Quick note on the TESD horror anthology: We’ll be talking about it on this week’s TESD and as soon as we shore up the finer details, I’ll post them here. I’ve already gotten a few emails from publishers both small and mid-size (no Simon & Schusters just yet) who are interested in taking a look at what we have once the final selection process is complete. What we know so far…

1) Stories in the anthology are horror/terror-themed. They can be paranormal based, reality based, or a combination of the two. You’d do well to steer clear of stuff that has recently been done to death (pun intended) like zombies & vampires. However, these subjects don’t automatically exclude you from consideration.
2) The subject matter will be aimed at an adult audience so submitting corny-ass, teeny boppin’, melodramatic, Twilightesque material will eliminate any chance of consideration.
3) No romantic or erotic horror.
4) Each piece will be limited to a maximum of approximately 8000 words. Using the formula of 250 words per page, that gives you roughly 30-35 pages to work with assuming fifteen stories are chosen (including Quinn & myself as we’re kinda’ shoo-ins) Works shorter than 8000 words are fine. If enough writers don’t use their allotment this could open up a space for an additional author.
5) Previously published material is ineligible.
6) One entry per person.

     For those of you who have managed to get the Zune show, below are a few links to the guests we’ve had on the past 2 weeks. If you haven’t managed, shame on you! I know lots of foreign peeps & Mac users who have been listening since day one! Anyway…

Week II:

Week III:

Though it was mid-afternoon, Q & I have been to the abandoned hospital we  mention on this week’s Zune show. Here are a few pics I took of not only where we’ll be conducting our ghost hunt but were also the stomping grounds of none other than accused psycho killer Brian Quinn Cropsey!! If you have Netflix you can see footage of  the Willowbrook hospital in the Cropsey documentary which streams here





























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TESD #69: Paris ‘Herpes’ Hilton

For anyone interested and local enough to stop by, we’ll be here tomorrow between

This week’s listener band info:

1) Band Name:  Yakuza Heart Attack
2) website/Myspace address: www.squidseyerecords.com
3) Name of Song: Beast Attack from the album “II”

If you’re interested, this is the organization Walt was referring to when we talked about the Casey Anthony case on this week’s show.

Like to write? Ever dream of being published? Want a shot at your work finally being seen/read/adored? Tired of rhetorical questions? Okay.
The plan is to have TESD listeners submit short works of horror fiction to be included with in a horror-themed anthology. Q & I will be writing stories to be included as well. Then, someone who isn’t Walt, Q, or myself will judge aforementioned works on a variety of criteria. Once the final stories are selected/edited/ready to rock we’ll submit the completed manuscript to various publishers. By the time it’s all said and done, with any luck we’ll have a book to call our own. I’ll post the submission guidelines for the project within the next week or two. Until then, get crackin’ on thinking up scary/paranormal/weird-ass stuff.

Don’t forget we’re still accepting entries for the ‘I sell Comics’ song competition. The deadline for submissions is July 15th 2011, 11:59pm. We’ve gotten some GREAT jams thus far. Couldn’t believe the one sent to us this morning. When I heard it I said, ‘Bry, This shit just got real!’ Then Suzanne said ‘Stop whispering things to yourself. You do it alot and people are starting to get scared of you!’ So I shut up. For now.


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TESD #68: Shower Power

Right outta’ the gate, apologies to last week’s listener band. I wrote the blog entry but neglected to publish it. So for show #67….

Band: Candle-Ends
Site: www.candle-ends.com
Song: “Marrakech”

And show #68….

Band name: Up and Up
Song name: I Would
Website: upandup.bandcamp.com
TESD fans can use the discount code “tesd” to get the whole album for $1.80.

Now to address the ongoing Zune problems which affect mostly you non-American types and Apple enthusiasts.

I spoke to the guy over at Microsoft today. No, not Bill G., but the head muckety-muck as far as ZuneCasts are concerned and what he came with wasn’t all that encouraging. As many of you have discovered, Zune pods aren’t available outside the U.S.. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear any changes regarding this policy are on the near horizon. You’re boned…to use the parlance of our time. I explained the importance of our foreign peeps but shockingly TESD didn’t have the sway to change up the Microsoft infrastructure within the next 15 weeks. This doesn’t mean you’ll NEVER get to hear the shows. After our 16 week contract is up the shows become non-exclusive and rights revert back to TESD.  But as of right now, there’s no legitimate way to acquire them.
No legitimate way.

I have slightly better news for Apple users. Though there’s no way to utilize the Zune software on a Mac which means you can’t download the pod through their platform, you can download an MS program called Silverlight which should allow you to stream the show from the TESD:Overkill page.

Bottom line, the whole Zune thing while affording us an opportunity to offer up additional content, kind of sucks inasmuch that we love when everyone rsvp’s and has an equal chance to join the party. Up until I talked to the MS guy today, I believed we’d be able to figure out a way around the pesky non-US, non-PC user issues. Well, color me naive.
Quite a few people have suggested that we do an extra show but charge the listeners a small amount so everyone has a shot at getting it. It’s an idea we’ve tossed around in the past but have been sort of hyperconscious about implementing it. We much prefer the idea of someone whose wig is big breaking out their wallet so you guys, the ones who support us week after week, continue to listen in for free. Unfortunately that plan didn’t unfold as we intended it to in this situation.

