TESD #65: The Celebrated Return of Mr. F

Listener Band info:

Band: Betty Ironthumbs
Song: Under the Night
Website: http://www.bettyironthumbs.com

First things first, the promised picture of Wolfie, the Hound of Mosier. This was taken on the day that we spirited the poor phonophobic pooch to Big Bear Lake to escape the fireworks.

Next are some candid stills from the all-new Sagey and Dada show. I don’t think they make phone books anymore (at least in this area) so I’m going to have to hold on to those.

In case you missed it, here’s a link to a video of Sagey being ruthlessly attacked by a dog.


And finally, if you want to advertise, wish someone a happy birthday, tell someone you’re breaking up with them…whatever it is you want to have us say for you on the SIR radio morning program next week (and are willing to spend $100 on) email ads@smodcast.com for more information.


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36 Responses to TESD #65: The Celebrated Return of Mr. F

  1. Anna-Maria says:

    Wolfie looks like he was a very smart dog. Something about those eyes.. With which app have you taken those pics, Bry? Doesn’t look like Instagram to me, but something similar.

  2. OK_Computer says:

    Another post direct from the time phone? Episode’s not up yet. Still, can’t wait!

  3. ROBOT BEAR says:

    uhhh this waiting is killing me! still getting used to not hearing TESD first thing on Friday morning but i thought Kev said the episode would be up right after the show airs on SIR? I dont hear it live since i work in a office and gotta get up constantly so i cant pause it. No matter what its worth waiting for!! Keep up the good work!!

    • Schmoker says:

      Me too, it’s kind of anti-climactic. I still listen but it’s just whenever I get around to it. Where as I used to download in the morning while got ready for work and listen on the way

  4. Matthew says:

    Can’t wait to hear the newest show. You guys have the #1 pod in my opinion!

  5. Ntopix says:

    I get the distinct impression that Bryan enjoys creating an atmosphere where everyone in his orbit has to walk on eggshells. I’m not sure if it’s true or not, but that’s certainly how it sounds from listening to the podcasts. I think perhaps the thing to remember is that as much as you are giving away the podcast for free, many many people would love to have your listenership. The fact that so many people listen should be worth something to you Bryan.
    HOWEVER having said that anyone who simply says that something sucks without giving any real meaningful criticism probably should be blocked!

  6. Splodge says:

    Listening to this weeks show, about a half hour in, really loving it 🙂 Welcome back walt.

    Theres a frenetic pace to the conversing thus far. Very enjoyable.

    You guys get better and better with each pod.

  7. Chris L says:

    Regarding the now banned listeners from blog/twitter: Don’t give these hate-filled virgins the satisfaction. I assure you they never seen a naked breast. The show is always interesting. Thanks for doing it each week. Looking forward to next week’s Johnson Unleashed on S.I.R.

    Namaste biches!

    • I concur. The only reason these haters remark, is because they can’t belly up to the bar and do the jobs themselves. Instead of making themselves better, they want to criticize people who are doing it a thousand times better than they ever could. They are miserable so they will drag down others to be miserable to. Rise above it guys. These haters can’t even hold your jock straps, much less be worthy of your notice. Long Live TESD

  8. Mel says:

    Oh man, Sage is so adorable! I feel like I tell you guys this every week either via on here or twitter, but love the show guys, you make my week 🙂

  9. mike says:

    Great show guys! Also cute pics, Sage looks like a rock star in that first pic of her.

  10. Great episode. Love the way walt can turn a negative into a kick ass game like Hot Button. Another smash hit guys

  11. timerbee says:

    On a side note, I just watched Vulgar for the first time (better late than never).
    It’s a damn fine movie.
    Fucked up, in the best of ways, the thing that puzzles me is how there isn’t by now a whole back catalogue of BJ movies.
    Theres more interesting shit, plot, direction, dialogue, performance, going on in that one movie than 99% of the shit that’s sullied mine eyes these past years.
    I just feel bad I got it from a torrent site. I guess I’m into you for 10 bucks or so…

  12. StarbuckIsajawa says:

    Why is this episode so short? It’s no wonder why everyone complains. So sad to see this show go down the toilet like it has…

  13. DaverJ says:

    Just started the ep, but wanted to say… Welcome back Walt! Great to hear you again.

