Quick note on the TESD horror anthology: We’ll be talking about it on this week’s TESD and as soon as we shore up the finer details, I’ll post them here. I’ve already gotten a few emails from publishers both small and mid-size (no Simon & Schusters just yet) who are interested in taking a look at what we have once the final selection process is complete. What we know so far…

1) Stories in the anthology are horror/terror-themed. They can be paranormal based, reality based, or a combination of the two. You’d do well to steer clear of stuff that has recently been done to death (pun intended) like zombies & vampires. However, these subjects don’t automatically exclude you from consideration.
2) The subject matter will be aimed at an adult audience so submitting corny-ass, teeny boppin’, melodramatic, Twilightesque material will eliminate any chance of consideration.
3) No romantic or erotic horror.
4) Each piece will be limited to a maximum of approximately 8000 words. Using the formula of 250 words per page, that gives you roughly 30-35 pages to work with assuming fifteen stories are chosen (including Quinn & myself as we’re kinda’ shoo-ins) Works shorter than 8000 words are fine. If enough writers don’t use their allotment this could open up a space for an additional author.
5) Previously published material is ineligible.
6) One entry per person.

     For those of you who have managed to get the Zune show, below are a few links to the guests we’ve had on the past 2 weeks. If you haven’t managed, shame on you! I know lots of foreign peeps & Mac users who have been listening since day one! Anyway…

Week II:

Week III:

Though it was mid-afternoon, Q & I have been to the abandoned hospital we  mention on this week’s Zune show. Here are a few pics I took of not only where we’ll be conducting our ghost hunt but were also the stomping grounds of none other than accused psycho killer Brian Quinn Cropsey!! If you have Netflix you can see footage of  the Willowbrook hospital in the Cropsey documentary which streams here





























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38 Responses to TESD:OVERKILL

  1. Love the pics, will have to watch the Cropsy doc on Netflix now.

    TESD goes up Fridays I know, but when does Overkill go up? Didn’t realize there was a #3 already since I don’t regularly use Zune (in fact installed it just for you guys!)

  2. Mike K. says:

    Awesome. I’ve got the Zune show Q’d up (pun intended) on my phone for the drive tomorrow. I can’t wait!

  3. J Sarge says:

    For the record, I don’t drive my creepy kids to school. The teachers summon them by calling their names into a mirror three times.

  4. daverj says:

    The only thing better than getting TESD on Friday? Getting OVERKILL on Monday.

    Thanks for the awesome entertainment guys!!!!

  5. @fitzman73 says:

    Anthology sounds way cool. I’m going to try and get something to submit, should be fun. It’ll probably suck but as long as I finish I’ll be happy. Plus it will make everyone else look better by comparison. Lol.

  6. Lisa Warner says:

    Loved this week’s show. The paranormal stuff is interesting and fresh, but I’m glad the yuks are back.

  7. Badmuthapucka says:

    Another great episode! I cant wait for this contest to start and ultimately read everyone’s submission when it goes to print. Good luck everybody

  8. sean500 says:

    Damn, that hospital looks creepy. I’m psyched for the ghost hunt episode(s)!

  9. Matthew says:

    It’s gonna be so tempting for people, being that this is a book produced by TESD alumni/fans, for us to use inside jokes, like Mother X, etc…

    What are the rules for the inclusion of things like that? No go? Is Mingle Balls acceptable?

  10. SUPERGHOST says:

    Looks awesome! As a canadian I cannot get the Zune ‘casts, but as soon as they become available to us furners, I will be all over that! (ps. I own 3 Zunes) 😦

    • Badmuthapucka-PNO says:

      So big Bill has no qualms about sending foreign markets zune, but can’t make the software available to them? That’s messed bro.

      Since i forgot this earlier. ALL PUCKNUTS FAN. SIGN THE ONLINE BRING BACK PUCKNUTS PETITION. badmuthapucka.wordpress.com

  11. GeekyBaz says:

    Keep em coming guys! The only thing that gets as close to being as AWESOME as TESD is Paranormal TESD!

    Great pics of Willowbrook too. I saw the Cropsey documentary recently and that place is bound to have “vibes” – maybe do a show FROM Willowbrook? I’d love to hear (or see?) Flanagan going nuts in there…

    Great show as usual guys, keep up the good work.

  12. Love TESD says:

    Please just be careful on your ghost hunt… not because you might get attacked by malevolent spirits, but because that looks like the kind of place where you could trip down stairs or fall through a hole in an old floor.

  13. sean says:

    Oh…Bry, here’s an insanely creepy exorcism audio (of Anneliese Michel, whose exorcism was the basis for both the Exorcist and the Exorcism of Emily Rose movies).

    This one’s even more terrifying than Walt’s, man. Worth broadcasting!

  14. Mike Grant says:

    What will you be anticipating as the deadline for story submissions?

    Love your showS.

  15. Chris McCoy says:

    This has quickly become my favorite SModcast podcast (as if I listen to any other kind lol). TESD has been my fave since episode 18 when I first discovered it, and now you guys have outdone yourselves! Of the three of you, Walt has been my least favorite unless he’s giving one of you shit, but he seems to be completely in his element here. If this is popular enough, are there any plans to make it an on-going thing? Btw, I’m one of the few Zune listeners out there and have been since I first discovered SModcast back around the SMod-Kushed episode lol. Also, I shared Sarg L 18’s site with some of my paranormal friends and so far they’ve either ignored it or shot it down. Seems to be the going reaction in my experience…..

