TESD 74:SkeleToes

It’s happened. Your life is complete. Not to say that it’s over. Do NOT kill yourself. I cannot stress that enough. All I’m saying is the one area in which your life was falling short has been sated. Because now, you can buy one of these:

Prices (which include shipping) are listed on this week’a show and are as follows (I’m pretty sure anyway). Until we figure out slightly more professional approach, just Paypal the correct amount, size, & shipping address to: Ironcity67@gmail.com

Babydoll: SM/MD, L/XL:$24.99

Canada Add $5.00
All other foreign add $10.00

FYI: The back of the TESD will also say something along the lines of ‘America’s Best Loved Podcast since 1956’ or something along those lines. The back of the Space Monkeys shirt will have the website URL on it.


Listener Band Info:

SONG: delirium

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64 Responses to TESD 74:SkeleToes

  1. Rob says:

    That is a sexy, sexy TESD shirt.

  2. Heath says:

    Damnit. Looks like ramen noodles are on the menu for another month people….

  3. Woooo! Ordering one of each. Probably come back and order another once I’m back to work.

  4. fry1077 says:

    You guys need to sell some Tell ’em steve-dave pants, since I just ruined the pair I am wearing now.

  5. crys smeltz says:

    These shirts are amazing I need both. Peace asshole!!!

  6. lillemor says:

    Fucking awsome shirts

  7. I like the Space Monkey shirt, but is there a different color other than white?

  8. Jake-the-enigma says:

    No ming? Just saying… He is part of the team. I like both shirts btw.

  9. Gibbles says:

    Damn. Cannot wait for payday!

  10. Gareth says:

    Love these. Can’t wait till the London shows.

  11. Gareth says:

    Love these. Can’t wait till the London shows.

  12. TheDiplomat says:

    Love the show and have been listening since the beginning. My most favorite thing to look forward to every friday is the bickerings of Bry, Walt, & Q. The members of TESD are the greatest podcasters of all time.
    Also those shirts are really awesome and ill have to get one in a few years when the economy is a little better as Walt has stated recently my generation has spent so much money on stuff we dont need.

  13. Kralika says:

    Two doubts though…
    – are those the only available colours?
    – how can I find my size? [they are a bit misleading sometimes for girls]
    Thxs & I can’t wait to get mine 😀

  14. Jeff Leiboff says:

    Can you do any larger sizes for us fat fucks?

  15. cerebusboy says:

    Woah! Very cool! This will be a day long remembered (and, as a fat fuck myself, american XXL is more than roomy!). Hope wearing this will get me Q-levels of pussy ;-)!

  16. Nysaa says:

    Is there a possibility of a girl-type style of the shirts?
    Don’t know how many of us there are but I would certainly appreciate it!

  17. Badmuthapucka-PNO says:

    First a pucknuts shirt, and now a TESD & Space Monkey’s shirt. My collection is now complete.

    Check out the new posts at The Apuckalypse- http://badmuthapucka.wordpress.com

  18. Jarrod says:

    Is it too late to change “Peace Asshole!” to “Peace, Asshole!” ? I want to be sure people read it correctly.

  19. mark says:

    i`m from the u.k. , the original tottenham riot was in my eyes valid due to anger at duggans shooting but the other rioting was not really aimed at the establishment but was just mindless looting and arson by a minority in the cities. normal policemen can not carry guns, we have armed response units that are only deployed when firearms are suspected to be involved in an incident.

  20. Steven says:

    Bryan, here in the UK the police, as a rule, still do not carry guns. It is perhaps more common to see specially trained officers in city centres, especially London I think, with something akin to a sub-machine gun. But we are nothing like how I think it is in the USA with holstered hand-guns as standard. The typical police weapon, batons aside, seems to be the taser these days, but even these are controversial after some high-profile cock-ups. One of these involved missing the close-range suspect and shooting a child instead (I think).

    The police you talk about who shot the man in London were trying to arrest an armed “gangster” and thus were probably a specially trained armed unit that are deployed on demand with snipers, etc. They don’t take chances. The family of the man have protested his innocence, but then they didn’t try and arrest him for nothing, he was found with a gun, and pictures have turned up of him posing gangster-style. There’s an inquiry into it all now.

    It was from this peaceful protest march that the riots began seemingly through a perfect storm of conditions and momentum that took it through four nights. In the end definitely it was no protest, but just people on the make. They are arresting them by the hundreds now and the courts are working through the night here to process them and there’s plenty of shamed parents turning in their own children. The rioters have turned out to be a mix of children, teaching assistants, ballerinas, young Olympic ambassadors… You know, the usual deprived type.

