Big Announcement #1

In case you haven’t seen it already, below is the first of a few rather cool happenings taking place down @ 35 Broad st in the next few weeks. We’re not supposed to say anything more about this first communiqué for now, but you know Kev & secrets. Won’t be long before he gets all giddy & shit & he can’t contain himself anymore & you’re all in the know.
If any of the following applies & you’re able to make it on the dates mentioned, send in your info asap & cross your fingers. I’d also stuff a few bills in your wallet before you come ’cause you know Walt wants your cash & a PAID Flanagan is a HAPPY Flanagan.

FROM: Original Media

Have you ever wanted to work in a comic book shop? Silent Bob himself, Kevin Smith, is casting a new television series set in his comic shop “The Secret Stash.” He’s not looking for actors, he’s looking for real people who live and breath the comic book lifestyle. Must be funny outgoing and have a knowledge and passion for comics, superheroes, movie memorabilia and everything that goes with it. Looking for men and women ages 21 – 35 in the Tri-state area only.  Must be available in Red Bank, NJ on either June 2nd or June 3rd AND a 3-day shoot on June 14th – 16th. To apply, send a picture and a short bio including name, age, and phone number to If you are selected, we will contact you to schedule a follow up interview.

We’re also looking for people in the Tri-state area with cool, unique, rare, or otherwise awesome comic book/movie memorabilia. It’s Pawn Stars for Fanboys, and if you have something to sell/trade/or value, we want you to bring it to us! Must be available in Red Bank, NJ on either June 2nd or June 3rd AND one additional day between  June 14th – 16th. To apply, send a picture of yourself, and a description and picture of the item with your name, age, and phone number to If you are selected, we will contact you to schedule a follow up interview.


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TESD #63: The Heretic

We’re a week or so away from announcing a few potentially big developments in the world of TESD…none of which involve the show’s running time being shortened. If anything….

Talked to Walt last night and we’ll be returning to Collinswood sometime in June so within a month Walt will get a taste of how he’ll be spending the last 20-30 years of his life. Though he’s said in the past he’s never going to die so maybe he’ll take the extended contract on his flea market table so as to avoid the hassle of renewing every year plus take advantage of any long-term commitment discounts he may be entitled to.

Listener Band Info:

Band Name: Dawn Draws Near
Song Name: Mistaken

Everyone have a good holiday weekend and stay safe.

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TESD #62: Welcome To The Machine

No listener band this week. Instead, a track off Monster Magnet’s new album ‘Bored With Sorcery’ from ‘Mastermind’. Dave came in and hung for a spell. Figured it was the least I could do.

Thanks to everyone who has bought pods or the album from our bandcamp page. Despite Walt’s proclamation that ‘everyone who wants it has already got it’ the hits keep coming. My feeling is if you haven’t picked up at least a few of the shows, you’re a soulless vessel with no place in this world. Don’t want that to be you? Then head to Bandcamp and reclaim your humanity.

Lots of people have told us they dig TESD’s opening theme song. I’d like to take credit for it but it’s written/performed/tweaked weekly by Jsarge. Here’s a link to his music blog if you want to check it out.

Last week I said I’d post a few pictures of the poker table we use to record on and the kid from ‘free comic book day’ wantonly defaced. Here they are…with a pic of Sagey helping me make pancakes thrown in for good measure.

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TESD #61: Rappin’ With The Dead

Calling all Canucks! I’ll be all up in your ‘hood on Sunday May 22nd. We’re better than half sold and the place is small so get your tickets quickly! I’ve seen what Suzanne is planning to wear. It’s pretty sexy, kinda see-thru,  and I don’t think she can wear a bra with it. So, if you’re like me and don’t mind shamelessly getting your perv on in public, this is the event for YOU!

As you may have heard, the episode time limit has been lifted. I’m not sure  exactly what happened but I think Kev shifted a few things around with the SIR schedule. Anyway, from what I understand TESD will debut on Fridays after Jay & Bob Get Jobs.  The entire episode will likely not be available until it hits our Smod page & ITunes which will be shortly after it airs ‘live’ on SIR.

