Space Monkeys

Quinn here. I know that this is usually Bryan’s forum, but I’m taking it over for a bit to dispense some information.

First, I want to thank all non-England based followers of our Twitter feed for their patience regarding the barrage of information flowing through there about the Space Monkeys Jolly Ol’ England Tour. I know I’ve been hitting it hard with info that’s largely useless to you, but it will pay off for everyone in the long run. See, if this England tour is a success (and it already is) then I’m going to have an easier time setting up shows in the good old USA. I may not be able to get Walt on a plane, but I can get him in a car if I show him that we can actually pull this off. I crave his approval.

Yes, Walt has morphed into some sort of bizarre father figure for me.

So, hold tight, USA. Once these shows sell out (fingers crossed) then it’ll be back to business as usual, i.e. hitting on women with nice looking profile pics and spending an inordinate amount of time and energy corresponding with people who say that we suck.

Also, pimping “Impractical Jokers” coming to Tru TV on December 15th.

Okay. That’s the Yanks sorted out. Now onto the Limeys…..

Good news, everyone! We sold out London and Manchester! Paul at the Prince Charles Cinema in London and Graham at the Fab Cafe in Manchester have worked tirelessly to make this happen, and the response has been more than we hoped for.  So much so that Bryan and I have added shows. These shows are:

1) A midnight show in London at the Prince Charles Cinema. We’ve dropped the midnight show price to £10, because we know it’s late and I want to encourage people from the 7pm show to return for the midnight show. More on that in a moment. You can buy tickets for the midnight show here.

2) A September 19th show at the Fab Cafe in Leeds.  Yes, Leeds.  I will not be wearing any Manchester related kits in Leeds. You can secure your tickets by calling the good people of the Leeds Fab Cafe at 0113 244 9009. Tickets will be £15 a pop there.

To answer a question we’ve been getting a lot – Yes, we will be selling t-shirts at the shows. TESD shirts. Space Monkeys shirts (Bryan is working on a special tour version of this). We will also be selling tour posters. A small, but respectable merchandise table, I think you’ll find.

Another frequent question is one about whether Bryan and I will be hanging out after the shows.  To this, I reply an enthusiastic YES!  Allow me to break it down for you –

LONDON – We have a show at 7pm at the Prince Charles Cinema. After the show we will be walking across the road to a nice joint called Ruby Blue where we will begin the fine art of getting blottoed. Ruby Blue has been kind enough to host us, and you will only be able to get in with your ticket stub from the show, so hold onto it. Entrance is free, but, sadly, we need to pay for drinks. You can get in with tickets from either of the London shows, so don’t worry about that.

At Ruby Blue, Bryan and I will be in attendance, fluttering and (in Bryan’s case, of course) hitting on your wives and girlfriends. It’s gonna be a blast. A blast that leads to the alcohol-fueled midnight show. Midnight Madness, I’m calling it. I’m hoping for a much more interactive, Rocky Horror type show for the midnight hour, but that’s just me. Bryan may just be hoping for me to stay awake and not fight with the audience, Houston style.

MANCHESTER – Fab Cafe in Manchester is shaping up to be the frat party that I’ve always wanted. First, it’s in a bar. Boom. Second, it looks like some Irish lasses are going to come over and act as the Space Monkeys Cheerleaders. This isn’t a definite, but if you listen to the last Overkill, you know we tried to set it up. Any girls interested in joining in, let me know. Third, we will be walking right from the stage to the bar to hang out, and Graham says we can go as late as we want. So we will be going late. I feel like Manchester is going to be the Thunderdome of this tour. Finally, the place looks like the comic book store, so Bryan and I will be right at home. It’s got a ton of cool, geeky movie memorabilia all over the place.

I’ve been to the Fab Cafe in Manchester back in 2009 and can attest to the fact that it’s a fucking lovely place to spend an evening.

LEEDS – Fab Cafe in Leeds just went on sale as I type this, so tickets are very available. This is it. The end of the tour. Our deportation party. Anything left that we have, we’re going to leave right there. At this point we have no reason to hold back anything, so come down and watch two middle-aged men burn out. After being attached at the hip and going hard for four days, we should have a lot to complain about each other and, really, isn’t us bitching at each other what brought us all together in first place?

There we go. One final thought is this – many people have expressed concern about coming alone to the shows. Do not fear. We’re going to get everyone nice and friendly and partying together. Walt has a family. Bryan has a kick-ass beard. I have partying skills. Trust me on this.

