.” Give me a fucking break. The only one that is halfway tolerable is Walt, but he’s a jaded asshole.

    Please go back to the subjects that made your show good in the first place or just stop it all together.

    • tellemsd says:

      Pretty sure I mentioned the Facebook thing once and that was how many months ago? Job prospects…You only know what I decide to tell you Mr. angry asshole. BUT…thanks for the advice on how to do the show which I interpret as ‘keep talking about the same shit’ which ironically is what you complained about in your opening sentence. I gave it a TON of thought and decided that instead of just stopping it altogether (all together as you used it is incorrect but we knew you were stupid already didn’t we?) maybe YOU could just stop listening altogether…or all together if you happen to listen in a group setting. In closing, go suck your grandpa’s cock until you violently choke to death on silvery pubes.

    • Splodge says:

      I remember someone gave me a free sandwich once, and I was all like “FUCK YOU BITCH”.

      Now I pay for all my sandwiches 😦

      Fuck off, James.

    • Robot bear says:

      Fuck you james you asshole!

  28. Joshua says:

    No offence to Quinn & Bry, but this episode is a clear indicator that Walt is indeed the glue that holds the podcast together. I kept waiting to hear him complain to get you off the current subject. It was just such a downer of an episode.

  29. Lorenak says:

    As much as I love listening to you guys, it just doesn’t seem the same without Walt. You need that opposing side to make the show more interesting. Still good stuff though.

  30. Gavin O'Absinthe! says:

    Fuck the haters guys, you’re show is absolutely worshipped by me and many many people I know here in Ireland! easily the best podcast on the smodcast network, and let’s face it, the best on itunes or band camp or whatever! We appreciate so much that it’s free for us and that you devote so much to something that makes you no money, how did you get Walt to agree to that :-))))
    Thanks for making my life that bit funnier and happier.

  31. Gavin O'Absinthe! says:

    me as well???

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