In other news, “The Worst Episode Ever” is on our Bandcamp page. Truth be told, it’s pretty decent if a little low energy with a fair percentage of yuks. Walt gives me shit for going back on my word on shout-outs, Ming gives Walt shit for seeking his help as a translator, Q gives us all shit for not paying more attention to his orange hairdo. ‘Lotta shit giving/taking. You could do alot worse for $1.99.

Listener Band info:

BAND: The Hovering Lights
SONG: Mass Panic
Facebook Page:

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TESD #60: Ding Dong Bin Laden’s Dead!

Sorry for the show delay this week. Circumstances…shit beyond your control…you know how it goes.

Last week we talked about a listener and friend of Q’s, Chris Laudando, who self-published a comic called ‘Constellation Park’. Here’s the link if you’re interested in checking it out.

We’re unable to talk about it presently but within a few weeks should you be wearing socks when you hear the announcement we (or more likely Kev) make(s), they will surely be knocked off. Had you told me when we started TESD that this development would have taken place…well, first I’d apologize for the cliche and then I’d say you’re crazy.

Band Info:

Can’t really say this is a band featuring a listener. Q used his long and influential reach to sway your faithful blogger/editor into promoting the band of someone who works on his TruTV show. He’s assured me the music is top notch (though he jams to Maroon 5, so who the fuck knows)

An unfortunate side effect of our involvement with the new S.I.R. network concerns TESD’s listener band project. Recently, we (along with all other SMOD shows) received news in regard to running time. Now that TESD is going to be broadcast on S.I.R. the maximum length of each show will be limited to 57 minutes so as to fit into the programming schedule. As you know, TESD usually runs longer than most (if not all) of its sister shows on the SMOD network and cutting down our incessant blabber will take some adjustment.

Don’t get me wrong…TESD being a part of S.I.R. is very cool and has served as an impetus for us to start tossing around ideas to shake up what was slowly becoming somewhat of a routine show. We’re going to get out of the Stash more and try new approaches to doing TESD aside from sitting down at the store  and talking for an hour or two. IE: Making Hay follow-up…coming soon with a few deets on today’s show.

To the point…

With the new time constraints it makes it pretty much impossible to dedicate 3-5 minutes of each show to a song…which sucks, I know. I’m trying to think of a way to keep the flow of new music coming your way and have a few ideas…none of which I think are the idea. Drop a comment if you have thoughts on what we can do to keep up the listener band segment.

Onto the band info:

Band Name: Les Vinyl
Song Name: F for Effort
It’s on our EP that people can download FOR FREE! Here: website is http://www.lesvinyl.
We have a full album on Itunes and

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TESD #59: Right said Ming

Listener band info for this week…

Band Name: Bryan Kelly
Song Name: The Glorious Burden
More info to come tomorrow about different shit. That little kid passed on her Croup to me…I guess it manifests in adults as a nasty cold that makes them sound like Wheezy from Toy Story II.
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Fucking Fuck

Only read this if you’re interested in the minutia of pod recording gone awry, a little kid’s croup and why the show won’t go up this week.

We recorded Tuesday. My brothers were both in town so I put off cutting until Thursday morning. Normally I convert the mp3 file into an AIFF file using ITunes then dump it into Final Cut Express. USUALLY this goes off without a hitch but this wasn’t usual…I kept getting a message saying ‘the drive Spookyboobs (name of my hard drive) cannot be written to or read from’. I thought it was a problem with ITunes as sometimes the program is quirky but even when I tried converting the file using Final Cut, it would get as far as 22% and then crap out.

So of course I call my main Asian and we think it’s probably a hard drive issue and I need to replace it. No 640 GB drives to be had at either Best Buy in my area so I had to order one from Amazon. By the time it arrives on Friday Ming’s called me back and we boot my laptop from the install cd which fixes some problems but not the Itunes issue. Ming suggests we convert the file using some other program and it works…off to the races. Almost immediately Suzanne tells me to come downstairs…My niece’s head feels hot and she’s got a hacky 2 pack a day cough going . We take her temp which clocks in at 104 degrees and her respiration is about 44 bpm so we call the doc who points us to the pediatric ER. After a breathing treatment, a chest X-ray, and a bacteria swab, she’s diagnosed with croup. We bring her home and by now it’s 9pm so I say ‘fuck it’ I’ll get up early tomorrow and edit the show. Surely the peeps will understand.


