TESD #68: Shower Power

Right outta’ the gate, apologies to last week’s listener band. I wrote the blog entry but neglected to publish it. So for show #67….

Band: Candle-Ends
Site: www.candle-ends.com
Song: “Marrakech”

And show #68….

Band name: Up and Up
Song name: I Would
Website: upandup.bandcamp.com
TESD fans can use the discount code “tesd” to get the whole album for $1.80.

Now to address the ongoing Zune problems which affect mostly you non-American types and Apple enthusiasts.

I spoke to the guy over at Microsoft today. No, not Bill G., but the head muckety-muck as far as ZuneCasts are concerned and what he came with wasn’t all that encouraging. As many of you have discovered, Zune pods aren’t available outside the U.S.. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear any changes regarding this policy are on the near horizon. You’re boned…to use the parlance of our time. I explained the importance of our foreign peeps but shockingly TESD didn’t have the sway to change up the Microsoft infrastructure within the next 15 weeks. This doesn’t mean you’ll NEVER get to hear the shows. After our 16 week contract is up the shows become non-exclusive and rights revert back to TESD.  But as of right now, there’s no legitimate way to acquire them.
No legitimate way.

I have slightly better news for Apple users. Though there’s no way to utilize the Zune software on a Mac which means you can’t download the pod through their platform, you can download an MS program called Silverlight which should allow you to stream the show from the TESD:Overkill page.

Bottom line, the whole Zune thing while affording us an opportunity to offer up additional content, kind of sucks inasmuch that we love when everyone rsvp’s and has an equal chance to join the party. Up until I talked to the MS guy today, I believed we’d be able to figure out a way around the pesky non-US, non-PC user issues. Well, color me naive.
Quite a few people have suggested that we do an extra show but charge the listeners a small amount so everyone has a shot at getting it. It’s an idea we’ve tossed around in the past but have been sort of hyperconscious about implementing it. We much prefer the idea of someone whose wig is big breaking out their wallet so you guys, the ones who support us week after week, continue to listen in for free. Unfortunately that plan didn’t unfold as we intended it to in this situation.

Thus far the Zune people have been great to deal with and have expressed nothing but excitement after seeing the download numbers from the first ‘Overkill’ episode. However, if we’ve learned anything it’s next time a deal like this presents itself, we’ll take a closer look to make sure the guy breaking out his wallet doesn’t have a virtual velvet rope in place.

Get Silverlight: http://tinyurl.com/yeokpg7
SMODCAST page for TESD:OVERKILL: http://tinyurl.com/3uftatt
ZUNE page for TESD:OVERKILL: http://tinyurl.com/3wkmdf8

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92 Responses to TESD #68: Shower Power

  1. Byford says:

    Thanks for the info. I’m definitely behind keeping the show free because I am Flannagen cheap.

  2. Zach says:

    Naturally, downloaded and installed Silverlight and it still didn’t work. Going to have to find out about mildly non-legitimate ways to get it.

    Please note, I have 0 issue with you guys and don’t blame you in the least for taking up a wonderful opportunity afforded to you. For me it’s all on microsoft never working for anything.

  3. Rob says:

    How out of the loop am I? Did Kev spoil a daily TESD during yesterday’s Per Diem? During his plug for Pucknuts he said (paraphrasing) “the gang back east is rapping things up for the season and need to rest up for when they go daily”. Anything you guys want to announce? Or was he just speaking of an inevitable assimilation into S.I.R., as inevitable as death, taxes, and Martin Campbell ruining a comic franchise?

  4. #2 TESD fan says:

    Appreciate the update boys. Fuck anyone that is bitching about this (especially if they’re a PC user in the USA). You guys deserve to earn a little scratch for putting out something we’ve enjoyed for over a year, for free. As an iPod user, I gotta admit the Zune thing is a little bit of a pain in the ass but not so much that it stops me from getting that TESD fix. Keep up the laughs and the good work and I can’t wait to hear the Commingswood followup… Even if its Zune exclusive.

  5. BillV says:

    As a Canadian, I did find a way to download the podcast (Sorry to BryWaltQ if this post is unwanted, delete it if you think it’s necessary or notify me and I’ll delete it.)

    1. Start a new account through Hotmail/Windows Live
    2. When making this account, set your location as the U.S. You can chose a state and look up zip codes online.
    3. (On Vista) go to Control Panel, Regional and Language Options, Location and set location as U.S.
    4. Go onto Zune and make your account/download software.
    5. Download podcast.
    6. ???
    7. Profit.