  16. Adam K. says:

    Hey Q!! Anybody who thinks they have proof of any claims they have the JREF.ORG wil give them 1MILLION Dollars. So anybody who makes any claims like Sargel18 did he can make an easy Million bucks. So keep pushing for proof and dont let Walt fall for any of the lies they use to make money.

    and I have 2 ZuneHD’s and love them

  17. judascow says:

    Nice pics from Willowbrook, they wouldn’t look out of place on an Urban Exploration website.

    Here’s some action from the UK’s premier charlatan Derek Acorah on ghost hunting show ‘Most Haunted’. Be warned video quality is a bit sketchy, and the content is not for the faint of heart:

  18. BenD says:

    Man, that place looks like it will be dangerous to walk around at night. Be careful guys!
    Loving the paranormal theme in the new podcast, you guys rock!

  19. what a great episode, loved it from start to finish , the guest seemed game for anything , if there is such a thing, a genuine nice ghostbuster

  20. Fletch says:

    Holy Crap. Overkill was f’in hilarious. I was trying to jog but you guys made me fall out laughing. I probably looked possessed. You need to go to Willowbrook at night. That would be creepy.
    Keep it up!!!!

  21. Bill LaRue says:

    I sent an email to Ian Punnett, one of the hosts of Coast To Coast AM. I figure they’ve got more guests than they can shake a stick at so maybe they could break you off a few for TESD Overkill. Hopefully divine providence will win the day.

    Also, Time Cube Guy would be a great guest. http://www.timecube.com/
    I believe he is still offering $10,000 to anyone who can disprove him. I wanna hear Quinn bust his balls.

    • BenD says:

      Skimmed over that page of mindless rants.This guy is just all doom and gloom, pure stupidity mixed with livid certitude. No thanks…

  22. Wes says:

    Really enjoying the direction of Zune show. I used to be a huge into shit like Coast to Coast AM and listened to to all sorts of paranormal podcasts. Being an atheist and skeptic I never took any of it seriously but found it all very entertaining as modern myth making, campfire tales, and general sci-fi fun. I eventually stopped listening when C2C AM and other podcasts started pushing ‘alternative medicine’ and other morally reprehensible shit to part the naive and credulous from their money.

    Anyway, the point is that I’m an aficionado of new-agey paranormal bullshit radio and podcasts and I very much like what I’ve heard in episodes 2 and 3. Normally, these venues give the guest complete license to layout their spiel unhindered (Sarge-El 18 is not unique is his motor mouth whackaloon storytelling) and it’s very refreshing to have a skeptic like Quinn on their to push them into a corner a little bit. In fact, I really like the balance you guys have: Walt the believer, Quinn the skeptic, and Bryan the ambivalent joke teller. I think it makes for a very fun listen, at least for me.

    Keep it up guys and fuck the naysayers. And if you really want to make Walt’s skin crawl, google the “night hag” phenomenon.

  23. ??? says:

    Are you accepting anthology submissions from female authors, too?

  24. Telatubbies says:

    I loved the third episode. So funny and so interesting can’t wait for what comes next.

  25. Chris says:

    Flanagan, you’re such a puss. You’re still fuming over being taken to school? All I did was offer an honest opinion that “there are a ton of paranormal shows already & if you all are going to go this route you should let Q off the leash.” That was the tweet that got your panties in a wad.

    Of course you then started re-tweeting my messages to your fans making sure you changed the wording & intent of my tweets first. So, yeah, just like I’d do to you in real life for some sleazy shit like that I let you have it. If you want to be a big shit talker prepare to have shit talked back to you. Don’t be such a damn baby.

    Oh, and SURPRISE you let Bry & Q ask questions instead of your scripted crap & the show was a lot more entertaining. In fact the best questions came from Bry & Q. I have even more respect for those guys now realizing how much they have to carry your ass.

    Walt, instead of doing your research like one of these pseudo scientists & accepting what you want to be the truth as the truth at least Google something first. Sargel18 who you & this weeks guest haven’t heard of has 3,800 hits with full explanations of what he does & videos. So it looks like there are a few people who’ve heard of him.

    If you want to delve further into more weird shit check out this Catholic monk Michael Diamond he’s make a great guest.

    I’m pretty sure Flanagan is one of the Agents of the Anti-Christ this guy talks about.

    Keep up the great work guys!
    Peace Assholes

  26. Chris says:

    and Walt learn how to pronounce some of the damn words. Come on, we know you’ve at least seen Ghostbusters!

  27. Chris says:

    loving the paranormal theme of the show. Please, guys, keep it up. It would even be awesome if this podcast ends( as in the full paranormal theme of it) if you guys throw in a paranormal section to the original TESD. What happened to the guy who was demonically possessed? wasn’t that the last episode? Also looking forward to the Cropsy podcast. thank you Brian for informing me about the Cropsey documentary, pretty creepy stuff.

  28. Great job guys! Love the regular show however I’m a foreign peep (Australia) & Mac user, any help in pointing me in a direction where I can get this? Ming? TESD x Paranoral & the strange is something I’m very, VERY into. Also how do we submit band tracks to be played on the show? Got some excellent local independent bands from Melbourne, Australia you might be into. Love your work dudes.

  29. I should have read the Shower Power post first. I’m sure I’ll be able to figure it out.

  30. Dave says:

    I guess I can understand that you don’t want to do the paranormal stuff anymore, but I really like the theme format! Don’t just make it the same type of show as the regular Friday cast. Maybe it could be like every 2-4 episodes a new theme, with guests and activities like you’ve done so far. I really like both shows though!

  31. Mitchum says:

    Since you guys aren’t doing the paranormal thing anymore you should get Blitz and D.D. from Overkill on the show!

  32. Ryan62468 says:

    Hey anyone who cant get the zune show, download an episode from a pirate site, add it to your itunes, every week it will download the episode of overkill… I dont know how it works but it does, its how i listen to the show.

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