This is the OFFICIAL blog for the Tell ‘Em Steve Dave podcast. Until now,  I’m sure you’ve encountered many fakes, phonies, charlatans, counterfeits, etc…other blogs pretending to be us. You see my point. Mostly it’ll be me, Bry. Maybe you’ll get a sprinkling of Q. Walt swore he’d NEVER post. We’ll see.

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  1. Ben says:

    Just wanted to let you know that over the past year of Pods you guys have regularly brightened up my week. Thanks for all the free entertainment, I’ve appreciated it a lot.

  2. Zed Essex (Guy who did the 1 true 3 theme) says:

    Just a note, tell Quinn to monitor the output from the recorder rather than the sound from the board. This way he’ll hear the sound that is making it to the recorder! He would have heard the dropout in sound instantly and would have been able to fix it before it became such a problem. Also iPads record and you guys have three of them! Why not set one up and leave it recording for a backup in case things go south with the main recorder? If you haven’t bought the new board yet I can recommend Soundcraft mixers, they make some affordable smaller mixers that are awesome for podcasting. Other than that keep up the good work and get Ming to change the blog link on the web site to bring you here rather than the blogspot page!

  3. Hey, if you want help with jazzing up the blog site I have become pretty good at adapting WordPress templates. I have two blogs right now, both of which I have upgraded / redesigned in the past few months.


  4. Nick says:

    You guys are great, thanks for making me laugh on a more regular basis.
    Walt Flanagan is a golden god.
    We Canadians love the show.
    And leave ming alone guys. Fuck.

  5. ryan says:

    thank you

  6. SUPERGHOST says:

    Working my way through the backlog that is TeSD! Pesently just listened to the conclussion of the Not-So Super Bowl! Love the ‘cast, keep them coming!

  7. Country Punk says:

    Hey guys,

    Was just going back listening to the old pods – During ‘Making Hay’, one of your best shows imho, you said that after a year you would go back to the Flea Market again to do a follow up; is this gonna happen? I imagine if you were to do a “where are they now” piece, the answer will pretty much be ‘in Collingswood selling the same old shit’, but I’m sure you could make it interesting. Maybe this time you could ask the tough questions like – ‘what the fuck?’

    Keep ’em coming fellahs, it always brightens my day when I see there’s a new TESD to listen to. Thanks.

  8. clayton says:

    hey guys im a huge fan jst wanted to say thanks for brightning my week u guys fucking rule even when ur fuckin suzzan from behind with a handgun

  9. Alejandro Espinosa says:

    Good Evening Gentlemen or as we say in Australia G’Day

    A BIG shout out from Sydney Australia, love your work…………

    started recently downloading the first 10 episodes and have had great laughs at Bry’s stories & walt’s antics – keep up the great work.

    really funny and ill be downloading all the episodes

    cheers boys


    • Alejandro says:

      Evening TESD

      Just listened to the trilogy chen times three, part 3 was so funny that I cried tears of laughter, just the best and most funny podcast in the world.

      TESD Rocks!!!!!

      Lets get an australian tour happening………..

      FYI – UP TO EP 56

  10. Walt was on fire this week. I loved when he was talking about easter eggs. It is kinda messed up looking for hard boiled eggs. Q- good luck with your show, pulling for you.

  11. Jay Newman says:

    The show does the impossible of most shows…..it stays funny as hell every single week. Walter mocking people, Bryan lamenting and Q..well just being Q’ish. The show makes me laugh out loud like a damn fool in traffic.

  12. Chris from Australia says:

    Love the show guys!…worst episode ever had me in stitches…Been about 1 year on from Makin hay i would pay for a 1 year follow up…

  13. Paolo Tuazon says:

    just want to say thanks for all the entertainment you bring to us listeners and also to let you know that you have fans here in the Philippines…!!!

  14. Dan F says:

    I love the per diem shows. Unedited, fresh and 70% more Ming!