    (Again, sorry if you don’t want people posting ways to get around it on your blog, I’m just trying to help those outside the U.S. get a little TESD fix.)

  6. thedonors says:

    There is a way for the Mac users. I’m one and I’m getting the ZuneCast. Just dig a little online and you’ll find step by step directions on one particular website (and I don’t mean installing Windows on your Mac either). It’s actually VERY simple. I’d tell everybody, but I don’t want to mess up TESD’s relationship with the Microsoft organization.

  7. kef says:


    These instructions are for Windows:
    1) Make sure your zune account has an (legit or not) American address.
    2) Go to Control Panel ==> Region and Language ==> Location tab ==> Set to United States from the dropdown menu AND VOILA, TESD: Overkill is available in zune no matter where you are!

    Again, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE IN THE US TO GET TESD: Overkill, just use the instructions above.

  8. Mike K. says:

    Pretty disappointing about the show not being available outside the US. Torrents it is I guess.

  9. Michael Madryga says:

    I’ve been watching the back and forth on Twitter et al about the availability of TESD: Overkill. I don’t like to post online, but I just wanted to express my support.

    I’m a big fan of the show and have followed since the first guest appearances on SModcast. I’d love to hear the new show as it comes out, however, I’m a Mac-using Canadian and the platform doesn’t support it. That sucks, but I figure fans of the show can wait the four months until the rights revert back to TESD and listen to TESD: Overkill then. I will.

  10. Howard Webb says:

    Disappointed I’ll not get to hear the zune pods 😦 Although I hope you guys get some cool stuff off it. Anyone have a US proxy I can borrow? 😉

  11. I am in Afghanistan and I downloaded Zune and the Zune podcast from over here. I am not on some kind of super military network, either. People should be able to go through a proxy address in the states and get it that way. I do it for amazon downloads all the time.

  12. ari says:

    it’s a bummer for us foriegners but in 15 weeks it’ll be like the most magical christmas present you possibly imagine. i’m gonna make a advent calender to count down the days till we have that fat wad of pods to roll around in and rub all over myself

    • Hermitish says:

      After installing the Zune software I had a look around and noticed that pods have never been available outside the US. Fortunately if you are using a PC there is a way of using the official Zune software to subscribe & download outside the US. Bit of google time and you should be able to get the Overkill through the official(ish) channels.

    • Randy Webber says:

      If the first pod was any indication, the wait will be worth it. 1st Zune pod was really funny.

  13. Ratboytompsett says:

    Loving the shows but am playing catchup (on 44 atm) and only just hearing about the Zune stuff (and this blog lol). Honestly you guys have made me lmao in my work van all week and as I have my earbuds in I look like a crazy person laughing at silence. Looking forward to eventually hearing all you got. Keep it up fellas.

  14. Chris says:

    >< zune…what a let down…I download TESD every saturday and i make sure that i have a 2 hour block where i have nothing to do but listen to you guys….when i heard you were bringing out Overkill i was jumpin over the moon and drooling with excitment due to the extra bry walt and q. Now that i have read this….myself and my other Australian listeners will not be prived to the epicness that is Overkill…at least for 15 weeks….Zune….shame on U!

  15. Plumpy says:

    To all you others that can’t download the new Zune pods because you’re not in America this is what you do.

    Step 1. Press the “Start” button in the bottom left hand side of your desktop. In the “Search programs and files” tab enter regedit.

    Step 2. Open the HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder. Then open the Software folder. Then open the Microsoft folder. And look for the Zune folder.

    Step 3. Then right click the Zune folder and make a new Key and call it FeaturesOverrider

    Step 4. Now highlight the FeaturesOverride folder and in the column to the right make a new “DWORD (32 bit) Value” by right clicking in the column then going to “new” then to “DWORD (32-bit) Value”. You want to make 4 new DWORDs. You must then change the “value Data” of each file to “1″ by right clicking each file go to “Modify” and then changing the 0 to a 1

    Music REG_DWORD 0×00000001(1)
    Podcasts REG_DWORD 0×00000001(1)
    QuickMixLocal REG_DWORD 0×00000001(1)
    Social REG_DWORD 0×00000001(1)

    Step 5. Just exit Regedit and open Zune and you should see you now see Podcasts and Music in you Collection and Marketplace.

    Cheers for the laughs guys i look forward to ever episode.