    • DaverJ says:

      Another great ep! I hope Hot Button makes a return. It would also be nice if Space Monkeys became a semi-regular thing too.

      Looking forward to updates about the TV show, but I agree w/ Walt – I fear if the show does get picked up, it might kill the podcast? That would be bad.

  14. H Landing says:

    Really fun episode, great energy by all of three of you. It’s a shame Q is too busy to do Space Monkey’s though. I really liked that last episode.

  15. Bill LaRue says:

    Am I the only one who heard the music for Hot Blooded play in my when Walt announced the name of the new game “Hot Button”?
    Some enterprising listener might want to get on a parody theme.

    Also, Ming did a fine job filling in with Mewes and Jordan when Kevin didn’t make it to the live commentary of the royal wedding. I’m sure he’ll do fine on S.I.R. Just put the mic on the floor next to his head after he blacks out from too much Sake.

  16. that girl is a little bundle of joy , good luck with the SIR show this week, i’m looking forward to it

  17. Jordan says:

    Wolfie looks kind of like Mosier.

  18. :) says:

    How about asking Suzanne to be “the third” for Monday morning?

  19. Randy Webber says:

    Great episode, thanks guys.

  20. Jay Newman says:

    The pictures of little Sage are so cute…very nice guys. Looking forward to you guys on SIR today!

  21. GeekyBaz says:

    Another great show. Love all the content and if anyone takes a “personal day”, the fact you still put something out for the fans is admirable. Nice to have Walt back and a great show throughout. Hope Flanagan is ok, there’s nothing worse than losing a pet you’ve had for years.

    Keep up the good work and The Sagey & Dada show is an instant classic. Long may it continue!

  22. Jill Broder says:

    I vote YES to more episodes of the Sagey & Dada show. She could talk all of you under the table. Such a cutey!

  23. Bry, Walt and Ming, the only thing to get me to listen to Plus one per diem

  24. Bryan, I don’t normally post on blogs just to respond, but I thought I should tell you how endearing your intro with Sage was. I loved it. You’re a great guy with a great heart. I thought it all along hearing you tell stories of taking the kid here and there, but after hearing that intro I had no choice but to vocalize (textalize?) that feeling. Oh and I enjoyed your solo episode with Q. That’s all. Keep it up guys.

  25. wj says:

    Great episode this week guys.
    The sound effects machine was a superb investment.

  26. Tin Box says:

    Great to have Walt back. But, it’s not Walt that makes this such a great show. It’s the dynamic between Walt and Bry. Abbot and Costello brilliance. And Q is the 3rd guy. Um, he’s important, too.

  27. Chriseee says:

    Do I smell a spinoff pod of Tell’em Steve-Sage? Glad Mr Flanagan is back and feisty as ever!

  28. gabfrab says:

    I must ingest the cuteness of those photos. Increase my beauty levels until they’re dangerous. Figure out a way to make my dog not lick her gash when fireworks go off. Etc. But I’ll start it all by listening to another episode, and ingesting printouts of those photos.

  29. sean500 says:

    Tin Box…well said!

    It’s that dynamic that’s missing when either Walt or Bry aren’t there. The episode of Puck Nuts that had Walt but no Bry was missing that special dynamic, too. There was nobody there to go against the grain and give it that special tension.

    The Space Monkeys and Pucknuts episodes are interesting, too, though! They let us see a different side of the guys. I like them.

    But that Walt/Bry dynamic is pure gold.

    And Quinn is VERY important, too. He’s like Andy Summers. Or Alex Lifeson. Or…I don’t know….Larry? I’m not sure, but Quinn is an essential part of it, too. I’d miss him if he wasn’t there (but the ocassional anti-post office episode is FINE. A little variation from time to time is okay!)

  30. Pablo says:

    I love the Sage and Bry show, very cute. Walt shouldn’t even shit on you Bry you’ve got a good heart. What you do for your family is enough proof. TESD is amazing and should be Number 1 on BOTH iTune and Zune. I’ve subcribed to both services on four different computers (hope it helps).

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