Bry orders a bagel and a cup of tea then sets up his editing gear determined not to let the TESD listeners down. They WILL have their show by Saturday afternoon.

Bry edits
Bry eats his bagel
Bry sips tea
Bry cuts out a good joke Walt made so the bastard doesn’t appear funnier than Bry.

REAL TIME where Bry’s mouth falls open in shock and horror.

What the fuck?

The FINAL CUT timeline which reads 17:06

Quinn, that stupid mother

The file for show fifty-nine was corrupted beyond repair. The sound cut out at 17 minutes, six seconds and never came back. This has never been explained.


Though Ming assured Bry Q couldn’t have prevented the problem, Bry insists on holding it against him and suspects Ming’s unwavering defense is based on his desire to bump cockheads with Q.


Sage is feeling better and got a Spongebob coloring/sticker book and new markers to pass the time in bed.

So….sorry everyone. I can’t stand it when this kind of shit happens and starting next week I’ll be recording to our regular digital recorder and backing up to my laptop for safety. We’ll do our best to double up the fun next week to make up for the lost show. In fact, if you have any topics you want us to talk about or questions your dying to hear our answers to, email them to us at with the subject line ‘Q fucked it up’ and we’ll pick a few to jaw about.


PS VH1 should be fucking ashamed of themselves for producing/airing something as disgraceful as ‘Mob Wives’ (Weinstein Brothers). It’s pretty grotesque that this is considered entertainment.

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A Dark Day…

Turns out TESD will be no more…

than 24 hours late…I hope. Unfortunately my hard drive crapped out in a fashion most spectacular this morning which robbed me of my ability to edit the show. Of course neither of the Best Buys in my area had a suitable replacement drive so I had to order one from Amazon. It’ll get to me tomorrow & after I switch out the offending drive I’ll get to cutting and get the show up asap. I know some of you are probably traveling tomorrow and like to listen on the road so you have my sincere apologies. The best I can offer is a promise to have it finished by the time you make your return trip. AND…and…don’t forget, you can always listen to ‘Sunday, Sunday, Sunday’ starring Ming and Sunday Jeff.

Alright, sorry. Forget I said that.

I’ll do my damndest for ya. Talk to you tomorrow.


ps: No Medieval Times this week. Q explains the reason for postponing on the show.

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TESD #58: The Bank of Tears


Adam of No Americana says the band has an EP which dropped (can you say dropped if it’s not a rap album?) at the end of March.

BAND: Americana
SONG: Wax Poetic


Clear your schedule & get ready to chow down on some dark meat; The first annual TESD trip to Medieval times has been assigned a new date…8PM on Saturday, April 23rd. You might also want to warn friends and family you’ll be hungover on Easter and using the kid’s easter baskets as puke buckets. Quinn is making some calls and we’ll have more information as far as payment/reservations within the next day or two. Last I heard the cost was $45.00/head so check back by Sunday for more 411 in a 911.


Still figuring out the format & weeding through the unsolicited submissions from you ambitious types. We’ll figure it out sometime this week.


We’re going back. Look forward to an in-depth look at Tina X’s mother issues.

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Medieval Times/New Animation

Hey All,

As mentioned on the show this week TESD is going to Medieval Times. Clear your schedule for the night of April 22nd (and the 23rd just to be safe Q says) & email me at with the subject heading ‘Medieval Times’ so I can add your name to the list & we can reserve a big old section where Q can get drunk and Walt can toss his dark meat on the floor.

In other news, there’s new TESD animation to be watched. We told Bob Etchingham we didn’t have the money to do more…he actually believed us…and did it on his own. Very cool stuff & Ming makes an appearance for all you rabid Chen fans.

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