    Plumpy from Australia

  16. John says:

    I don’t know about Mac users. But non-US PC users, can legitimately and legally download the podcast, for about a buck an episode.

    If you buy a VPN account which gives you an American IP address, it allows you to fool sites into thinking you’re in the continental US. It means you can stream from Hulu, Netflix, Showtime, and other sites like that from non-American locations. Fooling the Zune software is easy in that respect. I bought a VPN account for about 5 quid a month. I’m not connected with the site, and I won’t name it here (it’s not an advert). But anyone reading this, should know a legal alternative is out there, and relatively cheap.

  17. drvr8 says:

    it’s quite annoying, been an avid smodcast listener, followed you guys since you started and bought the bandcamp shows. But being mostly an exclusive mac user, and knowing that most of the smodcast crew is apple based, it’s puzzling that you guys went to an exclusive pc format for your shows. It doesn’t help with Q basically telling all the fans, “We won’t post tips on how to bypass Zune. We’re hired to raise their profile so anyone skirting Zune works against us. We won’t help do that” and if you complain he takes it personally. Glad you guys are getting some money out of microsoft but annoyed at the content delivery system. Obviously, if you guys can point out the difference in the regular download subscription to TESD and OK to Zune, they may find some motivation in actually recognizing the mac os as a legit operating system.
    So I assume you’re telling us not to go looking for the show on bittorrent?

  18. Randy Webber says:

    Thanks for all of your hard work guys. I really appreciate the free laughs.

  19. Courtney says:

    Man. I was so psyched to hear about this paranormal podcast, so when I came here to check out the deets I found out that my Canadian Mac-using ass can’t even get ’em. Oh well, you guys are the only Podcast I’ve stuck around with for this long (since your early beginnings on SModcast) and I’m sure I’ll still be here in 15 weeks. I love you all, can’t wait to hear this magical Overkill!

  20. Carolyn says:

    It’s so annoying that MS has screwed the O/S listener so royally!!! I want to say everyone boycott Zune, but that is no benefit to TESD!! So good luck boys and I hope the US TESD Fanship isn’t letting the O/S listeners down…. Can’t wait to hear Overkill when it is available to us. Now I’m off to remove Zune from my computer and listen to this weeks edition of TESD from iTunes!!!

  21. Mel says:

    It’s a shame us international peeps have to wait legitimately BUT I very much appreciate the fact you tried to get it sorted for us. Thanks for trying and not to worry, not like I’m gonna stop being a fan just because something didn’t work out the way you guys had hoped. In the meantime I’ll keep enjoying the original show and I think the idea of an advent calendar is great, hahah!

  22. pablo says:

    NO LEGITIMATE WAY!!!! as a uk ‘listener’ i feel no remorse in being illegitimate in this instance… if i could do it the right way i would.. i suggest other uk (and foreign fans) do a ‘bit of googling’

    btw I loved ‘overkill’ great stuff

  23. john says:

    I live outside US, and i managed to download the podcast changing the country of my pc to US in the control panel. The log in account must be set to US also i think.

  24. Speaking as a filthy american who can’t appreciate how privlieged he is, and judging from the first zunecast, I can promise you the wait for Overkill will not be a waisted one. On another note, in the spirit of Walt’s BBQ, the instant it hits 4:30 at the BBQ i am going to, I will respectively go home.

  25. Paul Richardson says:

    I was able to download it here in New Zealand, using the Zune desktop software for Windows 7. The trick was that I had to choose the US as my location when registering my Zune account, and I also had to go into the “Region and Language” control panel and change my location to the US as well.

  26. jwoof says:

    My only advice not to make TESD too topical so it doesn’t seem stale when us presents outside the states get it

  27. Matt says:

    Thanks for the effort to try, we will just wait know it is coming. At the end of the day, if it helped TESD to do this promotion, it was worth the wait.

  28. Gavin O'Absinthe! says:

    Thanks for letting us unfortunate non-USers no, I’ve been trying to fix up the Zune thing all week. Can’t wait to hear them in 16 weeks 🙂 I only just listened to the 5 Plus One shows you did and they were up there with the nest of TESD.
    Thanks once again for everything.

  29. Gavin O'Absinthe! says:

    that should have been “best” not “nest”, but that’s now put the odd image of Ming in a nest made of shoes in my mind 🙂

  30. Christine says:

    Thanks for trying. I’d love to hear more TESD now, but you guys are worth the wait. 🙂

  31. matt says:

    Hey guys, awesome show on number 68, and just wanted to let the foreign fans know they aren’t alone, I’ll also be waiting since zune doesn’t want to seem to want to cooperate, but I know it’ll be worth it.

