TESD 70: Making Hay II

Listener band info:

1) Band: I Am The Icarus
2)Web info:  http://www.iamtheicarus.com
3) Song: Faster

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35 Responses to TESD 70: Making Hay II

  1. Matt Chance says:

    With all the mentions of un-aired recordings from both Making Hay’s, video & audio, will you just release them on Bandcamp, or perhaps do a “special features” podcast? I wanna hear that stuff, and I’m sure everyone else would too.

  2. Steven says:

    So far, so good, so funny. I don’t know why you’re all down on yourself. The audience won’t be judging the ambience/events of the day, but the humour with which they’re reviewed!

    It does sound, though, like having such a big entourage, boasting a TV crew and hangers-on, may have got in the way of the intrepid reporter trying to go undercover and hoof it with the common man.

    Looking forward to the epic second part already.

  3. Thomas Stark says:

    It’s a shame you guys didn’t think much of your show becuase I thought it was a pretty good follow up.

  4. pdubble says:

    I thought Makin’ Hay II was every bit as good as Makin’ Hay I. It had you guys talking to the day in day out members of a flea market, and you guys giving commentary in the form of ripping on each other. I was expecting you to get through all the audio in like 5 minutes you were complaining about it so much, and then you did an awesome bit ripping on Ming, and described in great detail the weirdos wandering the barren capitalism and nazi periphenelia driven fields of Collingswood. Tell Walt to quit being so pessimistic. I thought Bry was the one with the depression. I’m looking forward to the next pod!

  5. shugs81 says:

    what he said!

  6. gitemstevedave says:

    I just want to let everyone here know I DON’T spend that many hours at the Collingwood. I am usually out of there by 11-12 o’clock. I only live 3-5 miles away, so it’s not that much of a trip back and forth.

    That said, the Sunday the guys were there was a bad Sunday. Friday and Saturday had been horrible weather wise which meant there were not many customers and not much money coming in. There was a cloud, and not in the weather way, that Sunday, and it even infected me. Bry WAS in a lot of knee pain, and you could see it get worse as the day wore on.

  7. Carl says:

    Any chance of this being as good as Making Hay 1 was ruined by the episode being about how bad it was rather than talking about it. It should be Pre-Making Hay 2 not the first part.

  8. Dave says:

    waiting patiently for part 2. love this podcast more then all the rest.

  9. Randy Webber says:

    Courage My Love DESTROYED “I Sell Comics”. Not even close on who won the contest.

  10. Badmuthapucka-PNO says:

    Loved the episode so far. can’t wait to hear the rest. Obviously It wont be the same as the original, but i think it had the potential to be its on distinct strong episode.

    BTW Want to remember the good ol days of Pucknuts and vote for your fav Pucknut?
    Head on over the the Apuckalypse- http://badmuthapucka.wordpress.com

  11. Fletch says:

    I cannot express how much I love CML’s version of “I Sell Comics” I hope they will sell it on Itunes. I just keep listening to it.

    MH2 was awesome. You guys are great….even Q. Can’t wait unti the next overkill comes out.

    I started as a Kevin Smith fan…. I am now a TESD fan.

  12. GeekyBaz says:

    Another great episode. Courage My Love’s version of “I Sell Comics” is the best one, they need to put that on iTunes or bandcamp ASAP or make it the theme to the reality show?? Even the video is amazing.

    MH II is still a stellar episode. I look forward to part two – especially Bry and Walt blowing up in front of Dennis!

    Keep up the good work and keep pestering CML for awesome tunes

  13. Jeff L says:

    I’ve fallen so far behind all the podcasts with all the SIR stuff, but I never, ever miss a TESD. Thanks again, guys.

    • Si UK says:

      There is so much SIR stuff, Ive had to begrudgingly cut it down to TESD (obviously) and Hollywood Babylon. Ive even unsubcribed from Smodcast (never thought id do it – but will go back at a later date id imagine). Tell Em Steve Dave though, that’s where the entertaining dynamic is!!!

  14. thedonors says:

    MH2 is just as good as MH1 because, like someone said on Twitter, it is more about the studio commentary than the audio from actual day. It’s probably hard for Bry, Walt, and Q to understand why MH1 was such a favorite, so here are the reasons why in my opinion – 1) It was so freaking long. I remember seeing the length of part 1 and being excited that I was getting so much entertainment in one episode. 2) In my memory, it was either the first time or one of the first times the theme song was used. 3) It was Q’s breakout. Up to that point a lot of people didn’t know who the fuck Q was so we weren’t sure we liked him, and it seemed like he felt like a third wheel too because he didn’t have nearly as much to say as Bry and Walt. But for the first time Q seemed like an equal member and the listeners got to see that that was a good thing because he meshed so well with the show and is a funny motherfucker. I can’t imagine the show without him now, and MH1 was the beginning of that. So these things just seemed to come together and it was really the first crystallization of what TESD was going to be. Before the first MH, a lot of things seemed up in the air on the show. There were little audio issues, poorly mixed music in the background, Q’s role was uncertain, etc. So thats all it is. Walt is my favorite part of the show, but he should just relax about MH2 because once they actually got into it, it seemed just as good to me. Just like the Houston episodes, no matter how bad the live show was, and I didn’t think it was that bad, it was really the studio commentary that made those episodes so good.

  15. Saucy Jack Pirate says:

    MHII was ideal, a half hour of in-fighting was not required, but I must state a counter balance on the I Sell Comics opinions because that hip hop version was top of the pops. Play the full version of that so I can rip it for my ipod. Tremendous!

