I Sell comics

A note regarding Walt’s latest opus:

Courage My Love has made their version of ‘I Sell Comics’ available for sale here

CML’s plan is to raise enough money from sales of the song to defray/cover the cost of travel so they can join us for our live show this coming October in some capacity. Whether that means they serve as the opening act for the Jay & Bob Get Old/Tell ‘Em Steve Dave show at the Count Basie or perform at an after-party has yet to be determined. The song costs a minimum of .99 but if you want to spend a little more to help them reach their goal of raising the travel money, that’s up to you good sirs/madams.

While CML’s cover of ‘I Sell Comics’ is pretty great, we’d be remiss to not share the roughly 15 other entries which are remarkable in their own right and our musical peeps worked so hard on. (heh, heh…hard on) Anyway, rather than attaching variations of the same song to the end of the TESD for the next few months, I’ll be contacting the artists who were good enough to take the time and make the effort to see if they’d be amenable to taking part in an ‘I Sell comics’ compilation album on Bandcamp which we’d then offer to listeners. Stay tuned for more info.

While I have your ear…

In case you haven’t heard, we’re running a promotion with the aim of boosting membership for our current sponsor Audible.com. All you have to do is sign up for a FREE two-week membership & download a FREE book to see what you think of the service. If you like it, stay on. Don’t like it, abandon ship like Q & Walt abandoned me mid-show in Houston. Either way you’ll get a no-cost (tired of using the word ‘free’) podcast compliments of your pals Bry, Walt, & Q.

A few highlights of this exclusive pod are Walt’s gonna read the lyrics to a song he’s composing for his wife & I’ll relate a story of terrorizing an asshole neighbor when I was in 8th grade which will leave you questioning my sanity…and possibly my sexuality. All you gotta do is click here to get the ball rolling. This promotion ends on August 11th 2011 & your exclusive pod will arrive by August 18th 2011. To qualify, your audible.com receipt must be sent to tellemstevedave37@gmail.com by August 12th 2011.

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14 Responses to I Sell comics

  1. Mike K. says:

    Unfortunatly I already have an Audible.Com account. I’ll show my support anyways if the “no cost” pod ever finds its way to bandcamp.

    • James King says:

      just make a new account

      • tonyLkollman says:

        When I have tried to make a new account in the past, Audible recognizes my computer, regardless of the email address and it doesn’t work. Luckily, I’ve gotten a new computer, so it worked for me this time around.

      • Joseph says:

        I think audible saves credit card info and addresses. I have tried creating new account with new email address i made just for this and it keeps saying i am not qualified. i have tried a few different cards as well.

  2. Steve B says:

    Sorry guys, I’m not a fan of giving my credit card deets over to websites and remembering to sign out / opt out of things. I’ll keep supporting on band camp though !

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  4. GeekyBaz says:

    Looking forward to the bonus pod. Signing up today.

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  6. George Hearst The Cocksucker says:

    I already have an Audible account and it will not let me create a new one with the same credit card I used before. It’s also the only one I have. Sorry guys!

    I understand that as of right now it would defeat the whole purpose, but do you think you might publish it on Band Camp at a later date?

  7. Cropsey says:

    CML wins!!!

    Please get the song on iTunes!

    I love exclamation points!!!

  8. I can’t get CML’s version out of my head. It’s amazing.

    It would make an awesome theme song for the TV show …

  9. Jessy Plames says:

    Signed up for Audible. Bought I sell comics on Bandcamp. Keep it coming guys!

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  11. Mel says:

    Has anyone received the bonus pod yet? I haven’t but I’m about 8 weeks behind in pods so not sure if there’s been an update on the show.

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