  32. As a genuine American citizen. I signed up for a windows live with my genuine American address. Also my computer which is definitely in America was patriotically set to say it was American. The Zune software recognized my awesome Americanism and downloaded TESD: Overkill.

  33. Greg from NY says:

    Not that we get a vote or anything, but I really like SMozart’s version of I Sell Comics. I think he did the best job so far of fitting the lyrics to a melody that sounds natural.

  34. Sven & Inga says:

    Thanks for clearing that out. As a non-us user I think this whole zune-thingy kind of sucks, but Im glad you guys finally are getting some money for your work. Next time have in mind that at least I, and i hope many others, would concider paying for the shows, you are good enough imo.

  35. GeekyBaz says:

    Fifteen weeks and counting…

  36. judascow says:

    Thanks for the update, I understand the comment about ‘no legitimate way’, but surely setting up a USA based hotmail account and setting the location of a windows PC to USA is legit?
    That way the download is via the Zune Marketplace on a MS operating system and the subscription is the counted via the accepted method and not an RSS feed.
    I’m not advocating bypassing Zune, just a simple region change to allow it to play nicely with us damn foreigners!

    If the point of the exercise is only to generate awareness in the USA then I guess I’m barking up the wrong tree, but maybe some of us Johnny Foreigners may like what we see on the Zune Marketplace and start purchasing accordingly.

    I’d be very interested to hear your take on this grey area Bry.

    Keep up the good work, you guys make my commute to work so much more bearable!

  37. judascow says:

    and on a non-Zune related note, the Up and Up track is awesome, $1.80 winging their way soon.

  38. gabfrab says:

    In a show of solidarity with my foreign brothers, I vow to abstain from shaving my pubic hair until the sixteen weeks is up.

  39. Craig says:

    Well how silly of me to be born in the wrong country from the target audience (subtext: F U microsoft). Thanks TESD for trying to help us UK fans. We will be eagerly awaiting the podcast as always, you guys are the mutts nuts!

  40. Erik from Germany says:

    Hey Guys,

    as a Mac user from Germany i am f***ed i guess 😉
    but no worries, we foreigners will jsut wait the 16 weeks and then get a big package of awesomeness. really good that we can at least look forward to this. thanks for all the free entertainment so far! and you guys deserve to get some money for your work. so thanks microsoft 😛

    • judascow says:

      If you don’t mind getting your hands a bit dirty, you can use BootCamp to install Windows onto your Mac giving a dual boot system, that way you can install the Zune software onto a Mac and download the podcast via official channels.

      Not the most elegant of solutions, and you do need access to a copy of XP, but it does work – just be aware that you still need to take notice of the Zune regional issues reported elsewhere in the comments section.

  41. JessyP says:

    Honestly, the Zune software sucks, but TESD is worth the hassle. I’m all for anything that puts some coin in your pockets that only costs us the aggravation of dealing with Zune. On a related note, will subscribing to smodcost help TESD directly, or is it more indirect?

  42. Jared says:

    Whatever it takes for more TESD to be put out there..you guys fucking rock!

  43. wj says:

    It’s a shame we can’t listen to the shows each week, but getting 16 new shows to listen to in one big bundle is going to be awesome.

    Thanks for trying bry, maybe once you and the guys are closer with big Bill G he might change the rules for you…

  44. jason3k says:

    I have owned a Zune since they first came out and they have always been the Ming of MP3 players. I am glad to see it getting some love, especially from TESD!

  45. Linus Torvalds says:

    Anyone having zune issues can grab the pod directly from the backend zune rss feed http://feeds.feedburner.com/TellEmStevedaveOverkill

    • Zach says:

      Thank you Linus. Not sure why it took 40 something replies to get to the simplest solution imaginable. Thanks again!

    • john says:

      But this count as a subscriber to the zune page? i mean, i’ve downloaded the zune software only to get the podcast, it would be great to use itunes instead, but i want to support the show as well

      • Linus Torvalds says:

        You should stay subscribed in your zune client if you want to support TESD. That said, I’m sure the traffic to the rss feed won’t go unnoticed.

      • Biff Meister says:

        Add your zune Overdrive folder to itunes; the show is just an mp3 file, nothing proprietary. Or move it to your own podcast folder.