I leave you with this – The Fab Cafe Leeds tour poster.  It bears mentioning that these posters were plucked from my notes and made a (better) reality by Aaron Radzwilowicz, the same mad genius who put music to Walt’s beautiful song for his wife. Clearly, Aaron does superior work so if you need a graphics guy, hit him up here.

Come One, Come All

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49 Responses to Space Monkeys

  1. GeekyBaz says:


    I missed the Manchester date due to being broke and waiting for my pay and now Leeds is too far for a day trip. I can only hope one day there is another tour and you guys grace Liverpool with your presence. Even though Q is a MUFC supporter, I was willing to shell out for beers for you both (which i tweeted Q)

    If the shows go up on Bandcamp, I’ll buy them as it’s you guys keep my working life easy and I’ll always support for that. Thanks for all you do and keep up the GREAT work.

    All the best…

  2. Missed out on the first London show hopefully everyone keeps it together long enough for the midnight show not to be too shambolic.

  3. The countdown to Manchester begins!!!

    Its my birthday that week so the tickets (and being chauferred 2 hours down the road from the north east) is my treat from my wife. Please be kind to her as she doesnt listen to the show much and still refers to bryan as ‘Steve Dave’ but she’s a good sport and if Q wants to hit on her i suppose i shouldnt begrudge her that experience.

    I’m sure plenty of people are offering to buy you drinks so i will gracefully offer to recieve drinks from you.


  4. Congrats guys … I’m fuckin’ proud of you! Simples.

  5. The new Samuel L. Jackson movie: “Walt In A Car”.

  6. Dave says:

    Congrats to all you’se guises success! Glad you can be there for your UK fans.
    You have the best podcast out there.

  7. Sam says:

    Q-man… maybe Walt can to convinced to spread his travelling wings (or tires) and head north with you boys to exotic Toronto. You already know how much canucks love the TESD crew, and it would be great to see you guys in person here. Just a thought for all that potential plotting down the road…

    Keep it up guys… kudos, as always!

  8. Badmuthapucka-PNO says:

    Is the music at the beginning of Overkill another J Sarge original? It was stellar. Hope u guys use that more.
    New posts at

  9. Kelli Brand says:

    “people who say that we suck.”

    “We”? As in Bry, Walt and Q?
    NO ONE says that. Only Q sucks.

  10. Jeff Leiboff says:

    How do you do 70% less Quinn in the metric system? KIDDING!

  11. Greg says:

    Your show in Leeds is on September 19th, and Leeds play Man U on September 20th (Carling Cup game). Friendly word of advice – don’t even mention being a Man U fan, and if you happen to be drinking – bite your tongue no matter what is said about Scumchester.

  12. doctormanlove says:

    Nobody in Fab Cafe will give a fuck about the football. Try and beat the high score on the Star Wars machine in the Leeds one…

  13. Schmoker says:

    Just don’t let walt think the skyping inin a regular basis is ok. I mean it’s better than no walt I’m sure but it’s not the same.

  14. Sam says:

    AMC greenlight of the show? Oh yeaaaah!

  15. Mike K. says:

    Sounds awesome. Good to see stuff happening with Space Monkeys. First episode was cool.

    Also, big congrats on your TV deal! Glad if finally came through. I seriously can’t wait to watch it!

  16. Mike Gloady says:

    Looking forward to seeing you boys in London. And bring Walt next time – check out an episode of the A-Team for ideas on how.

    Question. Should I REALLY go for the midnight show AS WELL?

  17. Jeepster says:

    Please don’t ever listen to Walt’s ideas for the show.. he’s hilarious but his ideas are insane! Half puppets half zombie? I love a train wreck as much as the next guy but people listen to the show for the personalities of the people doing it, that’s all you need. That said, it has me in stitches when Walt acts like he’s the rational one and then busts out the most left-field crazy takes on just about anything.


  18. Badmuthapucka-PNO says:

    Loved the latest ep. Can’t wait to see the puppets.

  19. Mike Gloady says:

    Who else is bringing a puppet to the London shows?

  20. Talat says:

    Ah the poster is for Leeds, my bad..

  21. Gun runner says:

    I wish you fuckers would come to Australia. Keep up the awesome work.

  22. Kelli Brand says:

    I support Git ’em 100%!

    • Then go to his sites and post on them. We get it, Bitch. You don’t like Q. Fuck off then.

