TESD 92: Stompin’ On a Dream

The band at the end of today’s show are friends of ours & for those of you who’re so sharp-eyed you make an eagle look like Mr. Magoo, you’ll notice that one of the two members of ‘ The Ribeye Brothers’ is Jon Kleiman…a gentleman who contributed to the musical portion of one of America’s best loved films, Vulgar. Check out their MySpace page…our boys are fairly dope as the kids say these days.

BAND: The Ribeye Brothers
ALBUM: New Ways To Fail
SONG: Witch’s Curse
MYSPACE: http://www.myspace.com/theribeyebrothers

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9 Responses to TESD 92: Stompin’ On a Dream

  1. When is the episode going up?

    BTW, for anyone who may not have seen Impractical Jokers last night on TruTV, there was a “cameo” by Walt and TESD: http://twitpic.com/7u5esz

  2. Gareth says:

    Glad you’re using the blog again Bry. Even if it’s to update us on the song.


  3. Also, the podcast referenced at the top of te show is Misinformation Podcast. Available on iTunes or at http://misinformation,podbean.com

  4. Jeepster says:

    We had our own Magic Gang, the Ghost Army. “Their mission was to use bluff, deception, and trickery to save lives. ”


  5. Jeff L says:

    Cool. Thanks.

  6. Rob oner says:

    I love how walt goes after Bryan on every single issue just to disagree but his puppet idea fails miserably he busts out lame quotes and its all cool but pretty much anything Bryan says Walt shits on it. And Come on Walt who cares what you lept to do, you still said Q’s idea was bad and wouldnt work so EAT CROW. Get off you’re ivory tower you aint better than Bryan or anybody else on earth. Another thing yeah calling a group of people “savages and animals” is racists. Using your logic Walt, all white people are savages and animals becasue of the KKK. Im a huge fan but i mean there comes a point when you just go to far with disagreeing with every fucking thing Bry and Q says. Walt, I bought the xmas pod thinking you finally where gonna talk a bit about yourself and you family traditions but you couldnt be bothered to give the fans something on there either. Yes i know this is the formula of the show but geez when walt gets all pumped up becasue of the chance of not doing the show in jan cuz q’s on vacation makes me question why he even continues doing it. I love you Walt but come on man draaw the negative line somewhere pal.

  7. Scott addison says:

    I’m from uk love the banter between the three of you .If you want to see and hear the best comedy our shared spoken word has to offer .Please watch black adder season 2,3,4 you will not regret it. Do not watch season 1 first it’s terrible.

  8. Rob oner says:

    Ha typical Walt turning to name calling when faced with the truth. . Im from Los Angeles not SF. You wanna call me a loser that’s fine. Im a single father raising a daughter on my own with no help from anybody so if that makes me a loser thats fine. You are an extremely close minded man and that’s part of you’re charm but dude, how the hell has Bryan not put you’re head through a wall? You talk tough but clearly you need people around to protect you. I mean you could’nt even face the magazine idiot on making hay 2 you were acting like a puss.I dont care what games you came up with for the xmas pod its was advertised as everyone giving their family traditions which everyone did except you. you say you wont talk about your family and thats fine but the topic was xmas traditions people celebrated growing up. And then Bry asked you you just said “i love christmas” and moved on didnt even touch on any thing from your childhood. Sorry but that kind of irked me because i actually thought you would. Im on depression meds also so go ahead and critizise that too. Bry you are my hero I love Party Down and Childrens Hospital and pretty much anything Ken Marino and that whole crew does. The Ten is amazing. Q you a pimp and Inpractical jokers is soooo funny i literally LOL. Walt im sorry my opinion of you changed cuz you were my favorite for the longest time. I still love the show and support anything you guys do. Thanks for listening.

  9. Rob says:

    Hey there long time listener first time commenter
    I live in the UK and one of my friends just posted a link on Facebook to impractical jokers! This just blew my tiny 19 year old mind and thought I should let you know etc.
    I shall be doing the same 🙂

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