      • I say do both. I have the itunes feed for convenience, but have the zune application so that the guys get credit for the download

        Possible sign off for overkill a la X-Files – Keep your eyes open to the hidden truths.

    • Ken says:

      Many thanks Linus, such an easy solution for us UK fans. Also I hated the Zune software compared to ITunes (possibly designed for tablets and smartphones rather than PCs) so it was great being able to delete it.

    • Joey says:

      Awesome. I knew there was an RSS feed solution just didn’t know where to find it.

    • Mike K. says:

      Awesome. That’s easier. It even has the link for the week 2 episode up now before the stupid Zune site does. Downloading Week 2 right now before I go out 🙂


    • jump says:

      Thank you!!!

    • Zooi says:

      Thanks, it works great. For people who don’t know how to plug this into itunes just go to the advanced settings in itunes, click subscribe to podcast and then enter http://feeds.feedburner.com/TellEmStevedaveOverkill

  46. Bill LaRue says:

    Predictions for when/if you guys hunt the Jersey Devil:

    Walt will argue that it’s perfectly possible to search for the Devil without actually getting out of the car.

    Quinn will become lost, but the alcohol coarsing through his body will keep him alive over a chilly night in the Barrens. He’ll be found the next morning by people on their way to an illegal dump site wrapped in a square of old smelly carpet.

    Bryan will indeed find the Devil.

    I’m looking forward to hearing the new TESD Overkill format.

  47. therealbry says:

    Anyone else get a laugh at around 6:45?
    Walt: We need to take overkill in a new direction….
    (sound of a zipper) = me laughing my ass off and replaying that same 25 seconds of this weeks show over and over…..

    Great show this week guys!

  48. FU MANCHU!!!!!

    Thanks to Walt for bringing one of America’s greatest current rock bands to the TESD audience. If you haven’t heard them, some call it “stoner rock”, but I feel it’s just straight-ahead no-nonsense rock and roll – great hooks, crunchy guitars, heavy drums, and catchy monotone singing/yelling. And plenty of cowbell! 🙂

    I suggest starting with the “California Crossing” album. Or if you like the low-fi sound, “Daredevil” is a good choice. Most FU fans list “The Action is Go” (which Walt mentioned) as their favorite, but I find it in the middle-ground as far as Fu Manchu albums go. Avoid the latest, “Signs of Infinite Power”, which was a disappointment.

    If you just want to hear a couple solid standout songs, check out:
    -Hung Out to Dry
    -Seperate Kingdom
    -Ojo Rojo
    -Evil Eye
    -Words to Live By

    All TESD would probably like this fine band, so become a Fu Manchu fan now if you aren’t already!

  49. daverj says:

    I just posted a long-winded love letter about Fu Manchu, the band Walt recently discovered. I used the wrong account when logging in, so that post is awaiting approval from the mods, but until then – CHECK OUT FU MANCHU!!!!! I won’t repeat what I said in that potentially upcoming post, except to say I think all TESD fans would love this band and I don’t know why more people haven’t heard of them.

    FU MANCHU ! ! !

  50. theBeez says:

    Sucks the Zune software isn’t popular, it blows iTunes out of the water as far as design and usability go.

  51. Bill LaRue says:

    Favorite thing about Fu Manchu is that they have an album called In Search Of. Which is right in line with how the new TESD Overkill is supposed to go – Walt Flanagan as Leonard Nimoy.

  52. sean says:

    Linus, thanks for the link!! – that’s definitely the most doable way to go!

    And oh man, is this great.

    I gotta say, Walt really had a vision for this thing, as far as hearing people out and having a more “serious” tone (it’s still really fun to listen to).

    Some people will come off well (John) and some probably will be harder to believe…but mocking these people and this stuff would be way too easy. It’s not needed (hopefully you guys’ll discuss it among yourselves on regular TESD, though…nothin’ wrong with that…!)

    You guys are excellent interviewers, too…this is like Makin’ Hay: Paranormal.

    LOVE it!

    Best line: being instantly posessed sucks.

  53. Mike K. says:

    Thank’s for the effort guys. I know it sucks for us Outside America to get the pod, but there are at least 2 working suggestions in the comments above me that work, and if you spend 2-3 mins on google you’ll find at least 3 more.