      • Kelli Brand says:

        Go kill yourself cocksucker. Q SUCKS. Git’ em RULEZ! Git’ em!!!!!!!!!!!Git’ em!!!!!!!!!!!Git’ em!!!!!!!!!!!Git’ em!!!!!!!!!!!Git’ em!!!!!!!!!!!Git’ em!!!!!!!!!!!Git’ em!!!!!!!!!!!Git’ em!!!!!!!!!!!Git’ em!!!!!!!!!!!Git’ em!!!!!!!!!!!Git’ em!!!!!!!!!!!Git’ em!!!!!!!!!!!Git’ em!!!!!!!!!!!Git’ em!!!!!!!!!!!Git’ em!!!!!!!!!!!Git’ em!!!!!!!!!!!Git’ em!!!!!!!!!!!Git’ em!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ROB says:


  23. JT says:

    Hey I’m pretty good with the puppet making and would like to put some together for you. i just dont think it could happen before your eurotrip. are you still interested?

  24. Smelli Hand (cause you play with your rank twat), just because Q turned you down, because of said rank twat, doesn’t mean you have to keep bad mouthing him on this board. If you think the listeners of TESD give a fuck what your dumb ass thinks, you are sadly mistaken. Even the 22 friends you have on Facebook couldn’t care less. You are worthless and pathetic. This doesn’t have anything to do with Git’em at all. You are just a sad little bitch whose cunt smells worse than the shit monster in Dogma. If anybody should take their own life, I think we both know it should be you. At least your pussy will smell better once you are dead.

    • corbypunk says:

      slightly offensive don`t you think? if you were sitting in a pub with her would you really tell her you wished that she was dead?

  25. Kelli Brand says:

    I also eat poo on a regular basis! Smear it in the vag. Q is into it.
    GIT’ EM!

  26. TESD puppet show would be awesome!

  27. Badmuthapucka-PNO says:

    If any of you are on face book, search for Constellation Park. They have a picture of Walt’s puppet. Looks awesome. And while your there, learn why you should pick up that phenomenal graphic novel.

  28. Badmuthapucka-PNO says:

    Here’s my public service announcement for the week: Listen to Bry, Walt, and Ming this week on SIR, Get your copy of Constellation Park (go ahead. I’ll wait….) and check out the new posts at The Apuckalypse-

  29. Bill LaRue says:

    The real reason Walt won’t get on a plane – Nutmare At 20,000 Feet* —>

    *Feet mostly likely has something to do with heels since it’s Ming.

  30. Cropsey says:

    I enjoy B&Q but Ming would be a nice addition to Space Monkeys. You could call it Chinese Space Monkeys. Or Space Monkeys Plus 1.

  31. Heather says:

    I love you, Q. That is all.

  32. Badmuthapucka-PNO says:

    Check out the new posts (SMecret Origin & Pucknuts Pearl Harbor) at The Apuckalypse, as mentioned on TESD Episode 79-

    *This SHAMELESS* posting brought to you by one tall dude looking forward to Constellation Park 2. CP2? Get your copy of Constellation Park so you know what the f*ck I’m talking about.

  33. Schmoker says:

    Excellent pod today with Suzanne. Worth the wait! I was wondering if anyone wants to plan a gathering before or after the count Basie show. I am coming in from out of town and I need to be entertained. Anyone interested?

  34. Badmuthapucka-PNO says:

    New domain for The Apuckalypse: , and soon . Check out the new posts- “World’s Collide” and “Scratched Out”

  35. ROB says:


  36. NJdevs95 says:

    I was looking through some news sites today and happened to notice the title of this story “Iran failed with space monkey launch…” which gave me a chuckle.

  37. Badmuthapucka-PNO says:

    New tribute posts for TESD, Pucknuts, and I Sell Comics at The Apuckalypse
    Brought to you by the letter “F” and by the letter “U”, and by the number “2”…. wait a sec… while I sort this out, read “Sundays With Jeff” “Puck U (and the bench you rode in on)” and “ISC #1: True Believers”

  38. Ian says:

    I just wanted to comment quickly on Sofia Coppola in Godfather 3. This is not to take up for her at all (she was horrid in the movie), however, she was a last minute replacement for Winona Ryder, who dropped out due to illness.

  39. Bill LaRue says:

    How do you find Bryan Johnson? Just follow the trail of neglected blogs across the internet.

    *Not serious, love TESD, please don’t hate.

  40. Badmuthapucka-PNO says:

    For your holiday pleasure, the parsley to the verbal smorgasbord to come with the TESD Thanksgiving episode and the TESD XMAS bonus pod, check out the 12 Pucknuts of Xmas at The Apuckalypse-

  41. Bryan, WTF? Are you ever going to update this thing?!?!?!?

  42. Jeepster says:

    Will you guys please just get your own twitter feeds already? And Bry, was that you who posted about the muslim woman? The story was messed up but the site you linked to was so paranoid and militantly right wing, not much better than muslim extremists if you ask me. Oh wait, you didn’t.

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