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No listener band today as I’ve attached the three finalists for TESD’s ‘I sell Comics’ music challenge to the end of the show. Below is a poll where YOU can vote for YOUR favorite version!!

Haven’t heard this yet? Then leave the cave you’ve been living in and listen to the complaints of some dopey theatre goer who was tossed from the Alamo Drafthouse for texting. (Cave comment used with consent of creator/owner Ming Chen)

Here’s a white guy checking in about three years too late to drop a beat about Silly Bandz.

Received confirmation that Mike Romeo will be on TESD sometime in early August. Who’s Mike Romeo? Leave the cave you’ve…oh shit…Ming’s watching me type and I didn’t get his permission to use that cave comment a second time. Anyway, He’s the guitarist from Symphony X. I can’t recommend this album highly enough.

Here is the ‘Rape Sticker’ purchased from Frank #1 at the auction. Wouldn’t you love to know what other ideas the genius who designed this had? Imagine being friends or being related to the piece of shit who takes this from concept to production.

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45 Responses to TESD 71: MAKIN’ HAY II: 5TH CIRCLE

  1. vincent says:

    I think Q’s favorite is winning in part because Plus One per diem played it on SIR. Just saying….

  2. OK_Computer says:

    95%?! That made me laugh my ass off. Voted for CML as well. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  3. lillemor says:

    which one is the rap version

    Winning quite handily ❤

  5. yeah… CML have a lock on this for sure… and its well deserved…

  6. Lisa Warner says:

    Is there anything we have to do to prove we got the audible account?

  7. mike says:

    wow you guys are gonna have mike romeo on? fucking awesome!

  8. Apollo Haner says:

    If we already have an audible.com membership is there still a way to qualify?

    • Apollo Haner says:

      Signed up for the trial with another email address. Forwarded the welcome email they sent me but it doesn’t mention tesd anywhere in it. Used the link on the blog.

  9. Jay Baked says:

    Walt your views about Doctor Strange are dead on…..CML are going to blow up huge one day…and you guys are going to be able to say “we did that.” Trust me from someone who has worked with bands for a long time, both in the production aspect and media (journalist) aspect…these kids are are commercially viable…but YOU BROUGHT THEM AN AUDIENCE! With TESD comes a built in diehard supporter group….that’s fucking awesome. Cheers to you guys! Long live TESD!

  10. Jeff Leiboff says:

    Thanks, guys!

  11. Great pod, guys! Definitely felt the first one captured the hilarity of the original Makin’ Hay. Second one turned a little sour with Tina X, but I’d still say it’s a worthy sequel overall. As with your other best pods, it doesn’t really matter what the subject is, it’s the commentary and post-mortem commentary that give it the TESD charm. I’m putting Makin’ Hay II Part 1 in my top five TESDs.

  12. mike says:

    Great episode guys! wish i could help yall out with the audible sponser but im a slacker with no credit. Keep up the great stuff fellas,and thanks for the introduction to CML, what a great band check out their version of ushers omg song its better than the original

  13. Mayernick says:

    I would love to have that sticker.

  14. Badmuthapucka-PNO says:

    I didn’t think anything could top Walt’s “I didn’t think you were going to do this to Dennis”, but most of Sunday Jeff’s comments and Bry’s “You have a crush on him” had me rolling. Another TESD Masterpiece
    *shameless plug* check out the Apuckalypse http://badmuthapucka.wordpress.com

  15. jflysocal says:

    I think it’s pretty obvious that CML took this one by a landslide! MH2 was every bit as good as the first! Keep up the good work guys!

  16. Mike K. says:

    Wow, I think CML have this contest in the bag. Well deserved too. The other two entries are good as well, but CML’s version knocks it out the park.

    Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it: http://youtu.be/nnGesOIWnSM
    Almost 15,000 views in less than a week. Impressive!

  17. J0k0r says:

    I voted for radz…I dig the old school vibe

  18. Bill LaRue says:

    If only someone would have told Rebecca Black about the “I Sell Comics” competition.

  19. David says:

    Enjoyed both the MH2 parts, some good stuff from the day but obviously most of the comedy gold is you guys talking about in the store.
    Hope you guys make money if we just take up the free membership with audible and then back out, don’t think i’ve got enough listening time in a month to make full use of it but going to give a book a listen to see how it goes.
    Song had to be CML, as if it were ever in doubt, and not just because of the sisters are hot they also rock.

  20. sean says:

    I’m sitting here, along with Q, baffled that Walt and Bry weren’t on board with doing a commentary. Seems like a no brainer…Tenth anniversary edition (or however many years it is) with a new commentary by the TESD guys. Then sell it at the stash.

    Of course, it probably takes some doing to release a dvd…but the argument seemed to be over whether to do it at ALL. Why would they not just sit down and do it?

    I’ve never even seen Vulgar, but I’ll definitely buy it for that commentary (not MST3K “bits”…just like Q said, doing TESD while watching Vulgar).

    Anyway, gotta get back to Makin’ Hay 2! Lovin’ it!

  21. J00 5eE Me 7r0Ll1n says:

    I voted for Paramore. I mean CML. Sorry, I get the two mixed up.

