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Big Announcement #1

In case you haven’t seen it already, below is the first of a few rather cool happenings taking place down @ 35 Broad st in the next few weeks. We’re not supposed to say anything more about this first communiqué for … Continue reading

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TESD #63: The Heretic

We’re a week or so away from announcing a few potentially big developments in the world of TESD…none of which involve the show’s running time being shortened. If anything…. Talked to Walt last night and we’ll be returning to Collinswood … Continue reading

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TESD #62: Welcome To The Machine

No listener band this week. Instead, a track off Monster Magnet’s new album ‘Bored With Sorcery’ from ‘Mastermind’. Dave came in and hung for a spell. Figured it was the least I could do. Thanks to everyone who has bought … Continue reading

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TESD #61: Rappin’ With The Dead

Calling all Canucks! I’ll be all up in your ‘hood on Sunday May 22nd. We’re better than half sold and the place is small so get your tickets quickly! I’ve seen what Suzanne is planning to wear. It’s pretty sexy, … Continue reading

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TESD #60: Ding Dong Bin Laden’s Dead!

Sorry for the show delay this week. Circumstances…shit beyond your control…you know how it goes. Last week we talked about a listener and friend of Q’s, Chris Laudando, who self-published a comic called ‘Constellation Park’. Here’s the link if you’re … Continue reading

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TESD #59: Right said Ming

Listener band info for this week… Band Name: Bryan Kelly Website: Song Name: The Glorious Burden More info to come tomorrow about different shit. That little kid passed on her Croup to me…I guess it manifests in adults as a … Continue reading

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Fucking Fuck

Only read this if you’re interested in the minutia of pod recording gone awry, a little kid’s croup and why the show won’t go up this week. We recorded Tuesday. My brothers were both in town so I put off … Continue reading

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A Dark Day…

Turns out TESD will be no more… than 24 hours late…I hope. Unfortunately my hard drive crapped out in a fashion most spectacular this morning which robbed me of my ability to edit the show. Of course neither of the … Continue reading

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TESD #58: The Bank of Tears

LISTENER BAND INFO: Adam of No Americana says the band has an EP which dropped (can you say dropped if it’s not a rap album?) at the end of March. BAND: Americana WEBSITE: SONG: Wax Poetic MEDIEVAL TIMES: Clear your schedule … Continue reading

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Medieval Times/New Animation

Hey All, As mentioned on the show this week TESD is going to Medieval Times. Clear your schedule for the night of April 22nd (and the 23rd just to be safe Q says) & email me at with the … Continue reading

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