Thus far the Zune people have been great to deal with and have expressed nothing but excitement after seeing the download numbers from the first ‘Overkill’ episode. However, if we’ve learned anything it’s next time a deal like this presents itself, we’ll take a closer look to make sure the guy breaking out his wallet doesn’t have a virtual velvet rope in place.

Get Silverlight: http://tinyurl.com/yeokpg7
SMODCAST page for TESD:OVERKILL: http://tinyurl.com/3uftatt
ZUNE page for TESD:OVERKILL: http://tinyurl.com/3wkmdf8

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TESD #66: Issue Zero

Listener Band Info:

Band name: Leather Daddy and the Frontal Bullet Duo
Song: Headli(n)es


While on the subject of tunes…Walt has written what’s sure to be a smash hit but needs a band to provide the music. So get to strumming, drumming, tinkling, (blowing on a jug if you’re Maxwell) or whatever it is you do and put these timeless lyrics to music. Of course somebody’s gotta sing & it ain’t gonna be Walt so don’t just write the notes! It’s not much of a contest since there’s no ‘prize’ per se but won’t it be fun to hear the contenders on the show?

Listen to today’s live show for more info.


What manner of creature stands behind this counter
Man or machine is the big mystery
and with every transaction I cement my place in history.

My fingers dance over the register keys leaving your mouth agape
and it’s not ’cause I make King Kong look like just another ape
but it’s just another sale to this comics-selling alpha male.

I could sell comics to a blind man
a Wednesday warrior through and through
and you’ll buy everything I tell you to.
I sell comics baby. Comics baby. Comics baby. Oooooooo…..Yeahhhhhhhh


In WW two the allies kicked nazi ass and Hitler sobbed nein, nein, nein
Just like my competition when they hang that going out of business sign.


Song ends with register sounds, drawer opening/closing

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TESD #65: The Celebrated Return of Mr. F

Listener Band info:

Band: Betty Ironthumbs
Song: Under the Night
Website: http://www.bettyironthumbs.com

First things first, the promised picture of Wolfie, the Hound of Mosier. This was taken on the day that we spirited the poor phonophobic pooch to Big Bear Lake to escape the fireworks.

Next are some candid stills from the all-new Sagey and Dada show. I don’t think they make phone books anymore (at least in this area) so I’m going to have to hold on to those.

In case you missed it, here’s a link to a video of Sagey being ruthlessly attacked by a dog.


And finally, if you want to advertise, wish someone a happy birthday, tell someone you’re breaking up with them…whatever it is you want to have us say for you on the SIR radio morning program next week (and are willing to spend $100 on) email ads@smodcast.com for more information.


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TESD #64: Two Is The Loneliest Number

Another update later today or tomorrow with some (relatively) interesting info. Wanted to get the listener band info up so you know who you’re listening to.

Listener Band info:

1)  BandNo More Pain
2)  Website: http://www.nomorepainmusic.com/
3) Myspacehttp://www.myspace.com/nomorepainmusic
4) Album– No More Pain / Song – So They Say 

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Big Announcement #1

In case you haven’t seen it already, below is the first of a few rather cool happenings taking place down @ 35 Broad st in the next few weeks. We’re not supposed to say anything more about this first communiqué for now, but you know Kev & secrets. Won’t be long before he gets all giddy & shit & he can’t contain himself anymore & you’re all in the know.
If any of the following applies & you’re able to make it on the dates mentioned, send in your info asap & cross your fingers. I’d also stuff a few bills in your wallet before you come ’cause you know Walt wants your cash & a PAID Flanagan is a HAPPY Flanagan.

FROM: Original Media

Have you ever wanted to work in a comic book shop? Silent Bob himself, Kevin Smith, is casting a new television series set in his comic shop “The Secret Stash.” He’s not looking for actors, he’s looking for real people who live and breath the comic book lifestyle. Must be funny outgoing and have a knowledge and passion for comics, superheroes, movie memorabilia and everything that goes with it. Looking for men and women ages 21 – 35 in the Tri-state area only.  Must be available in Red Bank, NJ on either June 2nd or June 3rd AND a 3-day shoot on June 14th – 16th. To apply, send a picture and a short bio including name, age, and phone number to comiccasting@gmail.com If you are selected, we will contact you to schedule a follow up interview.

We’re also looking for people in the Tri-state area with cool, unique, rare, or otherwise awesome comic book/movie memorabilia. It’s Pawn Stars for Fanboys, and if you have something to sell/trade/or value, we want you to bring it to us! Must be available in Red Bank, NJ on either June 2nd or June 3rd AND one additional day between  June 14th – 16th. To apply, send a picture of yourself, and a description and picture of the item with your name, age, and phone number to comiccasting@gmail.com. If you are selected, we will contact you to schedule a follow up interview.


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