    Here’s a YouTube clip from the rioting in Manchester city centre. It shows what happens when the masses turn on you:

  21. mark says:

    another comment from mark in the uk, in the uk pensions are used by banks to invest in markets like bryan says. many millions of people have lost thousands from their pensions in this recession because of bad investments made by their pension companies

  22. Bob says:

    So the question becomes, are the shirts already made, or are they just being ordered? And how long until they will ship? I ask after I’ve placed my order…

  23. Pdubble says:

    Not trying to get a fable written to me, but what somehow works for TESD is when you guys talk about big problems and you have no idea what you’re talking about on a bunch of levels. I have to give it to Q, he admitted he had no idea how to fix the debt. The downgrade was by S&P, a private ratings firm, but the other two major ratings firms have kept us at triple A.

    On a more speculative note the reason that seemingly no one marched against either the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan is because only 1% of Americans have fought in them, and the average American doesn’t even know one person who has. If you don’t agree with the wars you don’t have to fight in them because the Army is completely voluntary, and right now the country has severe economic problems that take up the space in the national psyche. That’s why in 2001-7 when the economy was much stronger the biggest issues in elections all surrounded the wars and terrorism. No one cares about that stuff anymore, as is fairly evident in the move by all people to say the TSA has gone too far to protect us. Terrorism and war are off the front page. I think Walt is right that people will start marching and rioting if social programs are cut too much. I don’t know that people will start marching if we raise taxes to pay for things because the Tea Party started marching about taxes going up when the taxes went down.

  24. Lisa Warner says:

    Here’s my dilemma. I’m a college student. Do I buy a t-shirt to represent my favorite podcast, or do I save my money to avoid incurring Walt’s wrath? What to do.

  25. Josh says:

    better yet, Walt + $$$ = Walt’s Approval (which none of his friends seem to get, except Sunday Jeff but $$$ is involved.)

  26. Tom says:

    Not complaining/demanding, but is it possible to order a Space Monkeys shirt without “Asshole” written on the back?

  27. Bry, You asked where it all went wrong. This video answers that questions:

  28. too broke, I’ll just have to wear my pucknuts t-shirt and cry for a few more weeks until I have the cash.

    also, any chance of a different color for the Space Monkeys shirt? I’m not buying a white T-Shirt no matter how cool it is.

  29. Nicholous says:

    wait… I got the Puck Nuts shirt and then the show got cancelled a week or two later. does this mean TESD is coming to an end? at least Space Monkeys can’t get cancelled since it never happens anyways…

  30. Dan S says:

    I, actually, REALLY don’t like the “Peace Asshole” on the shirt at all. I love both shirts – and would immediately be purchasing them…. but I can’t wear one around that says Asshole on the back us it. I’m not coming down against the language – but dressing with public displays of language on the shirt is simply disappointing. Love the front. And I will, indeed, still be into purchasing a TESD shirt. Leave the Asshole off, and I’ll grab a Space Monkey’s as well.

  31. Randy Webber says:

    I’ve been meaning to ask, who created the Space Monkey’s logo? If that is a Ming creation then he deserves a lot of credit, it’s brilliant. I would love to get the shirt minus the “Peace Asshole” on the back.

    Also, great episode as always, thanks guys.

  32. wj says:

    The shirts look awesome. In an unrelated note, i just went back and listened to the puck nuts season finale again… I miss sunday jeff.

  33. Douglas Waltz says:

    TESD shirt looks great. As soon as I can make my PayPal behave I will send the cash.

  34. Kelli Brand says:

    I also miss Sunday Jeff. Anyway, I’ll be honest; I’d buy BOTH if they DIDN’T have the catchphrases on the back.

  35. BostonK says:

    I’d like to see Overkill examine the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment.
    Its an example of what I think real conspiracies are- ordinary, boring events getting cast in a sensational light.

    Usually we think of conspiracies as sensational big plots getting passed off as ordinary but I think real conspiracies work the other way around.

    In the Tuskegee case everything peopel thinking they know about the event seems to be wrong.

    -no one was infected by the government
    – all of the men were in the latent, non-contagious stage of the disease
    – the purpose of the study was to asses the treatments of the day, which were based on arsenic. These are described as “uncomfortable” and “painful” and patients rarely finished them because they were in the latent stage. 178 patients were given the available treatment
    – The study wasnt racist in its concept since it was being administered by a black nurse and a black doctor out of the Tuskegee Institute.