  22. Anyone remember how long they said the poll was going to last?

  23. John says:

    I don’t think the guys get that emo has gone from a attitude/mannerism to a style, which Courage My Love definitely fits.

    And I voted for Walt’s pick. It’s his song, he should get the choice.

  24. NXS (AKA Begley) says:

    Loving the second installment of “Making Hay,” guys! I think that even though you were concerned that the magic wasn’t there on this go around, that you more than make up for it with the banter done after-the-fact in the shop. Basically we just like hearing you guys do your thing and it really doesn’t matter what the topic is because at the end of the day, we’re fans of YOU. Can’t wait to hear the final installment! You guys rock, seriously!

  25. mike says:

    the CML version of the song is great and the video is awesome, but I think Walt is right (like always) his pick was the best out of the 3.

  26. Von says:

    Never post on these things but felt like I needed to say something considering how the outcome of the vote is going.

    CML had a good sound (and I’m not usually into that kind of music) but don’t see why they needed to change around Walt’s lyrics. They were perfect as is and went along at a specific pace. But when CML changes certain words, such as cash register instead of register keys, just took me out of the rhythm of the song. Kind of like listening to your favorite song (any artist) over and over again and then listening to them play it live and hearing them miss a beat and throwing you completely off. Walt’s lyrics were perfect and kept a perfect rhythm, they should not have been changed.

    If CML kept the lyrics the same definitely would have voted for them. But Aaron Radzwilowicz kept true to the source material and that why he deserves more credit. Can see why Walt picked it.

    Just an opinion…

  27. Shane says:

    Loved makin hay II. I think you guys shoud visit a different flea market so you can shread the merchants without mercy. There are other Dennis’ and Tina X’S out there that are waiting to be made famous…….Keep up the good work..The TESD Overkill show is Awsome, can wait for the cropsey episode …….

  28. Turd Ferguson says:

    Hey guys, great show. Just wanted to make a correction. The metal version of I sell comics (2nd new one) is by a band called Turd Ferguson. Not sure haw the name Jay Hernandez or who ever it was got associated with it. Congrats to the 3 finalists.

  29. Zack says:

    I agree with John two posts above me. Walt wrote the song. If he thinks that it fits the best then it should be the one that’s used. Would’ve picked it regardless. I don’t feel that the other two fit the lyrics or the purpose at all.

  30. You know, I was ready to agree with Walt about how setting up a camera to catch people who sell and run could just be a scare tactic, b/c of the time involved to watch the tapes, but in thinking about it, a easy system would only require a VCR/DVR and two cameras. Since Collingwood has but one entrance and exit, if you set up a camera that covers the entire back “selling” field, you would only have to watch the tapes to the point you see someone leaving some stuff behind before anyone goes around collecting table fees. If you see someone leave stuff behind, you note the color and model of the car, then just cue the camera on the exit lane to near that time, and wait for that particular car to leave. All you would then need is one of the commonly available reverse license plate lookup services, and you could send scare letters to the people’s address and there’s a chance they would pay out of fear, especially if you include a screen capture of both them leaving the main selling area and also leaving the market.

    That said, when I go there in a few hours, I will keep my eyes open for a camera or two, to satisfy my own morbid curiosity. Keep up the good work boys!

  31. I hate that sticker BUT I will admit it made me laugh my fucking ass off.

  32. GeekyBaz says:


    Loved the episode (as I do every week) and I’m happy for CML as that tune rocks (although am I the only TESD listener who wants a peep at Dave’s hot girlfriend?).

    Just a suggestion for next year though – if you rule out Collingswood for MH III, how about Englishtown? I’ve heard Walt mention it a bunch of times over the history of TESD so maybe something to think about.

    Anyways, keep up the good work – i’m off to sign up for Audible.

  33. Gun runner says:

    Bry, please hang more shit on Q’s accent. Reminds me of Andrew Dice Clay.
    All the best from Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

  34. The CML song is awesome. I bought it on bandcamp to help get them to the states. When they make it to Austin, TX, I’ll definitely go see their show.
    However, I think the Radz version is more fitting with Walt’s lyrics.
    CML is going to go big, no doubt. Please make Radz version the official “I Sell Comics”
    Thank you,

  35. Patrick Lambert says:

    I think CML should be disqualified because if you look at their video you can clearly see that they are giving away comics, not selling them. There’s no way Walt would ever condone to such behavior.
    For shame CML, for shame.

  36. mike says:

    great episode of overkill this week guys! its like makin hay with creepiness, had me sitting here laughing out loud. also love suzanne (sorry if spelled wrong) getting in the mix. Keep up the great work yall, both show are awesome

  37. mike says:

    great episode of overkill this week guys! its like makin hay with creepiness, had me sitting here laughing out loud. also love suzanne (sorry if spelled wrong) getting in the mix. Keep up the great work yall, both shows are awesome

  38. 3 weeks away…i come home to Australia and have MANY hours of TESD goodness…Thanks guys!…will you be releasing an uncut version of makin Hay?

  39. Logan Rixx says:

    First off Wlats Pick all the way. I love CML but they are established and blowing up, they have access to a recording studio, Not cutting them down just seemed a little one sided.

    Second I know you said sign up for another account if you have one already, prob is they wont let you because I am using the same card. any advice would be helpfull because this is one of the only times I can get an exclusive

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