    I saw Q getting mad on twitter the other night. I know it must suck getting bombarded by upset people, but understand the frustration some of us non-US people have. We get this same shit from places like Hulu or networks that always say “Not available in your region”. The Zune Canada site literally has nothing on it. I signed up and everything and there’s nothing to download. Do they think I’m going back and checking ever again? It sucks for you guys too because I’m sure you would get 1000’s of more subscriptions.

    When the time is up and they ask you to keep going, please say “NO, not if it’s exclusive only to the US” so they don’t get any more attention.

    Anyways.. Thank you so much for making great shows every week. Thank you so much for making this new show. I’ve heard Kev mention a possible morning show too… that would be spectacular.

    Happy 4th of July. Don’t let Walt drive you nuts with the rules today 🙂

  54. Real quick, if I started a blog and online petition to bring back Pucknuts, would anyone sign on it? I know Ming said it was just till the season starts up, I’m just planning for the eventuality that they decide to kill it completely.
    And show your love to TESD and TESD OVERKILl!

    • Mike K. says:

      I would. However, I would really like to see a morning show on SIR with the boys. Ming could definitely work in puck-nuts material into a daily show and keep it the information current.

      • Gavin O'Absinthe says:

        I will definitely sign up for it, I’m a fan of pucknuts.
        I thought it was amusing that the season finale episode didn’t mention Ice Hockey once! :-))

    • Adam C says:

      Puck Nuts is probably my favourite podcast. As a UK resident, it’s a great way to keep in touch with hockey news coupled with great discussions and plenty of laughs. At least it’s coming back with the new season, right?

  55. The Silverlight solution didn’t work for me. Still can’t stream from the Zune site on my MacBook. Thanks to Linus for the backend link.

  56. Michael Rock says:

    i’m listening to the show on my mac and downloaded no extra software. direct download is here: http://files.podcastmedia.zune.net/testoza/Zuneshow1.mp3

  57. badmuthapucka says:

    You right. that would be pretty kick ass. Anyways, here is the blog. CALLING ALL PUCK NUT FANS! HELP BRING BACK THE GREATEST SPORT-THEMED PODCAST. badmuthapucka.wordpress.com

  58. Gavin O'Absinthe! says:

    I’ll sign it, I for one am a big fan of Puck Nuts, Ming really shone!!
    Though I did find it funny that in the season wrap up episode they didn’t mention hockey once 🙂

    • badmuthapucka says:

      I agree Gavin. Was funny that even most of their clips were non hockey. Still got to love it
      Check out the blog- badmuthapucka.wordpress.com

  59. Jfly says:

    Love the evolution of the show … been listening since day one and I have to say that TESD is, by far, my favorite podcast. The one I look forward to downloading above all others! Fuck the haters and keep up the good work guys! You make my weeks barable 🙂

  60. Jeff L says:

    Zune is Latin for “fail” 🙂

  61. Bill LaRue says:

    Almost forgot about this,
    R.I.P. Puck Nuts…

  62. Adam C says:

    Thanks for looking into the potential solutions for us folks outside of the US. I listen every week and prefer TESD and Puck Nuts, to Smodcasts. I appreciate the laughs I get weekly and to be fair, you guys deserve to get a kick back for your time and effort, it’s just a shame that Zune didn’t stipulate that us foreigners wouldn’t be able to hear them for a long while. I just hope the content doesn’t spill over from one to another. You guys do an awesome job and I know this is beyond your control, I think it’s great that you try to sort it out for ALL your listeners. Keep up the good work and thanks again.

    P.s. Puck Nuts is great for the hockey fans that can’t get to games and don’t have many friends that follow the NHL in the UK. Looking forward to the new season for the hockey and the podcasts!

  63. I’ve listened to all tesd eps. I have come to this conclusion..

    walt is a racist imbecile
    bryan is a bloviated throwback who refuses to grow up
    quinn is an ego manic who obviously does a lot of cocaine
    ming is not a real person. he’s just a collection of name brands, outdated Chinese textbook stereotypes of what an “American” man is and vocal sounds coming out of a mouth filled with mush

  64. Angry Goat says:

    thank you for Overkill, the most intersting podcast on the internet. Absolutely LOVED the first two episodes, well done boys.

    Australian listener here, just follow the registry altering advice further up the comments, it works 🙂

  65. Kev Salter says:

    Cheers for the update chaps. Shame we can’t get the extra listen in the UK, but hey. As the fucking Staten Island dandy would say ‘furged aboud it!’

    Keep it up. You lads are class.

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