  16. ari says:

    like the way q and walt have been getting into it more often in the last little while

  17. OK_Computer says:

    Agree with everybody. This episode is MUCH better than you guys will probably give it credit for. It’s essentially what the first Makin’ Hay was, complete with the bad vibes in the beginning (majorwally?) The CML song was boss. Absolute boss. But dont forget the very first song you showed us. That song was great too. Anybody with me on that?

    Again, great episode and looking forward to part 2

    • Badmuthapucka-PNO says:

      I agree. I like Courage My Love’s rendition, but that very first one I think captures it perfectly

  18. Mike K. says:

    I really hope Bry manages to get his knee fixed soon. My heart goes out to him when he talks about the pain hes in. I don’t think Walt really realizes how bad it is and how it affects his mood in a negative way. He still hung in there to bring us MH2 where I probably would have just gone home if it was me. Get well soon dude.

    CML’s ‘I Sell Comics’ was also best imo. It’s a real, produced song that I could see hearing on the radio at some point. The others are good efforts, but don’t really come close to it.

    Also, Overkill was great. The guy you had there with you (not the caller) was perfect with his stories and taking the jokes and abuse. He rolled with it and made it really funny. Looking forward to the next one!

    Take it easy guys.

  19. Bill LaRue says:

    If I didn’t already work a full-time job I’d be at flea markets every day finding stuff to resale. That might not be the same as GetEm, but I love the atmosphere and the possibility of treasure being on the next table over.
    Found a board game once for $5, resold it on Ebay for $255 how could anyone NOT want to go to a flea market?

  20. heath says:

    You guys are selling yourself short on Making Hay II… I think the crappier the actual experience, the better it is during re-cap time on the podcast.
    Also, I have to say, that I love the Overkill/paranormal format. If you ditch paranormal, switch over to conspiracy theories or something similar next. Kudos to Q for bringing it this week. Rob Bruce seems to be one of “those guys” that will explain every dust orb, large bird, or drunken hallucination as an other worldly encounter. Q ripped him several new ones, but, to his credit, Rob Bruce hung in there and took it.
    It seems the TESD crew has a great make up for the paranormal/weird shit format:
    Walt=Slants towards the “I want to believe” (but can throw the “that’s bullshit” haymaker)
    Bry=Moderately in the middle, brings it back on topic when needed, great comments
    Q=The skeptic that shreds (but I was impressed with his hints of an open mind from time to time)

    Great as usual, on both fronts.
    The Cult of Walt approves.

  21. heath says:

    “I think, in another world, me and Git’em would be doing it together”
    -Walt Flanagan


  22. sean says:

    Another great paranormal episode…I’ll be sad to see ’em go, and it’s a drag to hear the twitterers are apparently not down with it.

    Of course, the truly elite TESD-ers are HERE on the blog!

    All seven of us.

  23. Andy says:

    Agree with the other commenters. TESD has evolved into a fully formed essential show beyond it’s SMOD family.

    Making Hay 2 and the Courage My Love “I sell comics” video are proof of that. So much amazing stuff is coming out. Also the Overkill supernatural specials and maybe even the TV show! You guys are killin’ right now.

    I just have to recall favorite quotes in my mind to make myself laugh out loud … “first topic – abortion!”

  24. Looking forward to hearing the next installment of MH. There was some interesting footage I shot of the boys interviewing some psycho about Zionism.

    • gitemstevedave says:

      He’s not “some psycho”. He runs and operates the “Museum of Unnatural History” right around the corner from the Slot Car place.

  25. Gavin O'Absinthe! says:

    Can’t wait for the next part of Makin’ Hay. the guys are definitely selling themselves short. Great to sing Ming there too, he is getting better and better!!!
    It’s funny how Q still wasn’t sure if Dennis hadn’t heard anything negative from makin hay 1! 🙂

  26. Mike Grant says:

    Lovin’ Makin’ Hay. Those comments from Dennis = PRICELESS.
    I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time!

    Thank You TESD (and Thank You Dennis!)!

  27. Julie says:

    Love Overkill! I’m so excited to hear 2 podcasts from you guys every week instead of 1. Fridays are the best day of the week thanks to you 3.

  28. daverj says:

    Yep, the first half of Hey 2 was great. Sorry to sound repetitive, but even though it might have felt low-energy in the field to Walt, everyone brought it in the studio.

    Also agree Courage My Love crushed “Comics”. Fine episode!

  29. Dirty Mike says:

    Just say no to Quinn’s “Crush” pick. There is NOTHING “nu” about Walt or the stash. I would suggest an Andrew WK-sounding jam instead. But yeah, pick Bry’s band.

  30. Fletch says:

    You guys are awesome. The only thing more awesome is Courage My Love. They are a great band. I want to buy their version of “I sell comics” It might become a hit. It definitely has a hook.

  31. begley2k12 says:

    Is wondering why my posts aren’t seeming to make it past the “Awaiting moderation” phase but nonetheless… here’s my third attempt. Love Makin Hay 2.0 and thought it was just as hilarious as the first. I think you guys could potentially venture out to other flea markets that aren’t so close to Collingswood and see what types of characters you will find there. I’ve always been a fan of TESD: On the Road, as it were. Regardless, I hope that Making Hay 2.0 is not the last venture out into the world for my favorite SModcast/Zune/Audible/Bandcamp/The World trio. Take care, Bry!

  32. Brian says:

    MK2 was far better then you guys made it out to be.
    I really dig the three the TESD guys, and this is going to come across the wrong way I’m sure, but I need to let it out anyway…..

    For a guy in his 40s that lives with his parents and has no real job, Bri seems awfully harsh on the Collingswood vendors, especially Tina X. Wow. Walt seems to respect the fact that they are doing what they need to do to take care of themselves and their families, but damn is Johnson merciless towards them.

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