  15. Christine says:

    You guys are the best part of my work week. You always make me laugh out loud! Really love the podcasts and the vids you post on YouTube – can’t wait for the tv show. xo

  16. matthusted says:

    Heard you guys talk about it not being able to get the TESD Overkill show on a Mac. Incase nobody brought it up yet, you cant download the show but you can stream it on a Mac at the link below. The link was found Here.


    Ive been listening since day one and love the shows. Keep it up.

    For the record Puck Nuts doesn’t get my vote. Put that energy into TESD.

  17. Sean Law says:

    Please return to the super natural themed format of overkill. It’s possibly my favorite podcast to date.

  18. Spirit Ablaze says:

    I know I’m a little behind the curve here, but I just figured out how to download the Zune shows without having to add yet another crappy piece of software that I don’t use onto my computer.

    Don’t know if you are planning to talk to Sargel18 again any time soon, but if you do I’d be interested to know what he thinks of Abraham-Hicks. They speak of The Vortex often not as a physical place on the planet (which I think of more as a portal), but rather as a state of consciousness that we can all tap into. I have a feeling he would diss them as I heard him say a few negative things about “love and light”-ers, but I would still be interested in his response.

    Peace, assholes! ☮

  19. Roy says:

    A big “THANK YOU” from the UK. Great news that you’ll be pond-hopping over here, I’m really looking forward to seeing you guys shooting the breeze live. Get those ticket details up for us!

  20. Anthony Hunt says:

    Hi guys.

    I’m taking a vacation in about a week or so and will be visiting the area. I was just wondering which days you usually record on and if it were possible to watch the show. I apologize in advance if this is not the correct forum for such a question and if this is inappropriate. Either way, can’t wait for my first trip to NJ! Thanks for all you do and keep up the great work!

  21. Alex says:

    Hey BQ you probably already know but I wanted to offer some positive feed back about your show I haven watched T.v in five years and would know about your show since they have plastered all over one of my favorite websites! I wish you much success sir on the launch of you new show! 😀

  22. David1313 says:

    For the last 3 weeks I’ve listened to about 90 of the episodes. Looking forward to being caught up but am gonna hate having to wait a week to hear you guys. I get paid on Monday and I’m totally getting the Xmas pod ! Also wanna get a vinyl ! Thanks for being funny and making me look like a lunatic while I walk down the street laughing while listening.

  23. Brad says:

    Hey guys I’ve recently started listening to Tell em Steve Dave and have not been able to stop. I was and am still a big fan of Smodcast and was very happy to hear about your podcast. My question is that I heard that there is going to be a show on AMC about you guys and the store and was wondering if you had any info on the primere date and showing times. Also, what is the email for Tell em Steve Dave. Thanks and keep pumping out great entertainment .

  24. Christian says:

    Holy shit guys….20 minutes into the Aboriginal Fever podcast and what do I hear? My girlfriend, or perhaps ex-girlfriend Gillian now that Quinn has his hooks into her. My first day back at work after the Christmas break has been the best way to start the new year. Thank you for making her feel so welcome and having her on the pod.

    We will be coming over to the US in 2013 and plan to come to the stash to buy some gear and say Hi. Keep cranking out the podcast as long as you can, its entertaining as all hell. Get Walt some xanax and chuck him on the plane to Australia with you guys to come and do a tour.

    Cheers guys


  25. Donald Brazel says:

    Hey there I ordered one of the vinyl cast and I got the email about the shipping and I would like to help you Q. See I am an eBay seller that deals with mostly vinyl and I have the best way to ship lps I can link you to where to get the mailers pads and bubble wrap as well as how to pack them. I have honed this packing method over years of trial and error and it works perfect and for overseas and it’s the cheapest way less than 1.00 in packing each. Hit me up if you want!

  26. r0adhouse says:

    whats up guys, just letting you guys know how much your podcast brightens my day. Im probaly on my fourth time through listening to them all. I just cant stop laughing at them. thanks heaps,kepp them coming

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