    20 years after the study began penicillin became widely available as an effective treatment for Syphilis. The fact that the study continued and nurses kept giving the yearly physical sis probably more a statement about bureaucratic inertia after the purpose is gone than it is about a sinister intent by the government.


  36. Kelli Brand says:


  37. Bill LaRue says:

    This was by far the most terrifying episode of TESD. Walt’s depiction of the future was spot on.
    The T-shirts look great.

  38. Jeff says:


    Vibram Five Fingers, superior product.

  39. Shirts look great! Are you planning on selling them at the Secret Stash?

  40. Oisin Tormey says:

    Ahh the choice between Space Monkeys and a TESD t-shirt. Shipping to Ireland would be a pain for both so one will have to do.

  41. Craig says:

    Can anyone tell me what pod Bry talks about banging that one girlfriend’s mom in?

  42. Mass says:

    Just placed my order for my TESD shirt. Hope it gets here in time for the UK shows!

  43. Since I can’t decide between them I guess I’ll have to get both! I always knew Space Monkeys would make an awesome shirt! Peace, assholes! 🙂

  44. Badmuthapucka-PNO says:

    *Singsong voice*I just ordered my Steve-Dave Shirt, I just ordered my Steve-Dave shirt

  45. Cropsey says:

    Last weeks episode was AWESOME! Yes, a little serious- but we don’t need the slapstick stuff and games all the time. I did not think I would ever utter (or type) the words- I agreed with Walt on almost everything he said. I was more impressed with Walts knowledge, understanding, and predictions- than anything I have heard the talking heads on the tube diarrhea out lately. Q, your pension you speak of is in the same boat as the entire country. You are definately not immune and Bry attempted to explain that. Thanks for FINALLY getting the shirts, they are awesome. One last thought, remember when you were considering a 4th person? Ming is #4, he is great. I loves me some Asian foot fetish, 20% MORE MING please.

    • Champ Sound says:

      Jesus, it’s the blind leading the blinder. Walt had no clue WTF he was talking about on so many levels that I don’t even know where to begin correcting his historically inaccurate statements. The easiest one would be that the government’s coffers were far from overflowing after the Reagan and Bush presidencies. Not only did they run huge deficits, but they also both raised taxes several times. I don’t really want to get into a huge political discussion, so I’ll just recommend that you guys do some actual research before spouting a lot of baseless, historically inaccurate nonsense in the future. Or, better yet, drop the politics altogether.

  46. Cropsey says:

    Are you guys going to sell the shirts on the Stash website? I hate Paypal and I bet some of your other fans are anti aswell.

  47. Cropsey says:

    Can I mail a check to The Stash for my shirt?

  48. bimmy says:

    I can’t wait for the next blog update!

  49. Cropsey says:

    I found out the answer to my question above. I don’t want to pull Bry away from his internet porn so I will answer myself below:

    Hello Cropsey,

    Thank you for inquiring about purchasing the shirt directly from The Stash. You can mail a money order directly to The Stash. Please don’t forget to include your mailing address as to where we should send the TESD shirt. We really prefer this method because Paypal hits us with a 30% fee and bypassing Paypal increases our margin nicely.

    Thanks for your thoughts and suppporting the show. We really aapreciate listeners like you.


    Bry, I ain’t trying to pull a Major Walley, please save your fables for somebody else.

  50. Bill LaRue says:

    I fell alseep listening to TESD 75 and when I woke up I discovered that I had somehow spent 11,000 dollars on T-shirts. What the fuck!?

  51. RZM says:

    I loved the “Joint-Counter Joint” mention on the show this week.

    I was trying to park my car at the time and nearly crashed into a post because I was laughing so hard, nice throwback 🙂

    Keep up the excellent work guys

  52. Jeff L says:

    I’ve sent a couple emails to Ironcity67@gmail.com inquiring about shirts, but nobody has replied. Are they swamped with orders?

  53. Pablo says:

    I’ve had tons of trouble with Paypal when you going to get another way so we can purchase the T’s?? Please and Thanks!!

  54. Gun runner says:

    Staaah-en eye-land ni-keys!!!


  55. Alastair Gallacher says:

    Have the tshirts been shipped yet? Paid for mine a month ago and still waiting for it. Can you help. Thanks Sir

  56. Gray says:

    Shouldn’t both slogans have commas?
    Peace, Asshole.
    Tell ’em, Steve-Dave.

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